Chapter 961

Chapter 961 Interrogating Feng Zidie for the Key

“I want to see Feng Zidie, and we have to get the thing she has.”

There were four keys in total. Now Lin Mengya’s side had two of them.

The thousand-year-old alive venomous insect should be referring to the royal venomous insect in the Pool of Various Venomous Insects.

Needless to say more about the jade ruler. What remained should be the thousand-year-old blooming jade flower and thousand-year-old burning flame.

She had no clue about the flame yet. In contrast, she was very curious about the jade flower.

Long Tianyu pondered for a moment, then shook his head firmly.

“She’s gone mad. I can’t give her another chance to hurt you.”

Lin Mengya found his words ridiculous and sweet.

She nestled in Long Tianyu’s arms and gently poked his shoulder with her finger.

“She has been put into prison by you. What can she do to me?”

Long Tianyu respected her very much, but sometimes his protectiveness toward her was over much.

However, Lin Mengya quite enjoyed it. She knew that it was all because he loved her.


No matter what, Long Tianyu did not agree.

Lin Mengya had no choice but to keep begging and making promises for a whole night. Finally, Long Tianyu had to agree to let her see Feng Zidie.

Speaking of which, Lin Mengya was somewhat strange in a place like the state prison.

Moreover, the prisoners here were all sinners with heinous crimes.

The male prisoners were locked up on one side, and the female prisoners were on the other side.

Unlike the scenes in the TV plays, the prisoners here were lifeless. Even when they saw her coming in, they did nothing more than turn their heads to catch a glimpse of her.

The air reeked of mold, and torches were lit on both sides.

But the atmosphere here was so depressing that it made people shudder.

Baisu walked by Lin Mengya’s side in alert, completely carrying out Long Tianyu’s order to protect her master closely.

Around Lin Mengya, there were six intelligent and capable elite soldiers, who were protecting her within a certain safe distance.

Just now, a prisoner attempted to verbally harass Lin Mengya, and he was crippled by one of the elite soldiers.

“Only their future emperor can use such a brutal method of protection.”

Lin Mengya sighed. The only thing she could do was to leave quickly, lest she would implicate others.

“Your Highness, watch your step. That prisoner’s cell is right in front.”

The warden, who had been muddled along in the state prison for at least half of his life, fawned at this distinctive princess in front of him nervously.

He had heard that the new emperor doted on this princess a lot earlier. Now he saw it with his own eyes.

So he showed more respect to the princess and did not dare to delay at all.

“Thank you.”

Feng Zidie’s cell was in the innermost corner. As per Long Tianyu’s order, no other prisoners have been locked up around.

On the haystack, the once cool beauty looked extremely embarrassed.

She just stared blankly at the light seeping through the window, muttering something.

Lin Mengya looked at Feng Zidie but did not feel that she was pitiful.

The warden was about to step forward and rebuke her, but Lin Mengya stopped him.

“All of you may leave. Baisu will stay here with me.”

The six elite soldiers looked at each other and retreated a few steps with a tacit understanding. But they still kept a close watch around.

When Feng Zidie heard the voice of the woman whom she cursed all day and night, she glared at the outside of the cell in hatred.

However, Lin Mengya just looked at her indifferently. Against the gorgeous palace costume, the woman seemed to be more delicate and charming than when she first met back then.

As for herself, she was stinky, pitiful, and humble.

A cold smile appeared in her eyes. Yes, she had been a loser completely.

“Do you come to laugh at me? Congratulations, your wish has become true.”

Lin Mengya, however, smiled. Up to now, Feng Zidie still refused to admit her mistakes.

“Feng Zidie, I think you’ve got one thing wrong. From the beginning to the end, Long Tianyu is mine, and you’re just a passerby. You think I’ve been fighting with you for him, but he has never belonged to you.”

Feng Zidie, Jiang Ruqin, and those who attempted to snatch Long Tianyu from her, were all mistaken about one thing.

Long Tianyu’s love had always been to her, and he had never given it to anyone else.

Therefore, she did not need anyone to help or concede to her for being with Long Tianyu.

Lin Mengya’s words made Feng Zidie suddenly excited.

She tried to rush out, but the chains around her ankles restricted her movement.

She had to stand there and glare at Lin Mengya fiercely.

“He’s mine! Lin Mengya, weren’t you dead? Why are you still alive? You just met him earlier than me. Why can you get his love, but I can’t?”

Looking at Feng Zidie’s crazy look, Lin Mengya felt that she was out of patience little by little.

“Yes, I just met him earlier than you, so he can only be mine. Feng Zidie, I didn’t make things difficult for you for the sake of that you have done something good before. If you continue to be stubborn, don’t blame me for being rude.”

When Lin Mengya lost her patience, she was terrible. Feng Zidie thought that Lin Mengya would not dare to do anything to her. However, before she could resist, two men tied her hands and feet and then untied the chains around her ankles.

“Where are you taking me?”

Feng Zidie screamed in horror. At this moment, she felt that the dark and smelly cell could make her feel at ease.

No one would pay her any attention. Shortly after, she was tied to a wooden pile.

And Lin Mengya, whom she hated her guts, was sitting not far away leisurely.

“Miss Feng, I think you know my purpose. Let’s not beat around the bush. If you give the thing to me, I can let you go. If you don’t, I can find a way to get it.”

In the torture room, the strong stench of blood caused Feng Zidie’s teeth to tremble.

All kinds of torture instruments were stained black with blood. When Feng Zidie thought that those things would fall on her, she felt her legs go soft.

“You can’t do this to me! Do you want to completely offend the Feng family?”

These words sounded far too naive.

Lin Mengya curled her lips into a sneer. She patted the dust on the hemline of her dress, which did not exist.

“The Feng Family? Not worthy of mentioning.”

Feng Zidie had been used to the flattery of others since young. It was the first time she heard someone belittle the Feng family like this.

Feng Zidie glared at Lin Mengya and wished to peel her skin.

Unfortunately, she would never have the chance.

“Miss Feng, the family of the highly-skilled doctor is indeed awesome. Maybe you can bring the dying back to life and prolong people’s lives. But for a country, the Feng family is nothing.”

She didn’t know whether to say that Feng Zidie was naive or stupid.

“I’ve changed my mind. I’ll send someone to deliver a message to the Feng family in the name of the new emperor of the Jin State, saying that you, Feng Zidie, have offended me, so I want your whole family’s lives to pay for it.”

Feng Zidie froze on the spot. Obviously, she did not expect Lin Mengya to be so temperamental.

“Didn’t she want the thing I have?” Feng Zidie thought.

Then she said, “You… If you dare hurt anyone from our Feng Family, my father will not let you off!”

Lin Mengya snorted coldly, “So what? It is a piece of cake for a hundred thousand troops from the Jin State to crush the mere Feng Family. At the worst, I’ll have to send out my army of the Nation of Lintian. Guards, drag her out and behead her.”

Feng Zidie looked at Lin Mengya’s face, which suddenly became ruthless, in a daze, and the last reliance in her mind collapsed little by little.

Seeing that the two men were about to grab her, she could no longer control herself and screamed.

“Don’t kill me! Don’t kill me! You can get anything you want. Please, let me go!”

Seeing that Feng Zidie had completely broken down, Lin Mengya regained her indifference.

An idea was just like a flash of light, “Feng Zidie is doomed to be a flower being carefully protected.”

Long Tianyu only imprisoned her and did not use any torture instrument on her.

However, She had been frightened out of her wits after being scared again and again by Lin Mengya.

“Alright, be good. Tell me where you hid that jade flower.”

Lin Mengya’s tone was soft but cold. When Feng Zidie made a slight resistance, she motioned for the two men to move on.

“I’ll say it. I’ll say it! I hid the jade flower in the Imperial Palace. Sister Tong said that it was the safest place and that no one would have thought it would be in the Imperial Palace!”

Feng Zidie blurted out everything, including the hiding place of the jade flower.

The more she said, the more indifferent Lin Mengya looked.

In the end, Lin Mengya stared at her as if she were a dead woman.

“You mean it was Miss Tong’s idea to hide it in the fake cave in the north corner of the Imperial Garden?”

Feng Zidie nodded immediately. Lin Mengya raised her eyebrows, got up, and walked out of the torture room.

“Wait! I’ve told you the truth. Don’t kill me! Don’t kill me!”

Feng Zidie was torn with anxiety. However, the two men who stayed behind ignored her resistance and dragged her back into the cell again.

She looked at the two men blankly. They locked the door of the cell and did not bother her anymore.

Feng Zidie sat down on the haystack, finding it hard to believe that she had escaped a disaster.

She would never know that Lin Mengya lost interest in scaring her because she was no longer of any use.

Escorted by Baisu and the six elite soldiers, Lin Mengya finally left the state prison.

Outside, Long Tianyu had sent a group of guards here, surrounding the sedan chair that Lin Mengya had taken when she came.

But Lin Mengya lifted her dress hemline and walked toward the Imperial Palace.

Baisu, who was most familiar with her master’s thoughts, walked silently right behind Lin Mengya for a long time until Lin Mengya sighed.

“Are you unhappy, Master?”

Baisu asked doubtfully. They got the information about the key easily, but her master appeared a little depressed.

“How can I be happy? The key is already in the enemy’s hands, and I’m afraid we’re running out of time.”