Chapter 651 - everything's ready except for one sword strike!

Chapter 651: Chapter 651-everything’s ready except for one sword strike!

In the end, Crow still lost. There was a limit to the silly Crow. Crow was very unwilling. “Hoarse!” “Although you have your limits now, there is no limit to your future. I believe in you.” “Hoo, hoo, hoo, hoo, hoo!(As expected of a sprite trainer, you’re exactly as hoo – hoo as Yaya thinks~!)” Su Hao touched the tip of his nose. Cough cough. He looked into the distance. The Thunderbird with a wingspan of tens of meters was wrapped in bolts of lightning, making it look like a Porcupine. The Thunderbirds were no longer sleepy. When it was woken up, it was very angry and waved its claws to clear the surroundings. But … Being awoken once was anger, being awoken twice was Fury, being awoken countless times … It really woke up. He didn’t feel sleepy at all! I’m so angry! Especially the fire Raven … The Thunderbirds could sense that the fire Raven’s aura was already quite weak, and its recovery speed had become extremely slow. However … Two more elves appeared. Although at first glance, it seemed like the crown, or at most, beyond the crown, the Thunderbird did not want to fight. The fact that it did not dare to fight the black fire Crow was not even touching its authority. If it had the power of authority, would it be able to defeat it? The Thunderbirds asked themselves, even if they could beat it, it would be difficult. It didn’t want to. Wasn’t it good to become stronger while sleeping? why did he have to fight? The dark clouds that covered the sky gradually dispersed, and the Thunderbirds flapped their wings and flew into the distance. “Hey, wait …” Su Hao shouted. The Thunderbird paused and looked at him with an unfriendly gaze. It was indeed difficult to communicate. This must be silly crow’s fault. Silly crow’s desperate fighting style had frightened the Thunderbirds. Ya Ya tilted her head. “But it’s not a big problem.” Su Hao gave the fat Bear a look, then shouted at the Thunderbird,”do you want to become stronger? Do you want to understand the true meaning of Thunderbolt?” Bilibazzle A series of red lightning appeared in the fat bear’s palm, and a power of authority spread out. The Thunderbird was disdainful. Just this? It was just a mere destructive Thunderbolt! At the beginning, it had also touched a certain lower – Level Thunder authority that was filled with destructive power. However, very quickly, it had relied on its own efforts to comprehend the upper – Level ‘Thunder authority’ and thus broke through to the semi – legendary realm. Among the legendary sprites in the entire world of spirit summoning, it had the right to be proud. Just a mere … The lightning bird was wrapped in lightning and flew into the distance. After flying for half a breath, it stopped. This power of authority seemed to be … “It’s not an ordinary authority Gu?” “But it’s not the authority of lightning!” It was the owner of the authority of Thunder, and if the two legends had the same authority, there would be a very strong sense between them. But there was nothing. However, although this power of authority was weak, it had an extremely strong summoning power to the lightning of heaven and earth. It even seemed to symbolize destruction. “Is it some sort of high – Level lightning authority?” The Thunderbird was a little surprised, but that was all. It admitted that this kind of authority that was similar yet different to itself could be of some help to it. But now, it just wanted to find a new nest to sleep in. How could comprehending the power be better than sleeping? Bilibazzle The second string of lightning arcs appeared on the fat bear’s palm. This one was orange in color. A similar but distinctly different power of the authority of lightning spread out. “This is … The second type of authority power, and it’s also a high – Level authority!” It was an expert in playing with lightning and knew how difficult it was to touch two types of lightning authority at the same time, and it was a high level one at that. It had to admit that this Thunder Bear was the most talented sprite it had ever seen! One of them was the best at fighting. One of them was the most talented. No wonder they could be together. I can’t afford to offend you. The Thunderbirds were prepared to fly further away before settling down. It turned around to look at the Thunder werebear, and its eyes stopped on the red and orange lightning for a while. It had to admit that the two similar authorities were quite attractive to it. If it was during normal times, it wouldn’t mind staying and giving this Thunder Bear some ‘guidance’, but now … It had just been frightened by the fire Crow, so it didn’t want to stay here any longer! The Thunderbirds only wanted to sleep! It flapped its wings slightly, but its eyes stopped. In the distance, a third bolt of lightning emerged from the Thunder werebear’s palm. This time, the lightning was silver in color and kept jumping. The moment it appeared, it distorted the surrounding space. At the same time, a power of authority spread out. This one was still … “Space – related authority? But was it also related to lightning? How can lightning be related to space?” As an expert in playing with lightning, the Thunderbird suddenly realized that it … He couldn’t understand the lightning. What the hell! It clearly wanted to find a remote place to sleep again, but … It made a gesture to leave, but its perception could not help but keep scanning the Thunder Bear. The power of the three lightning authorities was confined in the little bear’s paw, which was more attractive to the Thunderbirds than any treasure. It couldn’t move anymore! How detestable! However, it would be very embarrassing to stay here! It was the Lord Thunderbird that wielded the authority of lightning and had a very bright future. How could it stay just because you wanted it to? Unless you … Invite me again. Lord Thunderbird, I reluctantly agreed. The Thunderbirds stopped in mid – Air and waited, but the human did not speak. It felt a little embarrassed. He was very angry. It was really going to leave! At this moment … Bilibazzle Another lightning arc emerged from the fat bear’s palm. Then, the fifth, the sixth, the seventh … A total of 11 different – looking Thunderbolts appeared one after another, and each of these Thunderbolts emitted a wave of power. 11 different authorities! All of them were high – Level authorities! This wasn’t elfin! The Thunderbird’s eyes were wide open, and it froze in the air for a few minutes. It turned around, flapped its wings, and flew over like a bolt of lightning. This authority … I think we can have a chat … …… Half a month passed by in a flash. “Hoarse!” On the turbulent sea, silly Crow slashed out with his sword. The pale white sword light didn’t touch the sea, but the entire sea surface was divided into two, as if a pair of giant hands of God had split the sea. The Thunderbird was helpless. He could only use the Supreme might of the lightning authority to break through the sword light, and then continued to bombard the fire crow’s body with the remaining power, almost obliterating its entire body. It was blasted into the depths of the sea, and countless lightning arcs continued to flow in the sea. In just half a month, The Thunderbird felt that its control over its authority had increased by 0.1%. This was an increase that it might not even be able to achieve even if it slept for decades. It had become stronger. He was not bald. But what the hell was this fire Raven’s request? It was unwilling to use its full strength in the beginning, for fear of hurting the other party. The Thunderbird had never seen such a strange elf. He also expressed that he had never seen such a strong elf. What the f * ck, again …? While it was distracted, the fire Raven shot out of the sea for the twenty – first time. Its eyes were still sharp and bright. A sword ray that clearly did not contain any power of authority but made it feel threatened cut through the space and appeared in front of it in a split second. The Thunderbirds were shocked. They instinctively turned into the law of Thunder and escaped from the Tao Wu’s technique, which was similar to the law Lord’s body – turning law. However, for half – legendary elves, they could turn into the law with just a thought, and it would not be easily interrupted. It appeared a few thousand meters away, and with a wave of its claws, a Thunder Dragon fell from the sky. After a few rounds of pursuit, the Thunder Dragon bit the fire Crow, and the Thunder Dragon that had gathered the power of tens of thousands of Thunderbolts exploded, causing the fire Crow to fall into the sea again. Seeing this, the Thunderbirds had no choice but to take advantage of this gap to catch their breaths. It had used its full power 21 times in a row, and it was quite a burden on it. It had become stronger and was not bald. However, the fire Raven that was not bald had become much stronger than him. I’m so angry! …… Crows were actually bald. He would go bald dozens of times every day. Its feathers were tougher than top – grade precious materials, but under the full – force attack of the Thunderbirds, they were all reduced to dust. He turned into a bald Crow. But … Although crows go bald quickly, they grow even faster! “What’s faster than the growth of the feathers is the increase in the silly Crow. ” Su Hao didn’t expect that the power of Nirvana, the power of sword severing shackles, and the power of combustion could trigger such a wonderful effect when the three of them were superimposed. The burning power was like a juicer, constantly squeezing out the potential of the silly Crow. The sword slash chain gave Crow recovery and a strong body, so that it would not be crushed under high – intensity pressure. The power of Nirvana allowed Crow to recover very quickly, so that it would not be completely drained in one go. “Oh, and also, Crow has already completed the sixth step ritual. Otherwise, in his fifth step form, no matter how hard he tries to squeeze, he won’t be able to squeeze out much potential.” After all was said and done, it was still su Hao’s credit. Su Hao opened the interface. [Xx path of legend (unlocked)] Engine prerequisites: 1. Law of slash attainment: 92% ② Burning power: 112% 3. Others: 103%… The progress of the burning power was extremely fast. Su Hao originally thought that without similar rule fragments, it would be difficult for silly Crow to make progress in this area. Who would have thought … “That’s true. Who else can burn dozens of times a day like silly Crow?” “Other sprites would have to go to the hospital for at least one or two months after burning up.” Although after the silly Crow was squeezed dry every day, in order to ensure that it could recover to its peak state the next day, su Hao fed it a lot of nutritional tonics and top – grade precious materials as a set. Fifth – and sixth – tier treasures were also swallowed as daily nutritional tonics. For this reason, the courier ah Luo had to run back and forth several times. Fortunately, the silly Crow didn’t have a high requirement for nutrition, so it didn’t reject any fifth or sixth – tier treasures. Only su Hao’s wallet was crying. “Currently, my comprehension of the law of slash is still lacking.” But … The prerequisites did not require the silly Crow to meet all these requirements. This was only the best solution given by the interface. It was the best solution to have the ability to split open the legendary path in a short time. However, with a reckless attitude, the silly Crow walked out of another optimal solution. It was strong enough! With a thought from su Hao, countless streams of data on the interface changed. In the blink of an eye, the column for the legendary path changed. [Xx path of legend (unlocked)] Engine prerequisites: 1. Law of slash attainment: 100% ② Burning power: 106% 3. Others: 103%… The prerequisite was complete! He only needed one sword! …… The date was January 8. [Location: Island Coast] The weather was clear. The silly Crow stood on the shore, letting the waves hit its body. In the distance … The Thunderbird’s eyes were filled with curiosity. Recently, when it sparred with this fire Crow, it was becoming more and more disobedient. Every time it sparred with it, it had to be 100% alert, otherwise … It felt that it would fail miserably in an easy task and get injured. It was really difficult to be a sparring partner. If it wasn’t for the authority in the Thunder bear’s hands … Hmph! The Thunderbirds admired the silly Crow, but … He had such powerful strength, but he didn’t have any authority. It shook its head. If the Thunderbird was born into a powerful elven race and had an inheritance, it knew that … If the fire Raven was weaker, it could still be said that its strength was not enough to touch the authority. However, the fire Raven was so strong that it far exceeded the position of the crown that touched the authority, but it still could not grasp any authority. This could only mean that the fire Raven … He was not qualified. It had a strong heart, a passion for battle, and even put its life on the line every day in its cultivation … The Thunderbird had seen all of this, but it felt that it was a pity that such a battle – hungry Fire Crow would never be able to wield power in its entire life. The fire Raven was very powerful. All of them had the strength to threaten it and could even defeat some weaker half – Legends. However, not being able to wield power meant that there was no future. The weaker half – legendary elves were also legendary elves. They had very long lifespans and were qualified to see a higher level. As for the fire Raven? Perhaps because it was talented and extremely hardworking, it could cross two levels at the crown stage and had a combat power that was half – legendary. But that was all. It might be a little stronger, but it would reach the ceiling soon. No matter how hard it tried, it could only struggle in this small world of legends, never to see the real scenery. “It’s a pity,” …… On the shore, the tide was rising and falling, and the silly Crow stood there like a stone statue, not moving at all. The bright sun on the horizon gradually moved from sunrise to noon. The sun was high in the sky. The silly Crow, who had been standing straight for the entire morning, finally moved. The stone statue that had been silent for a long time gradually woke up, and the tide surged more and more rapidly, with Crow as the center, spreading out in the opposite direction. A strong wind blew. Sand and gravel filled the sky. The sky that had been sunny a moment ago was suddenly covered in dark clouds. It wasn’t a cumulonimbus cloud, no lightning arcs, and it wasn’t summoned by the power of authority. But for some reason, the Thunderbirds felt oppressed. It was as if something was about to happen. Even a half – Legend like it had the illusion that it couldn’t breathe. …… The sky was getting dark, and the thick dark clouds were getting lower and lower, as if they were about to fall. An oppressive aura spread out, and from 100 kilometers to 1000 kilometers, to tens of thousands of kilometers, the sensitive elves felt that a storm was coming. Long river City. The sky here was still clear, and the dark clouds had not spread far. The phenomenon was far less than when the Thunderbird’s power was fully activated. However, at this time, several Lord elves were walking around in the Guardian’s mansion in frustration. He felt panic and fear for no reason, but he couldn’t find a reason. It was as if the sky was about to collapse. Things were bad! …… Tidehead, The silly Crow spread its wings and slowly flew up. Ten meters, a hundred meters, five hundred meters … As they rose higher, crow’s aura was changing. Golden flames rose from its body, bright and dazzling. The runic patterns of the blazing Sword and the extinguishing sword were outlined, and they emitted a heart – palpitating aura. In its sea of consciousness, the shackles were broken one by one. It burst out with the flame of awakening. It began to accept the power from die Xiaodie, Fat Bear, and the other sprites. Its essence, energy, and spirit were all raised to the limit! It was ignited!