Chapter 4476:

"No way!"

Yu shook his head slightly: "in a short period of time, how can he be promoted to Taigu zunshen and nine levels?

There has never been such an example since ancient times! "

"It's not that we haven't had it since ancient times. At the beginning, isn't that the one who was promoted so quickly..."

Leng San looks strange.

Two people didn't find, behind them stood a figure, just looking at them with a smile.

"That That is an odd number. He is not in the law of heaven. He is beyond the law.

It's impossible for such a strange number to appear again. Now, even that one has heard that he can't support himself in the battle of gods and demons. "

Yu Lao shook his head.

"Who's the one you're talking about?"

Ningqi said with a smile.

Their bodies suddenly froze, and then they turned and looked at Ningqi.

"It's you at last."

Cold three childe coldly smile, walk slowly to Ning Qi in front.


With a slap, Ning Qi was knocked down and lost his fighting ability.

Yu Lao was surprised and rushed to Ningqi immediately.


Another slap, Yu Lao also fell to the ground.

The power of terror raged in his body, and in an instant, he lost his fighting ability.

Two crisp sounds, let the outside people notice.

The Taigu zunshen under Leng Sanzi rushed in one after another, but after a few breath, they all lost their fighting power.

The leader of Huangji gate, Zhou Yue, the leader of Yinji peak, Wang Qingyan, and others arrived one after another. They were stunned at the sight.

Cold three childe and others all fall to the ground not to rise, in them, stand a figure.

It's the one that Mr. Leng is looking for just after he joined the imperial gate.

But this man's eyes and body are full of fear.

Nine steps!

Nine levels of archaic worship God!

"How can his accomplishments be improved so fast?"

Wang Qingyan was shocked.

Zhou Yue and others dare not act rashly.

The most shocking thing is that Mr. Leng and Mr. Yu are old.

Leng San's guess may be true.

The one who is promoted to the Ninth level in the second district is really the one they want to pursue.

"How could that be..."

Cold three childe's eyes are a little absent-minded.

The cold family figured out that the cold family had such a disaster, but never thought that the disaster came too quickly.

They didn't even have time to suppress each other, and each other grew up to the point that Leng family couldn't match.

Unless there are six strong people to come forward, we can suppress the nine level archaic gods. But now, all the six are taken to the God devil battlefield.

In other words, it's the God and devil slaughterhouse. The slaughtered people are the gods and demons in the eyes of ordinary people!

In the ancient world, there are no six ways!

"Who's the one you're talking about?"

Ning Qi sees to cold three childe, light smile way.

"Yes, death..."

Cold three childe stammer way.

"Death? The one against the virtual Protoss? "

Ning Qi frowned slightly.

According to his strength, he may have reached a level comparable to that one.

"No, it's not that. That's the eighth generation of death. I'm talking about the first generation of death, the first generation of death "Master of fate" who controls the rolling time

Cold three childe even busy way.

The master of destiny who controls the rolling time?

Ningqi was silent for a moment.

Listen to this name, the strength of the other side is certainly not simple.

The next moment, he suddenly turned to look behind him.

A figure appeared behind him.

Leng San and Yu Lao almost suffocated when they saw him.

"Lord of the roaring moon?"

How is that possible?

Isn't that the moon howling wolf God that hasn't appeared in the slaughterhouse for countless years?


A little doubt flashed in Ning Qi's eyes. He couldn't see through each other's strength, but The other side is clearly the wolf God who took him to the Archean world.

In fact, the power should not be so profound.

"You really have the potential to be the son of fate. No wonder he wants to let me take you to the ancient world from the long river of time."

Xiaoyue looks at Ningqi with a smile.

"The old you?"

Ningqi was stunned.

"I didn't have time at that time, or I would have come to you myself. You don't have to be surprised.

You can control everything in the long river of time. Yesterday's me, today's me and tomorrow's me are all your subordinates. "Xiaoyue said with a faint smile.

This is not the only way.

How terrible should it be?

Ningqi was a little frightened.

Even if he was so strong in cultivation, he could only use God's grace to control time for a short time.

But it can't drive the people in the long river of time directly like the venerable one in this population

"You have concerns in your heart, but with your current cultivation, you can't resolve your obsession.

I'm going to take you to the battlefield of gods and demons. You may die in it, or you may become the character in your heart.

Would you like to come with me? "

Xiaoyue said with a faint smile.

Ning Qi was silent for a few breath, then nodded slowly: "I'll go."

After a pause, he looked at Leng Sanzi and others: "they keep chasing me. I'm going to kill them. Can you give me some time?"

"No, they are all dead tomorrow."

Xiaoyue laughs, grabs Ningqi and disappears in the same place in an instant.

Are we all dead tomorrow?

Leng Sanzi and Yu Laomian look at each other. Yu laosubconsciously wants to use the method of calculation. As a result, just as he plans to use this method, he sees a thunder falling from the sky, splitting him into a wisp of smoke.

Zhou Yue and others were shocked.

At that time.

Ningqi opened his eyes, he saw the blood red sky, countless huge bodies floating in the void.

The breath of these bodies was ten thousand times stronger than that of him.

But he was still beheaded and dead.

There are endless corpses everywhere.

"This is the battlefield of gods and demons."

Xiaoyue stood beside Ningqi, and her mouth rose slightly: "this battle is about all creatures in the world.

Are you ready? "


Ning Qi's face was dignified, and his deep eyes flashed a wisp of essence.

Next, he will have a very hard road to go, but no matter how bumpy the road is, he will have to rush to the end!

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