Chapter 149 - Volume 2

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Chapter 94 – Crystal

Brendel explained to the girls there was a requirement to summon or use the cards he had at hand, and expressed that he did not have the necessary materials to summon Medissa. Even though he had revealed part of his abilities as a Planeswalker, Amandina did not suspect the Mercenaries of Lopes to be summons.

[Medissa is one thing, but the Mercenaries of Lopes act like people who are still alive. If people start to think that I can somehow trap people and turn them into cards, I might be sent to the gallows or to be cut down on sight. Fortunately, Amandina is loyal enough so she probably wouldn’t reveal what I did here. I can probably spin a nice story somehow……]

After keeping the card, he directed the two mercenaries to scout the temple. At the same time a few of the mercenaries went to pass him the loot. The Spectral Knight had left behind a crystal and a pair of boots.

When Brendel saw the crystal he thought his eyes were deceiving him. He rubbed his eyes to make sure he was not dreaming.

[No, I must be seeing it wrongly. I’m called the Luckless King in the game, so how did I managed to get so lucky?]

When he fought the Golden Demonic Tree, it did not have any Golden Apple on it, and he did not find it strange because he simply possessed awful luck. He thought the crystal was a delusion, but after checking it various times and confirming on the Stats Window, it was the Spectral Knight’s Crystal.

– Spectral Knight’s Crystal [Boosting Equipment, Arm]

– +10% strength upon equipping.

Brendel pinched Romaine’s face, and the latter immediately furrowed her pair of delicate eyebrows in protest: “W-what are you doing Brendel!

Even though he would ignore that level of protest, he really caused her pain this time. She started to complain loudly.

“No, I’m just confirming if I’m not dreaming.” Brendel spoke as though as he was sleep walking.

“Pinch your own cheeks, you idiot!” Romaine was angry enough to lift her leatherskin shoes and kicked him.

This time Brendel knew that he was not dreaming because of the pain.


“You deserve it!”

“I forbid you to wear leatherskin shoes.”


Amandina shook her head when she saw the two were acting like children. The mercenaries were giggling in one corner as they knew their lord was in a good mood to act in that manner.

She looked at the crystal and wondered if it was really that important.

“Is that the Spectral Knight’s Crystal?” She suddenly asked a question out of curiosity. The others were also waiting for Brendel to tell them what it was used for.

It had became a common thing for them to see Brendel as a walking dictionary.

“Yes, this is the Spectral Knight’s Crystal.” Brendel stopped his quarrel with Romaine and answered. Then he suddenly smiled “It looks like I got my prediction right, so I’ll treat everyone at Ampere Seale for a day.”

Compared to how valuable the crystal was, the mercenaries were obviously more interested in hearing that line and everyone cheered loudly when they heard him. Even though they were summoned creatures, they still possessed emotions and their memories.

Amandina had visited the biggest free-trading harbor of Aouine during her childhood, but other than its busy nature, she did not have a deep impression of it. When she thought of his irresponsible actions, she started to avoid the topic about that place.

“Is this crystal really that important?” She asked.

“Of course.” Brendel answered in a matter-of-fact tone. It had reached the price of three billion Tor coins even in the later parts of the game, which proved the value of this small Boosting Equipment.

These crystals were placed directly into the body, and there were three areas that a level 20 character can put them. The arms, the head and the torso. The price of it was even higher in the game because it was not an item that dropped upon death. While this advantage was lost in this world, it did not mean that it was any less valuable.

At least compared to the Thorn of Light, such crystals would never be lost or destroyed.

[I have enough experience to upgrade Power Break and turn the burst of strength into 30 OZ, 10% of that is 3 OZ, and pretty much the equivalent of a level 20 legendary equipment. Once I get to over several hundred OZ worth of strength, what kind of bonus stats would that be?]

Brendel knew how much value it was able to bring him.

“If you want to put a tag on this,” He smiled as he brought the crystal up: “Three billion.”

[[[[Three billion?!]]]]

The mercenaries’ faces turned into incredulous expressions. If Brendel said three million, they might start to have difficulty in breathing. But three billion was more than the richest duchy could earn in a year. This astronomical figure was beyond the imagination of the mercenaries who were born as commoners.

They could only think that Brendel was joking with them.

Even Romaine snorted lightly and glared at him, while Amandina frowned and thought he was exaggerating again.

But Brendel ignored them and happily placed the object on his right hand, which gradually sank into it. He was used to the odd sensation, and he brought the legguards up once the process was over. Once he did so he exclaimed loudly.

– Blood Greaves, [Brass Quality], +10.5% in movement speed, +5 Physique

– Requirements: Level 20; Equipment rating (20 OZ)

Brendel suddenly thought the world was not realistic anymore.

[Is this the end of the world? Am I being promoted to become the Lucky King? A Spectral Knight’s Crystal with a Magic equipment. This is an Elite monster, not a Boss……]

He stared at it before he suddenly recalled something and asked in a hurry: “Who touched the corpse!”

[[[[Touched the corpse?]]]]

Everyone did not understand what he meant, and he realized he spoke wrongly. He coughed and changed his words: “I mean, who cleared up the battlefield and collected the loot.”

That question sounded a little strange. Was there a need to assign someone to do something like that? The mercenaries looked at each other and was momentarily quiet, but a voice finally responded.

“It was me, my lord. Is there something you are dissatisfied with?”

The voice sounded a little taciturn. Brendel turned his head and found that it was the older Elementalist sister. She raised his head up to him but she could not hide the sliver of anxiety in her eyes. He had asked with such fervor that she wondered if she did something wrongly.

“Nothing,” Brendel nodded: “I’ll leave the matters of clearing the battlefield to you.”

“Me?” She looked blankly at him with her hand placed over her chest. It looked like some kind of glorious task but she did not understand why she caught Brendel’s attention. She thought for a long time and could only think that it was some fetish of the nobles, and her eyes became suspicious of Brendel.

Brendel whirled around and did not explain to her. He was secretly delighted because he used to lead a bunch of luckless party members. This time there was a lucky person who was also a hot babe……

The Blood Greaves were a standard ‘Tank’ item in the game. Brendel wanted to let the Nightsong Tiger wear it, but the latter explained that summons were unable to benefit from any magic equipment. Even though they could use the sword and bow to do damage, they could not access the energy from the artifacts.

The only possibility for them to be equipped was through the rules of the Planeswalker’s system. By equipping a card onto them, they would be able to benefit from it. For example, if Brendel equipped the Holy Sword card onto the Mercenaries of Lopes, one of them could use the full benefits of the Holy Sword.

Although, the maintenance still had to be paid out.

The girls were not combatants so they were not suitable for the Blood Greaves. In the end, Brendel wore it with a little guilt in his heart.

[If this is done in the game, everyone would have posted in the forums about my greedy actions to take all the loot….]

When he finished putting them on, the two scouts returned.