Chapter 857. Counterattack 10

Everyone still remembered the scene where Yuuki had created such destructive magic to kill this person. They could see that Shalba hadn't come out unscathed since they saw half of his face had become disfigured.

"That masked bastard along with that Gremory's little girl is dead!" Shalba said with a cruel face.

"What did you say?!" Issei was shocked when he heard it. He became angry when he heard him.

Kuroka snorted, "Enough of your talk, nyaa! You have lost and what do you want to do here?"

"Issei-kun. Don't trust him. Prez is fine since we all still feel the connection with her through the evil pieces," Kiba calmed him down. He said that but he was also worried about his master and what she was doing now. He had only needed to believe in Yuuki that he could protect his master.

Issei had only realized it now and felt calmer now.

Siegfried looked at Shalba and said, "Shalba. I did receive a report but I never thought you were acting by yourself."

"Hey, Siegfried. I certainly did get lots of assistance from you people. You have my gratitude. Thanks to that, my wounds have healed. Though I did lose Ophis's snake and my powers are lower than before," Shalba said while looking at Siegfried.

"And the reason for you to come here is?" Azazel asked.

"Nothing much. I thought I would declare war on you," Shalba said with a loud and confident voice.

Everyone thought that this guy had become crazy and wanted to die in their hands.

Akeno, Kuroka, and Koneko had prepared themselves. Even though they were tired after using their extreme magic, they still could continue to fight for a while.

Shalba put on an evil smile and then revealed what was under his cape. Underneath a boy appeared. Looking at him, his eyes had shadows in them and it seemed like he was being controlled.

They looked at this boy and remembered that it was the boy who created a monster using a Longinus.

"The user of the Anhilitation Maker?" Azazel remembered this boy since the potential of that Longinus was very strong.

They were confused about why this boy appeared with Shalba who was in Old Satan Faction but not with the Hero Faction.

Siegfried and Georg were shocked when they saw the boy.


"Shalba, why did you bring that boy here? No. Why is he with you!? Leonardo was supposed to be on a different mission! Did you bring him here!?" Georg was angry when his comrades were being manipulated by Shalba. He knew that from the expression of Leonardo that he was under some curse or magic that made him become similar to a puppet.

"I thought I would have him assist me for a bit," Shalba's hand began to glow as he activated an ominous small magic-circle within his hand. "Just like this!" He put that closer to the boy called Leonardo. Then the devil letters within the magic-circle moved fast.

Then the boy suddenly screamed.


Screaming out loud, he also had a painful expression. At the same time, his shadow expanded so much that it covered the whole field.

Everyone was confused about what Shalba was trying to do but they knew that something bad would happen.

Shalba flew up from where he was and then laughed out loudly, "Fuhahahahahaha! [Annihilation Maker] is a very splendid and idealistic ability! And people say that he specializes in creating anti-monsters! Checking the movements of the Hero-faction, I kidnapped him who was doing a mission with another group from the Hero-faction! Now then! I will have him create it! A monster that can eliminate the current devils of the world!"


Something was created from the boy's shadow. The head of something huge was appearing out of it, making lots of huge waves in the shadow.


A very gigantic monster, it made a very loud roar that felt like it would destroy everyone's eardrums. It was two heads bigger than the Great Red. The monster is about 200 meters tall. An outrageous and huge monster was created.

They remembered from Azazel that "Annihilation Maker' could create a monster but this monster was very exaggerated.


A large magic-circle was created below the monster's feet.

'That was a transportation magic-circle!' They knew that Shalba was planning something bad.

Shalba shouted while laughing, "Fuhahahahahaha! I'm planning to transport these monsters to the Underworld to have them wreak havoc! It's a humongous anti-monster! It will certainly eliminate lots of Devils in the Underworld!"

The magic-circle glowed and the monsters were enveloped with the light of transportation.

"Stop them?!" Azazel shouted.

Everyone attacked this monster together but their attack was useless since this monster was just too big and thick. Their attack only gave them enough damage to scr.a.p.e their surfaces a bit. The attacks were useless and all of the monsters disappeared into the light. The moment the monsters disappeared the field also started to make a weird noise. There was a scar created in the white sky and the buildings including the hotel started to collapse. This field started to become unstable because of the forceful birth of monsters and their transportation.

"The device won't last long! Damn Shalba! Did he use the ability to surpass the capacity of the possessor by force!?" Georg shouted.

"We can't help it. Looks like it's time for us to leave. Let's retreat immediately after retrieving Leonardo. Pluto, how about..." Siegfried stopped there and realized the disappearance of the Grim Reaper. "I see. So the one who was helping Shalba from the shadows was. It's something that the skull-god would think of. So he won't choose any sort of method to annoy us. Did he also tell the method to forcefully use the Balance-Breaker of [Annihilation Maker]...? We don't know what kind of price or side effect it could have on a temporary Balance-Breaker like that. We were trying to increase the power of Leonardo slowly... Now, this boy is...."

After saying that Siegfried and Georg recovered the boy. They then disappeared from here along with the mist.


Shalba started to attack everyone and they didn't expect even though his power had decreased but he was very powerful.

"Fuhahahaha!!! Weak! Weak! Weak! You're all weak!" Shalba laughed loudly before saying, "There is one more thing I want!" He pointed his hand towards Ophis and spiral demonic power appeared to be moving toward Ophis very fast.

Everyone tried to stop it but their speed was too slow.

Shalba was confident that his power only suddenly space started to distort and someone grabbed the spiral demonic power and stopped it from catching Ophis.

"It's a mess here."


Their eyes lit up when they saw two people suddenly appearing and stopped Shalba to grab Ophis.

"YU----" They stopped for a while after they realized their mistake and quickly fixed them, "ARCHER!!!!"

"RIAS!!!!" Issei was happy when he saw Rias was alright.

"MASK BASTARD!!!!!" Shalba was angry when he saw him.

"You're okay, Ophis?" The man patted Ophis's head.

Ophis nodded in response.

"Good, wait here. I'll take care of the trash."