Chapter 137 - Volume 2

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Chapter 82 – The story of fishes swimming in chaos (3)

================= Scarlett’s POV ==================


A clear voice rang out from the forest, accompanied with hurried footsteps as if there was a group of people approaching towards a girl with red long hair. She tidied her hair band before turning back; her long eyelashes flickering once as she blinked at a burning torchlight nearby. Her irides were like red wine as they reflected the shimmering orange flames, but the expression she gave was a little hesitant.

“That voice sounds like it belongs to Cecilia. Wasn’t she supposed to find Yula and Redi, why is she back already? Did she find them, or did she encounter some form of trouble?”

The girl named Scarlett picked up the halberd in her hands warily. Brendel would have easily recognized the origins of this weapon. Beyond the ink-black body of the spear, the most prominent feature of this weapon were the faintly golden edges that fanned outwards at the tip, giving it a graceful deadliness.

‘Spear of Lightning, Roglas’ was a famous drop in Chablis. Any gamer with the appropriate level who used a spear would have wanted this spear. Even though it was a level twenty-five spear, the price within the online trading community did not fall regardless of time. There was only one reason why: The spear had a 1% chance of a special effect called ‘Whispers of Lightning when the user attacked.

This special effect was the same spell that an Elementalist used. It added 10% additional lightning damage, and was a particular strategy used by gamers. They would first use the spear until they got the special effect, then switch their weapons with the skill ‘Preparation’ without any penalties, as well as adding potions that were usually made by Wind Elementalists to increase their damage output.

However, if they saw the spear in Scarlett’s hands they would certainly be surprised. As far as they knew, it belonged to an undead knight that burned with crimson flame. (TL: The foreshadowing is certainly strong for sure…)

The first rumors of the spear was two years after the Grey Wolves Mercenaries’ battle, and was still held by the lizardmen bandits.

Scarlett raised her head up to look at the nearby hill. and saw several figures dashing out from the trees. She furrowed her brows. The Grey Wolves Mercenaries had a different meaning to her compared to her comrades. She was an orphan raised by Capo, and the group was like a huge family to her. She went into battle not for the sake of money, but for the sake of protecting this family.

Other than fighting in battles, she felt that she did not know anything else.

She had witnessed the Grey Wolves Mercenaries scoring victory after victory for eleven years, and her personal confidence improved every day until it formed into a feeling of glory. But this glory was shaken tonight when she did not understand where the enemies came from. There was no question their opponents were incredibly difficult and filled with a strong desire to battle.

She felt an uneasy feeling growing in her heart, and the tension and fatigue caused her heart to drum loudly.

“What’s wrong?” She asked as Cecilia and the group of mercenaries behind approached her.

“I found Yula.” Cecilia replied.

Scarlett uttered a low sigh and her eyes wavered. She put her halberd down onto the ground and tousled her hair.

“And? What did the commander say? Do we press forward or retreat?”

There was a series of low giggles from the crowd. It was a known fact amongst the mercenaries that Scarlett was fond of Eke, even though she tried to hide it. A few of them even gracefully pretended that they did not know anything about it and even cheered her on, despite the fact that Yula was Eke’s fiancee.

“Yula is something of a star seer and she’s highly intelligent. The commander is most likely to follow her advice. Hmph. ” Scarlett made a nasally scoff before she glared at the giggling mercenaries.

“Careful that I tear your lips apart.” She said viciously.

But uncontrollable laughter burst out and one of them said kindly: “Scarlett, the commander has already made the decision to head north to fight the enemies. Redi, Lothar and you are to take one squad of mercenaries each to create an open path. Can we go along with you?”

Scarlett flashed a toothy grin: “Why would you want to come along with me. All of you have other intentions right?”

“Of course not.” The few men who had their intentions revealed quickly waved their hands.

Scarlett raised her head and eyed one of the youths with an angry glare who quickly turned away.


“Whatever.” She turned away as she answered.

The few youths looked at her back with stunned expressions. They did not know that she was filled with grave worry. The ‘Paper Cards’ had exceeded all their initial expectations, but Makarov did not issue any orders to retreat and insisted on carrying on with the usual plans.

[Is the commander that confident, or is there another reason?]

Scarlett clenched her fist and placed it over her heart which was beating quickly. Since the commander had already given the command, there was no room left to disobey the order. Everything had to be left to the spear in her hands.

She gripped it tightly. Eke had bought the spear from a merchant when she was fifteen years old, and she made the decision to fight with her spear until her life was expended. She even felt at times that this was her life’s reason.

She started to move forward but she suddenly recalled something and turned her head.

“Didn’t that merchant camped a fair distance away from us? Where is he now?”

“He probably…… got separated from us when the attack started……”

The mercenaries who followed her closely looked at each other, before one of them hesitatingly replied. They were not Makarov’s direct subordinates and not all of the mercenaries knew his exact identity. Many of them still thought he was still allies with them, even if it was just temporarily.

She frowned: “We’re moving in this direction to search for them.”

“Is that really…… okay?”

“What do you mean by that, the Grey Wolves Mercenaries cannot be seen as a group who abandons their allies.”

A few chuckles could be heard amongst them. Scarlett was obviously being soft-hearted but she simply had to find a grand reason to cover it up. The mercenaries were willing to group along with her was partly because of the funny atmosphere around her, although, it was mostly out of a good-natured perspective.

But as the chuckles died down, there was another cackling laugh that echoed throughout the greenwoods, yet the voice was hollow and empty, comprising more of a frightening tone to it that was not unlike the .

Scarlett’s expression changed and sought for the source of the voice.

She immediately found the origin of the voice; a dark figure with long black robes with red sigils on either side was standing next to a gigantic green colored creature. They were atop on a great black pine tree, while the creature shook his massive wings, causing the chains around them to jangle loudly. The creature’s head was that of a goat’s and their line-like pupils stared at the mercenaries.

“When did it appear?” Scarlett’s heart suddenly jolted and she gritted her teeth. Even though she had no idea what manner of the creature was, she understood they were opponents that they most likely could not face.

“Lass.” The Disciple of Black Flames trilled with a piercing voice: “Did you say someone got separated?”

“That has nothing to do with you.” She raised her halberd and said through clenched teeth.

The initial assault had caused the Grey Wolves Mercenaries to lose a squad of patrolling guards, and one of them was Scarlett’s close friend. Even though the mercenaries had gotten used to seeing life and death, it did not mean they were able to calmly deal with them. The enemies and them were beyond concilatory terms and only had enmity between them.

“It is fine if we can’t get to them. My comrade has probably been done in by them, so I’ll quenched my thirst for revenge with your deaths.” The Disciple of Black Flames laughed in a crazed manner. “Abechas!”

The black chains swept towards the girl with a ringing sound caused by the chain links, while she responded with a loud yell and struck away the chains. The force of the chains secretly swayed her confidence, it was merely a single strike but her arm felt slightly numbed. Her performance was apparently outside the expectations of the Disciple as he exclaimed in surprise. “A Silver-ranked fighter! Makarov’s subordinates are certainly full of suprises. Even a little girl is skilled, how truly unexpected!”

“There are more to come, you bastard! Roglas, Arrow of Lightning!”

Scarlett reversed her spear and pointed it at the disciple. Electricity immediately gathered from the tip of black-bodied spear and crackled with an explosive noise. By the time the sound reached the mercenaries’ ears, the lightning arc had leapt towards the disciple.

However, an invisible shield blocked the lightning and sparks sprayed everywhere from the contact, causing the trees around the high-ranking disciple to smoke and turn black from the heat. The black-robed disciple did not move at all, and not even the edge of his sleeves reacted to the Arrow of Lightning.

“A tier 2 Magic Artifact. That is certainly uncommon.” The disciple clicked his tongue after a moment later.

Scarlett’s blood had turned completely cold. She drew in a sharp breath as she tried to dispel the numbness that was spreading throughout his fingers. The moment of shock quickly turned into anger and she roared at the mercenaries who pulled out their weapons in order to participate in the fight: “Run! What the hell are you staying here for!”

“What do you mean?”

“Captain, we……”

“You idiots, I’m not his match at all, quickly get the commander to send help to me!”

“Your plans seem to be thought out pretty well.” The disciple sneered audibly, raised his hand, and the creature beside immediately flung a long chain out. This time the targets were the mercenaries.

“Damn it!”

She threw the halberd like a javelin towards the chain. There was a loud grinding noise as the spear and chain collided, deflecting each other to the opposite direction. She immediately raised her hand, and there was a lightning flash in between the spear and her. A moment later, the halberd flew back to her hand as if they were connected to each other.

“Element Resonance!” The disciple screeched.