Chapter 300 - Volume 3

Chapter 79 – King of the Underground (30)

Brendel turned around to meet Cohen’s eyes. He knew it was him who called out, but there was no real possibility that he could continue dueling. The difficulty in the Coliseum of Destiny scaled each time and the next round was most likely a match using Element Powers.

[Orthylss has already said that merging cannot be done again, and Medissa is a level 40+ character. I’m almost certain that the next match will at least be a level 60 NPC appearing. Since it’s a contest of Element Powers, even if we’re in our best conditions and I bring out all the Gold-rankers I have, it’s unlikely that we will win.]

“I’m sorry, but I don’t think I can help you.” He said simply.

The truth was he had roughly guessed that the youths were the ones who had triggered this situation.

But it was him who led them to that mining spot. The fact that he failed to realize that there was something strange in the silver mines ultimately caused numerous deaths to the workers. He even dragged his subordinates into this mess.

There was a strange feeling in his mind when he denied the youths’ request, but he ignored it and was prepared to go towards the sword again.

“Please wait, mister!” Cohen shouted after Brendel’s back. “Perhaps we can come to a deal! You can choose to accept or refuse after hearing what I have to offer, please!”

Brendel hesitated for a moment and walked to the youths’ cages. Listening to Cohen’s final request with sincerity was something that he could at least afford to do, but he did not know what the latter was able to offer. The youths did not possess any abilities and were just mere workers. He even recalled that Maher had said that the Cohen owned something strange and worthless.

But what that sickly-looking youth brought out surprised him.

Brendel’s expression changed to one of deep thought when he saw two Cards of Fates in Cohen’s hands. He did not expect that the latter would be able to bring them out.

[I’ve benefitted greatly from the Planeswalker profession since it allowed me to handle situations that were supposedly impossible.]

He thought there might be a chance, though it was also true that he was greedy for them as a gamer.

He studied them through the system.

– Fire Claw Lord

– The Flame Tribe I

– Costs 20 Fire EP

– Fire Lizardmen Warriors, Level 33 Elite

– Battle-thirsty

– When Fire Claw Lord enters the battlefield, all Fire Claw members gain +1 Command

– Pay 1 Fire EP, all Fire Claw Spearmen gains the ability ‘Charge’

– Pay 1 Wealth and 1 Reputation per day when Fire Claw Lord is on the battlefield.

– ‘The Fire Claw Lord is the best commander amongst the Army of Hellfire.’

– Dwarven Treasure Vault

– (Visionary Artifact III)

– Costs 30 Will

– Artifact/Illusionary World

– Target a creature card (Dwarf or Kirrlutz Human). Target gains three appropriate equipment from Dwarven Treasure Vault

– ‘The Dwarven Treasure Vault glitters with golden light.’

Brendel read the cards through the system and regarded the first card with disappointment. It was not at a level where it would help in the next round, as the level 33 Elite creature was roughly the equivalent of a fighter that had just entered the Gold-rank.

“My lord, that first card is silver in color. Look at the title, that is most likely the core card of the series!” Medissa had followed him from behind and could not help but blurt out at the discovery.

Brendel was momentarily surprised and read the contents again.

[‘The Flame Tribe I’. The ‘I’ usually means it’s the best card out of the ‘Fire Claw’ series. Considering the fact that the card is silver in color, it also means that it’s a rare card to get as well. But even if I bring the two Fire Claw cards out, it’s not likely to make a difference in the next match.]

“Do you know anything about the other card?” He asked.

“An equipment card…… You can try asking Ciel about it.” She said.

Brendel looked at her in surprise.

“We can communicate through such a long distance? Is there no limit between a Planeswalker and their summons?”

“I don’t believe there is, my lord. Ciel and I are naturally able to hear you calling out to us, while the Nightsong Tiger who’s the core representation of the Mercenaries of Lopes will be able to hear you.”

Brendel nodded and called to Ciel in his mind without wasting time.

“My lord, did you get something good again?” A youthful, relaxed voice rang out in Brendel’s head.

“How’s the situation at your side?”

“Haha, would you like to take a guess?” Ciel said, but after Brendel refused to reply, he coughed and continued: “There’s a fellow over here who’s suspicious about your identity and requires you to educate him.”

Brendel was puzzled over his answer, but he was currently in a considerably tricky situation so he explained the card quickly to Ciel.

“My lord, is the back of the card silver in color?” Ciel said.

“No, it looks like a normal card.”

“A normal equipment card raises a summoned creature’s level by 5. Take a look at a creature’s card, my lord. I believe you can see a number painted there. Since the card gives out three equipment, then it will raise the target card’s level by 15.”

“…… Numbers and levels, hmm.”

“What’s wrong with that, my lord?”

[Because the NPCs in the game don’t use numbers and levels to describe a creature’s strength. It’s the first time that I realized this, but the fact that my system can accurately reflect a Planeswalker’s card even though it has never appeared in the game……]

“No, nothing. I’m able to let you use this card, right?” Brendel said.

“I’m afraid not, my lord.”

“Why is that? It says ‘Kirrlutz human’.”

“I’m a Highland Wizard, and my lineage comes from the Silver Alliance. Even though our blood is mixed with Aouine and Kirrlutz’s lineage, the rules state that we are Galbu’s descendants.”

“I see, so no one can use this card.”

“No, that isn’t true. The Mercenaries of Lopes can use this card.”

“Wait, what?” Brendel frowned: “Felaern and Dia are Wild Elves, and there are various mixed races that are not from Kirrlutz, and there are no dwarves in the group either.”

“But the core of the group is the Nightsong Tiger and he’s a true citizen of the Lopes region. And that region is part of Kirrlutz.”

“…… Is this true for any group summoned cards, where a core creature would represent the description on the card?”


“I see.”

[This card does seem better the Golden Battle Flag that I have. That card raises all my creatures level by 1, but what is the use of +1 level? In addition, I have to pay an extra 5 Light EP.]

Brendel’s mind rearranged the information he had. If he was allowed to bring in the Planeswalker’s cards the next match and added everyone in the duel……

[Insufficient to win the next battle.]

He made this conclusion.

“My lord,” Medissa spoke in his mind, “I don’t believe there’s only one copy in each series. If it’s impossible, we should give up on the cards.”

Brendel rubbed his forehead thoughtfully.

[But the odds of getting the same card is really small. Once the chance to get it slips by, it’s gone. Unfortunately, Medissa’s right. This is impossible.]

He suddenly noticed Jana, Scarlett, and Orthlyss staring strangely at him. It seemed like he was blanking out almost every match and it would be shameful if he was seen as an airhead.

The way how Orthlyss spoke reminded him of his female senior, and he felt she would almost start teasing him any time now.

But his eyes went back to Cohen instead of explaining himself.

“I’m sorry, but I have to refuse your proposal,” He said, and announced loudly to the ceiling, “Open her cage!”

He pointed at Scarlett’s cage and declined the additional reward for winning the previous duel, but no sooner than he did, an unexpected voice suddenly called out to him.

“Brendel, you’re here!” A crisp and pretty voice echoed throughout the stage.

His eyes widened and turned to the source of the voice subconsciously. His heart beat violently when he saw a familiar face that was filled with surprise and delight, and he could not help but clench his teeth.

[…… Karma. This is karma for being greedy and not saving the youths and Scarlett straight away!]

He watched her run towards him in stunned silence as she clutched her large bag to prevent the contents from spilling over.

“Brendel—” She ran straight to him without paying attention to the others, her eyes slightly red. “I was really worried about you! My aunt isn’t around and I thought if something happened to you……

When she came closer, she lowered her head and suddenly shuffled her feet together: “I know I shouldn’t leave the angels’ supervision and I’m going to get scolded again—”

She suddenly noticed Brendel’s expression when she glanced out of the corners of her eyes. His face was a mixture of regret and bitter sorrow, and there seemed to be tears in his eyes. It was the first time she saw such an expression on him.

D-did I do something wrong?” She stuttered.

“…… No, there’s nothing wrong. I’m the one who’s wrong.” He said with a broken voice.