Chapter 197 - Volume 2

Chapter 142 – Warm words of hope (4)

The battle was over quickly.

Even though the enemy riders fought Brendel’s mercenaries on equal grounds in the beginning, the situation quickly turned to a one-sided slaughter when Brendel and Scarlett joined in the battle.

Silver and red flashes shot into the riders’ formation as Element powers were fired repeatedly, and from the sky it looked like an ice dragon and lightning dragon were gobbling up the riders.

When they realized they could not defeat Brendel and his men, they quickly yelled in terror and fled in all directions However, they were unable to escape Brendel and Scarlett’s pursuit. Thirty minutes later, all the riders were killed and their corpses were scattered all over the plains.

Brendel did not summon Medissa because he wanted to hide his true strength or the battle would have been over much quicker. There was no telling if there were Madara scouts following him.

He sat at a distance away from his men regained his composure after the battle while they cleaned up the battlefield. He realized that his newfound strength was not something temporary and had lasted all throughout the battle. There was no doubt that he had gained enough stats to be on par with a level 40+ Gold-ranked fighter.

[The duel with my grandfather increased the skill of my swordsmanship before. I had wondered if this was how a NPC leveled up their skill or was it a quest reward? I initially thought I needed to do some related quests to unseal my Element but it seemed like it’s not necessary now. Typically most NPCs are stuck at the Gold-ranked tier because they are unable to unseal their Element powers…… I’ll open up the Stats Window to be sure—]

His eyes went wide when he saw the information displayed in front of him.

[I’m still level 32— but my stats have increased by thirty percent?! What happened?]

He immediately switched the menus rapidly before he suddenly froze and went back a few pages.

– Brendel (Level 32 Elite NPC)

He looked at his name for a few moments and blinked stupidly. He finally realized that he possessed both the special quality reserved for a NPC as well as a system for gamers. He could raised his skill proficiency by points or increase it by ‘special events’.

[Are you serious? What would the next title would be? Unique NPC? Boss NPC? Elite Boss NPC?]

He complained to himself when he realized he was becoming something like a monster who had special attributes. One day he might have some crazy ‘Final Boss Form’ while changing three or four times to get there…..

He suddenly jerked his head left and right; perhaps there was going to be a 25 men raid party that was going to appear out of nowhere in the future. The entire thing was too surreal.

[…… Well, is there any stat resistances or elite skills available?]

He changed the menu once again and discovered three new ability slots under his character sheet.

– ??? (Level 45)

– ??? (Level 47)

– ??? (Level 60)

He immediately guessed that these abilities were locked until he reached the appropriate level, and it was probably necessary to add skill points into them before he could use the skills.

[The skills of an Elite are not that impressive. Even the stat resistance bonuses are about the same as wearing a cloak or something. Maybe if I get a Boss NPC title and above…… Then things would be different.]

His eyes were so focused and cross-eyed on his new title that he looked silly.

[If I gained the title ‘World Boss’….. Then he would go beyond any gamer could possibly go. N-no. The probability of a NPC entering a gold rank and unsealing their Element power is low enough. Reaching the peak of the pyramid is impossible, otherwise gamers wouldn’t have controlled the continent in the end game of The Amber Sword.]

It was a possibility regardless of how small it was, a voice inside his head said, but he quickly regained his senses and checked his Element menu instead.

Two words described his Element powers.

– Frozen. Stability.

There will be more words to describe his Element power when he had more power to try and break the barrier down. After the barrier was broken he would be capable of using the Laws of his Element power.

Element Points, Element Abilities and Aura. A fighter with an unsealed Element power would possess these three qualities, and he would be perceived as someone who was beyond a normal human.

[In the game, a low tier Gold-ranked NPC must possess two conditions: Their overall power rating must cross over 100 and they must be able to sense their Element power. It’s not too difficult to clear the first condition and most people with some talent is capable of achieving it, but they would stop and end as the highest tier Silver-ranked NPC if they are unable to sense their Element power. An Element is based on the Laws of this world. If one is unable to see and manipulate the lines that connect them to the Laws, then they will never be able to reach the barrier of their Element Power.]

Brendel reflected on his NPC body. Wizards, Priests and even Knights NPCs had a much easier time to find the lines connecting to the Laws of their Element powers. A NPC with a warrior profession and unsealed Element Power was almost non-existent. Buga was amongst the rare few who naturally gained his unsealed Element as his level increased.

[I can’t even think of any warrior NPC who’s able to sense his Element Power with an event at such low levels. And the description of my Element is strange. If the words describing my Element is Cold or Ice, or even Northern Wind or water, I won’t be so puzzled. The appearance of my Element might look like it has something to do with Ice, but no matter how I think about these two words in the game, it’s actually related to Time and Space.]

Was it an Ice Element or Time and Space Element?

Even though the Ice Element was one of the four highly prized Elements in the game, the Time and Space Element was rated Legendary.

When he was still pondering, he caught the figures of Amandina and Romaine behind his stats window walking towards him. He dismissed the system and paused for a moment when he saw them holding hands with a timid little girl looking at him—

She appeared to be no older than ten and had braided green hair.

[A Senia citizen?]

He frowned slightly. The Viridien village was the only southern village in the Trentheim region, and these Senia citizens who lived there were short humans who descended from the Forest Wildlings. They were quite friendly with the druids in the forest, but because of their wild nature they were perceived as barbarians.

These Senia citizens were isolationists and stayed at the very edge of the forest, refusing to submit to Aouine. Most of the local lords ignored them, but there were a few who tried to use violent and bloody means to make them submit.

Graudin was amongst the latter.

[But why did that bastard want to capture a little girl like her? The nobles hate to have anything to do with the Senia citizens; it is considered a grave insult if the citizens even touch their clothes. Commoners look down on them. But it is true that the Viridien village is my next stop.]

The youth rubbed his head subconsciously.

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