Chapter 114 - Volume 2

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TL: Scroll down a lot if you want to skip to the story, otherwise read on for some analysis on the in-text power rankings.

I recall a comment on Mahouka Rettousei’s protagonist Tatsuya, describing him as a shark swimming in a very small pool, because he owned everyone in school. I find that it kind of applies to Brendel too. Most of the commoners/mercs react in a very WTF manner whenever Brendel does his stuff, but when it comes to the really strong people like Tirste, Brendel gets his ass handed to him.

Just for some level info rehash

Iron-ranked Tier is 16-30 (Brendel recently increased his level to 20.)

Silver-ranked is 31-40

Gold-ranked is 41-60 (Tirste is assumed to be level 40+ since his description is one who has just entered Gold Rank)

– Gold-rank + nearly unlocks Elemental power, 50-51

– Gold-rank + unlocked Elemental power, 51-60

Above that is some other term that I’ll revisit later since these characters have not appeared yet.

Here’s a power hierarchy that’s based on innate talent (ranked by me).


Soldiers/most mercs

Freya/Felix/Brendel (without the cheat system)

Ebdon/some of the Madara undeads

Tirste/People with ‘Blessed’ status/Brendel’s grandfather probably/Players in the game

Tulman (Planeswalker candidate to surpass level 160, but he failed)

Planeswalker who surpassed level 160

So just based purely on the history and lore, Freya managed to climb to the Goddess of War level some time later at the end of Aouine’s demise. I’ll assume that she’s at level 60+, maybe just slightly higher than gold rank and reached the next level.

Brendel/Felix has been described to be really good in the path of the sword, so if they are still alive, they will reach around Freya’s level, but probably slightly lower.

And they have basic NPC commoner stats.

I think I read somewhere from Brendel’s description in the story, Ebdon becomes really powerful if he’s not killed, and he’s alive even after Freya died in the original lore, and gave players a really hard time, so he’s next in hierarchy.

‘Blessed’ Status. As you can see, Tirste’s stats are off the charts. He has been described as having two times the speed of a F1 racing car (120 agility), and he has the toughness of a tank (60 phys), and stopped the Crusader Executioner with one hand. And he’s just level 40+.

Brendel’s grandfather is very likely to be powerful as heck, because Brendel had repeatedly said that he’s too good to be just a veteran from the November war.

When I look at it from a DnD POV, the stats growth of Brendel’s profession is also garbage. His mercenary growth stats are better than his militia growth, certainly, but he’s actually trying hard to save his XP, probably for his Knight or Paladin class which has much higher stats growth. Since there’s a limit at level 160, I can assume that his stats growth from his profession is limited, and he also has to compete with ‘Blessed’ enemies whose stats are maybe two times higher than him.

This is where I’m still immensely impressed because the author is really quite intricate with his overall stats progression and still makes sense from many angles. I think that it’s a little strange that Brendel is the only one with MTG/Planeswalker status, but I don’t really think it makes him that OP yet, considering that he’s simply lacking that base growth compared to a ‘Blessed’ character.

Anyways, I still find TAS to be awesome. There’s quite a bit of fine details that I think people might miss so I’m putting my input here.

/End info

Chapter 58 – Disaster’s aftermath

“A riot?”

Batum was sitting on top of a thick tree branch, which appeared to be a elm or beech tree. His legs stomped onto the base of it as he suddenly sneezed. He rubbed his nose and looked up with an expression of disbelief.

This abandoned sawmill was outside Bruglas, right along the edge of the forest. Sparse tree stumps could still be seen. Most of the wooden logs came from the north of the Pine River, and the people here intercepted the logs and process them here. The factory could be seen from the nearby pine trees, while one could see the corner of the building here.

It was time for the moon to be nearly up in the sky, indicating that the rise of Mana. Matteya described this period ‘The slumber of myriad creatures’. Planeswalkers could only use the Blue, Black, Gray, Green and White cards during this phase, allowing them access to defense and counterattack manuevers.

Brendel watched the last few birds fly into the shadowy forest as the white moon appeared above the pine forest, before everything went quite with the exception of the occasional sounds from the birds.

The city of Bruglas was to the north, and if one was to gaze from the edge of the forest, they would find an aurora on top of the darkened mountains. Stars lit the sky and it looked like there were precious gems decorating it.

Brendel was familiar with this place. One half of him recalled that he used to train with a sword here with his grandfather. The other half recalled that this place would become a bandits’ den seven years later, and after the Regent Princess went after the illegal merchants, the underground auctions were moved and held here.

Brendel felt slightly dazed as he went back and forth to the two memories, and the images felt like they were faded yellow photos.

Amandina stood uneasily beneath the open sky. She wore a pretty white dress. She had never been out to the outskirts of Bruglas so late, and even she was still a young noble girl, she had rarely attended slumber parties with the other girls. She had always felt she was somewhat of a loner, but she had proudly thought that it was because she was nothing like the other ignorant ladies.

She gazed at the silver moon. She was slightly apprehensive in the dark forest, but she was also feeling curious, and she wanted to keep on going with the people around her as the adventurous streak and thrill seeking feelings grew in her heart.

It was completely new and exciting for her.

But she quickly stopped that and calmed down. She took over Batum’s words and gave her own opinion.

“If Tirste isn’t testing us, then the Unifying Guild is planning something and needs us to draw the attention of the nobles. And I think there’s the possibility of both that.”

“It’s just as well, my lord. We shouldn’t have any dealings with these devils in human skin.” Batum raised his voice: “Now that the bastard in a noble’s attire isn’t here, he can’t threaten any of us. My lord, didn’t you say ou’re going Randner? All of us will follow you there! I want to see if he can do anything to us once we’re gone!”

Amandina listened to Batum and looked at Brendel. She finally realized that Brendel was not just a high ranking member of the mercenaries, he was the leader amongst them. This made him appear more mysterious in her eyes..

But what made her steel her heart was Tirste’s identity as the Unifying Guild’s member. That organization name in Aouine was not just infamy, and the girl paled when she heard of that name. Even though she wondered if Brendel was lying to her, but it looked there was no need for the young knight to do so.

She quickly saw that Brendel was shaking his head.

Brendel took his mind off the Windows Stats. He was certain that Planeswalker was not a profession. He had seen no indication of the word anywhere in it, and it was not even a title or sub-profession.

[A Planeswalker’s core is still the Cards of Fate. If I’m able to read the cards through the system, then maybe I can see this as a unique item that has its own system, and based on that a player can simulate and implement the abilities of any profession. Even though this is outside the rules of the game and it looks like it’s very powerful, but if any player can make use of it, it’s not something that’s uniquely powerful.]

Brendel could only guess why it did not appear in the game but appeared in this world.

But what Brendel was surprise was how this ‘item’ system could grow. It was not limited to just gathering more cards, but was also based on the individual level. When he was level ten as a mercenary, he had four cards, when he rose to level thirteen, he had five cards, and the Elements related to the Knight card combination, Red, Gold and Gray, had risen by one cell in his Elemental Pool.

That was when he heard Batum’s words.

Batum’s words somehow reflect his own heart, but he knew that it was not possible for him to think this way right now. He was no longer a pure gamer.

[Aligning with the Unifying Guild might be an advantage. It’s quite obvious that I’m not going to work with them, but I need to consider how to stab them in the back from this position…]

So he shook his head.

“What?” Batum was stunned and asked hesitatingly: “My lord, are you going to work with them? These people are terrible, they have never had any goodwill to their name.”

Amandina wanted to say something but she stopped herself. Brendel’s decision had made her sigh with relief. She had originally wanted to warn Brendel that the Unifying Guild’s influence was not small, and if Tirste allowed him to leave, he must have a backup plan.

She did not wish for ‘The Amber Sword’ mercenaries to have a strong enemy behind their backs even before they left Grinoires. As her advisor, she was already placing them as his private property.

“I understand what they are, Batum. But you have to consider the aftermath for everything. If I suggested this idea to that bastard, I wouldn’t say a lie that can be broken anytime.” Brendel said.

“Doesn’t it mean we have to encourage the refugees to cause a riot?” Batum scratched his head, and appeared unwilling to do it.

“Of course not, Brendel will definitely have a solution. Back in Bucce, we all called him almighty Brendel!” Little Romaine was picking rocks up and throwing them into the river, but she turned her head around and argued with indignance.

[When did you give me a new nickname in Bucce again?] Brendel eyed the lass with chargin.

The original dresses that Romaine and Amandina wore were damaged during the chaos in the auction site, and they had gone back to change before regrouping.

Brendel had bought a few dresses for during the escape from Bucce and she had kept them like they were treasure, but now she wore one of Amandina’s formal black dress, which was exceptionally compatible for her. It was a splendid dress that flowed behind her, and underneath her skirt a white lace petticoat.

She walked with assured confidence and a unique air, and her full chest was matched by the tight fitting dress, and her slim waist ended with a beautiful curve, even making Amandina jealous of her.

But Amandina still specially tied her light brown hair with a flower ornament into a stylish hairstyle, and when Brendel saw Romaine, she proudly spun one round with a sweet smile, even throwing him a foxy wink. Even till now, Brendel would still lose himself when he looked at her.

[She looks like a great merchant from Ampere Seale who deals with huge transactions….. Except no one would roll up her sleeves and pick up rocks to throw in the river with a serious expression to see if the rocks went further than the last.]

Brendel did not really understand why she had to wear such a troublesome outfit into this wilderness, but he guessed that it would be something like ‘Because I’m a merchant!’, which was an answer that really did not go through thinking.

Batum looked doubtfully at Brendel after listening to Romaine’s answer.

Brendel nodded: “Even before half a month, these refugees that gathered to the south of Bruglas will cause problems. The festival right now might soothe them for a while, but it ultimately does not solve the root of the problems. This is not something that the nobles living a lavish life will understand.”

“Really?” This time Amandina was curious.

Brendel nodded. “The August’s Riot”, was not a big deal in history, but it was enough to give an answer to Tirste and they did not have to lift a finger.

Brendel did not have any thoughts about stopping the riot, especially when he did not have the means to do so. Finding a suitable place for the refugees to live in was a difficult problem, and none of the nobles wanted to receive this burden, and no one could handle it either.

[How is one going to find food for these tens of thousands of people? That’s finding three hundred tons of food per month.]

Batum opened and closed his mouth. He did not expect for this complicated problem to be solved easily by Brendel’s lips. He looked back at Amandina who did not seemed to worry as much as him. She was unlike Batum who thought of only the simplest profit and loss, but even she found that Brendel seemed to know something more than any of them.

Brendel spotted Roen walking out from the dark forest, and he became alert. He had let the cripple check something out in the city, and it seemed that he had answers ready.

Indeed, Roen came along with two short thieves from the bushes and came to Brendel.

“We discovered the cause. It’s really because of the fuckwits who were negligent and allowed the undead to come in as disguised merchants.” Roen said.

“Who exactly was the culprit?” Brendel asked.

“It’s one of the cavalry leaders, called Calancadr.” Roen wanted to say something more, but he saw Brendel shaking his head.

[That person is the future commander of the Silver-winged commander—]

“That person swears allegiance to the Royal Crown…” Brendel muttered to himself.

[Negligence… I see. This matter isn’t as simple as it looks. Just thinking about the Fire Seed, it seems like this event has something to do with the political strife with the Royal Crown and the other factions. Because of the riot in Bruglas, some of these historic events are not noted down, otherwise I would have known about it.]

Brendel thought about it carefully and he suddenly broke into cold perspiration.

[What does this mean? Did the Royal family lure the top nobles by selling the Fire Seed, and allow the undead to come into the auction so they would kill them? What the fuck? Isn’t this playing with fire? I can’t believe Oberg the seventh can think of this fucking plot. It’s fortunate that Incirsta isn’t here in Grinoires, otherwise the entire southern region would be overrun if he attacked. Damn it, perhaps this bastard is even the cause of the erosion in Southern Aouine.]

TL: So that king meeting up with that undead ambassador is… because of this? I mean the story is insinuating a lot of things, so I can’t be sure of whatever, but it’s really quite crazy if that’s true lol.