Chapter 260 - Volume 3

Chapter 39 – Town Schafflund

============ Carglise’s POV ==========

“Prepare to retreat!” Carglise’s voice was raised.

“What?” Lord Macsen could hardly believe what his ears were hearing. The brat actually ordered his men to retreat in front of him: “You damn brat, this old man isn’t dead yet, so don’t think you can order my men!”

Even if his son was cautious, retreating out of the forest was a little too much. Furthermore, how was he going to deal with the loss of his pride?

“My lord, I’m afraid the young master is right.” But one of the knights also chose to speak up with a solemn expression: “It’s best that we retreat, at least a little—”

“What’s happening? What are y—” Lord Macsen’s mind was going blank. His subordinates would not joke with him, and this time he was starting to panic a little.

Before he could finish his words, there was a visible signal made from a magic spell that rose up to the sky, followed by frightening bestial screams!

Carglise’s eyes widened in shock as he saw countless enemies swarming towards them.

[T-this rebellion can’t possibly consist of just disgruntled civilians and mercenaries!]

================ Brendel’s POV ================

Brendel and his men passed through the dark green peaks and ridges of Mountain Graham and stood at the highest point to observe the extending scenery. A scenic view of red and green spread across the coiling valleys. They had reached close to their destination before it was afternoon.

He took in the beautiful season for several minutes with astonishment.

“That place is Town Schafflund,” Jana said, referring to the houses with bright red roofs sitting near the forest, with the highest population density in its center.

A town that slumbered deeply within the mountains.

Ciel had given Brendel an entirely new line of thinking after he discussed the potential revenue that could be gained from the trading hub, Ampere Seale. The painting from Fortress Riedon was just a part of what could be obtained. Brendel also had Tamar, a future grandmaster alchemist, and combined with Brendel’s knowledge of the future, it was not difficult for him to profit from Ampere Seale.

However, Schafflund was also something that could significantly benefit him in the long run, so he decided not to change his plans.

“It’s beautiful,” Scarlett said to herself when she looked at the scenery.

The shrubs behind her rustled as the other mercenaries walked out. There were twenty-seven of them, each with steady hands and long endurance, and their eyes surveyed their surroundings with vigilance. These elite mercenaries were picked from Jana’s mercenaries and the smaller groups of sellswords, and even the weakest amongst them was a peak Iron-ranked fighter.

Brendel was initially quite surprised to see such a group. If they were trained a little more, they could become skilled warriors no weaker than Aouine’s knights.

But all the mercenaries knew that they were unable to match Brendel’s close subordinates. The two girls beside him were Gold-ranked fighters, and the two angels that followed behind him were genuine Silver-ranked warriors.

Brendel made the angels keep their wings folded to keep a low profile. Summoning and unsummoning them wasted too many Light EP. He did not have an effective means of replenishing his light EP, so he paid 1 Light EP every day to keep them outside. If he needed to retrieve a card in the graveyard, he could unsummon them and cast them again anytime; or if only five Light EP were left, he would unsummon them to ensure he could at least cast the angels.

He had spent his 100 Wealth after the battle at the lumber mill to unseal the Fire Element Earth Card ‘Ashen Volcano’, and the Wind Element Earth Card ‘The Nest of Storms’.

Right now in his created dimensional world within his mind, sat an inactive volcano and a hurricane that spun continuously. The final land card in the album was the Fire Element Land Card, Karudu’s Wilderness.

With the Wind Element Land Card, it would not be a problem to summon the Wind Spirit Spiders, while the Fire Element Land Card allowed him to target the next card in the album:

– Fire Djinn

– (The Blazing Inferno X)

– 15 Fire Elemental Points

– Living Element: Djinn, Level 36 Creature

– Tapping the card will cause Fire Djinn to deal an enormous amount of damage to target enemy. Shuffle this card back into the deck after tapping.

– Pay 2 Fire Elemental Points every day when the Giant Fire Spirit is on the battlefield.

– ‘The Fire Djinn always terrifies its enemies on the scorching lands.’

– Unlocking this card requires 50 Fire Elemental Points.

This card appealed to Brendel because it did not require Wealth to unseal it; his foremost priority was to unlock cards that gave out resources. It was still a little too much for Brendel now as he only had a total of 37 Fire EP available in his Mana Pool, but if he trained by casting more Fire Spells, then his mana pool for the Fire Element would increase gradually.

The spells he picked when he increased his Elementalist levels were all fire-based spells too, like Fire arrows or Control Fire.

He was targeting another card as well:

– Silver Swallow-tailed Flag

– (Alliance of Light VII)

– 12 Earth or Water Elemental Points

– Artifact / Fantasy-ranked rarity

– When Silver Swallow-tailed Flag is on the battlefield, all creatures’ maintenance cost is decreased by 1. If any Cards have multiple maintenance costs, choose the Element you wish to decrease.

– Tap a target card that produces Wealth and doubles it.

– ‘Glittering flow of silver.’

– Unlocking this card requires 100 Wealth

This card has caused Brendel to crave for it for a long time and even made him hesitate whether to unlock the land cards later, but Ciel’s suggestion made him change his mind. The source of a Planeswalker’s powers still come from Land Cards.

“What should we do next, my lord?” Scarlett carried her heavy halberd over her small shoulder.

Jana spoke before Brendel could: “Town Schafflund is built because of the silver mine and most of the residents work there. It’s quite affluent because of that, and many merchant shops and a few inns have been set up.”

“There are inns in this remote place?”

“It’s not strange at all. Schafflund is the deepest town in the eastern Graham mountain, and there are quite a lot of adventurers who visit this town. Rumors also state there are silver veins in boulders found in the forest. Many come here in hopes of striking it rich.”

“Silver veins?” Romaine came from behind and asked: “Is there something like that?”

Everyone turned around and saw the merchant girl crawl out from a bush. She even held the corners of her dress to prevent it from getting caught by the branches.

But she did not secretly follow Brendel this time; it was him who wanted her to come along. There were going to be accounting notes about the silver mine, and Romaine was probably the only person who understood them besides Amandina.

“Some were rumored to become rich because they found the silver veins, but it’s rare. The majority of the people go back empty-handed.” Jana said.

“Why do so many bother to come here when the success rate is so low?” Scarlett did not understand.

“Because the only thing people sees is the success that people had,” Brendel said as he observed the town.

“My lord is right. Some of them spent their money by gambling them away after they discovered the silver veins.” Jana nodded.

“Things that are attained easily are discarded just as easily,” Medissa said as she spoke of a Silver Elf adage.

Many agreed with her words, but Romaine had a different opinion on the silver veins: “I find it hard to believe. My aunt regularly says that things that are too conspicuous invite trouble. How is it possible that the other nobles wouldn’t take notice of this? I think even Count Randner’s men would be interested in it!”

“Strangely enough the people who did not find any silver mining veins did not enter the forest again. It’s also one of the mysteries of this forest.” Jana shook her head.

“Huh?” Romaine’s eyes widened, apparently curious as to why they did not continue searching.

Scarlett shook her head and scoffed: “Mysteries? This rumor is more likely to be false! The people who got rich probably discovered something else and pretended otherwise!”

“That’s possible,” Brendel’s mind did think of a possibility, but he brought the topic back to their real goals, “but we should start talking about our plans. Jana, you’re most familiar with this area amongst us, go ahead and speak your thoughts.”

“My lord, the mining area is approximately two miles to Schafflund’s eastern-north. Every morning, the workers would pass through a dedicated path to enter the silver mines and work. The path is guarded by several watchtowers, and there is light cavalry patrolling as well. We won’t be able to enter the area without concealing ourselves.”

“Is there only a single path? What are the chances of sneaking in from the sides with our men’s skills?”

“It’s not impossible,” Jana thought for a while, “but I heard the commander of the guards is a Gold-ranked swordsman.”

Brendel nodded. It would be strange without that this place did not have one. He knew the strongest defender of a silver mine in the game was a Sword Saint who had completely mastered his Element Power.

“Very well. Entering the town shouldn’t be a difficult problem. Since we have quite the number of men, we need to divide ourselves into small groups to avoid suspicion. Everyone needs to make sure to bring keep your funds with you at all times and stay in different inns,” He glanced at the sky as he spoke, “we will gather in the evening. Have all of you memorized your signs?”

Everyone nodded.

“Then move out.”

TL: Just in case anyone is wondering, that’s the end of Carglise and Macsen’s POV. Both are captured and house arrest.