Chapter 1071

Chapter 1071 The Sudden Change

Ding Hao no longer had any doubts.

Because this jade pendant was a piece of broken jade that he accidentally picked up in the garbage area of the Swordsmanship-seeking Sect’s Back Mountain. It took him half a month to carefully polish and carve it before he gave it to his sister, Ding Ke’er, as a gift for her fourth birthday.

Back then, Ding Ke’er had worn it all the time.

“Ke’er, you…” Ding Hao had mixed feelings and didn’t know what to say. He said, “What’s going on? Didn’t Muhuang Tianji take you away back then? Why did you change your name and why are you called Yu Miejue now? What happened all these years?”

“Master Tianji has passed away.” A trace of sadness flashed in Ding Ke’er’s clear eyes. She said, “It’s a long story. These hypocrites from the Four Great Families made all of this happen. They got Master Tianji killed and caused me to betray Heaven Island. I barely survived. I once swore to take revenge and destroy the Heaven Sect.”

“It’s all my fault. I failed to protect you and made you suffer.”

Ding Hao felt infinite pity in his heart. Although they hadn’t talked much, he could imagine what kind of danger his sister had suffered over the years. She was alone in the Southern Land, facing such a terrible enemy as the Heaven Sect of Heaven Island. It was really hard to imagine how she managed to hold on until today.

At the thought of this, Ding Hao felt as if his heart had been cut by a knife.

The days when they depended on each other were still vivid in his mind as if he had actually experienced all this. At that time, Ding Ke’er was so innocent and kind that she would be sad for quite some days if she accidentally trampled a worm and killed it. But now, she was like a Killing Goddess, showing no mercy with her attacks wherever she went. She must have experienced something before that made this weak and kind little girl become so merciless.

“Brother, don’t say that. You are the best brother in the world.” Ding Ke’er raised her hand to wipe away Ding Hao’s tears and said with a smile, “I’m aware of everything you did for me. In order to find me, you have trained desperately. You have risked your life many times to gain your current strength. You have been my great hero since childhood!”

Only in the face of Ding Hao, this Killing Goddess had returned to the weak and kind little girl of the past. Only when she was all smiles would she be in line with her character as an innocent teenager.

“Brother, you won’t be disappointed with me, will you?” Ding Ke’er looked at Ding Hao with a timid expression in her eyes and said, “I’ve changed a lot. I killed a lot of people, and they all call me a demoness…”

“Silly girl, what nonsense are you talking?” Ding Hao rubbed the nose of the Killing Goddess. When she was a child, he often comforted her with this action. He said lovingly, “No matter what you have become, you are still my sister. The people you killed must be bad guys. If I were there, I would kill them with you.”

Ding Ke’er could no longer hold back her tears.

She rested her head on Ding Hao’s shoulder and burst out crying.

For so many years, all she heard was the sounds of curses and pursuit, and her eyes would be full of fear and coldness. She had experienced life-and-death battles and endless cultivation every day. Many times, Ding Ke’er forgot that she was not a grown-up but just a girl. When she held a weapon in her hand, she felt that her blood was cold.

Today, the face that she had been dreaming of finally appeared in front of her. His words were still that warm, his smile was still that cordial, and his aura was still that trustworthy.

No matter how many times she was bullied outside their home, he would appear in front of her with a warm smile to protect her. The elder brother who had withstood dangers for her and had been by her side since she had memories finally returned to her side.

She hadn’t felt this kind of warmth for many years.

She remembered that when she was a child, she saw Ding Hao being bullied by the older kids in the slums district. He was humiliated and beaten by the outer disciples of the Swordsmanship-seeking Sect. Many times, Ding Ke’er could only hide in the corner and cry. She knew that she could not change the situation even if she rushed out to help him, and she would even become his burden.

Therefore, on that day, when a man named Muhuang Tianji appeared in front of her and showed incredible strength, asking her if she wanted to go with him, Ding Ke’er hesitated. She didn’t want to leave her brother, but when she thought that as long as she became stronger, she could come back to protect him. In the end, she decided to go with Muhuang Tianji.

There were several times when she was injured and almost died immediately in the past few years. No matter how hard life was, no matter how many people rolled their eyes at her, and no matter how powerful her enemies were, she would hold on when she thought that she had yet to go back to see her brother.

She had a resolute obsession in her heart, which was why she was able to survive.

When she saw Ding Hao for the first time in the Towering Buddha Pagoda, she was basically sure that the young man who could kill everything in his way was her brother.

At that time, she was extremely excited.

She had imagined seeing her brother many times, but she didn’t expect that she would meet him under such circumstances. Compared with the past, Ding Hao had become stronger not only in terms of strength but also in terms of momentum and style.

Ding Ke’er also wanted to reveal her identity.

But when she thought about how she had an irreconcilable feud with a giant like the Heaven Sect of the Southern Wilderness, she knew that with her brother’s character, he would definitely take her side. She was afraid that when the Heaven Sect came to eliminate her, Ding Hao would be implicated.

After all, Ding Hao and Ding Ke’er didn’t have enough strength and talent back then. An elder in the Demigod Realm could crush both of them in an instant.

Therefore, Ding Ke’er held back.

At the very least, she already knew that her brother was doing very well and didn’t need her protection. Besides, within the divine tower, she fought side by side with him for a certain period. This was enough to make her happy.

Then, they met again in the Land of Divine Grace.

However, Ding Ke’er had learned the truth about a lot of things at that time, so she held back the desire to tell him about her identity.

Originally, she wanted to keep waiting. She would show up and reunite with Ding Hao after dealing with the Heaven Sect.

However, when Yin Rong called out her identity and Ding Hao called her his little sister with a trembling voice, Ding Ke’er could no longer restrain her feelings. Her crystal tears slipped down as she called him brother.

She burst into tears in Ding Hao’s arms.

It seemed that she was going to vent all the grievances and bitterness she had suffered in the past ten years at this moment. This scene made everyone quite shocked and stunned. Yu Miejue, the demoness that was cruel and merciless in the Southern Wilderness, actually showed such a weak side of her.

Gently patting his sister’s back, Ding Hao said softly, “Silly girl, don’t cry. Are these people the bad guys that bullied you before? I’ll avenge you!”

Yin Rong was scared out of his wits when he heard this.

“I’ve made you two reunite, but you still want to kill me.”

At this moment, this Highest Elder in the God Realm was completely scared of being killed. Moreover, there were too many strange things that happened today. The most incredible thing was why he suddenly lost control of his ancestral Divine Artifact for a moment. If it weren’t for this, he and Chuyun Tianshang wouldn’t have immediately been trapped in the situation of being slaughtered.

Ding Ke’er wiped away her tears and looked into the depths of the place where the Muhuang family members were standing. “I have another greatest enemy. He’s hiding in the depths…”

She raised her hand.


A streak of fiery light shot into the void.

It was a signal.

In the next moment, shouts of killing suddenly came from all over Heaven Island.

The island, which had been chaotic because of the great change in the Heaven Sect Garden, became more chaotic at this moment. From a distance, one could see countless figures rushing to the harbors like tides. The defensive formations and port forces set by the Four Great Families were almost destroyed in an instant.

Those were people from Extermination Peak.

They were not fighting alone.

There were also wisps of Demon Aura rising into the sky.

“The Demon Clan… Ding Ke’er, how dare you collude with the Demon Clan to invade our Heaven Island?” Yin Rong widened his eyes, revealing a look of shock and anger.

Ding Ke’er did not explain anything.

There was no need for her to say anything to that dying man.

Ding Hao activated his Martial Arts Third Eye and looked at the periphery. In the distance, huge warships stopped one after another on the sea. Among them, there were behemoths the size of a mountain driving thousands of meters high waves toward Heaven Island. That scene was shocking, and it seemed that the horrible waves were about to destroy Heaven Island in an instant.

This was a very powerful army.

It was a joint army between the Human Clan and the Demon Clan.

Ding Hao even felt a very familiar aura.

As expected, in the next moment, a stream of flowing light as sharp as lightning arrived from the periphery of Heaven Island within a second. It pierced through countless protective tactical deployments and patterns all the way and instantly appeared in the sky above the Heaven Sect Garden, turning into a figure. The figure was thin but slender and straight, and there was a delicate sense between the man’s eyebrows. He was wearing white clothes with a faint smile on his face and a folding fan made of jade in his hand. He stood in the wind, looking indescribably graceful.

The man was none other than Wen Duoqing.

He was known as the top genius of the Demon Clan in the Southern Wilderness and the former owner of the Divine Artifact Sand of Time.

“Haha, Brother Ding, we meet again.” Wen Duoqing smiled and cupped his hands. “I really didn’t expect that you and Sister Ke’er are siblings. It’s really surprising.”

“It’s been a while, Young Master Wen. I didn’t expect you and Ke’er to join forces to deal with Heaven Island.” Ding Hao cupped his hands and was a little confused. Why would this genius of the Demon Clan join forces with his sister? It was not easy to eliminate Heaven Island. This was definitely not the work of the Southern Wilderness’s Heaven-Splitting Whale War God. Who made the Demon Clan so daring to do this?

“Today’s battle is not only for the Demon Clan, nor for the Human Clan.” Wen Duoqing closed his folding fan and suddenly said seriously, “As long as Heaven Island is not destroyed, all creatures in the Southern Wilderness will be dead. Brother Ding, you came at the right time today. Please give us a hand.”

At that point, his warm gaze shot toward the direction of the Muhuang family’s main city.

Wen Duoqing said with a solemn expression, “Come out now. I know you’re there.”