Chapter 318 - Volume 3

Chapter 97 – The girl’s thread of fate (4)

Scarlett was saved.

It was like a miracle—

The room’s atmosphere became boisterous and it took a long time before the joy abated. No one expected Brendel to come up with a way to save Scarlett from such a dangerous situation.

However, it proved one thing. Their young mysterious lord was omnipotent!

Amandina had countless moments where she had this thought, and this time was no different. She pulled back her gaze from the youth, feeling the burden on her shoulders lift.

Scarlett was looking at the golden apple that was on both her hands in a daze. When she felt Amandina’s gaze on her, she smiled back weakly, and the latter sighed in her heart.

[This foolish girl!]

Amandina shook her head and that the girl in front of her could not be saved any longer. When Scarlett hugged the Golden Apple like it was the greatest treasure in this world, Amandina knew that Scarlett was going to find a way to pay Brendel back her whole life.

Just a few moments ago, Brendel handed the Golden Apple over to Scarlett while Ciel informed everyone that it was the legendary Golden Apple. Scarlett acted like someone who got struck by lightning when she heard that, and the Golden Apple fell out of her hands. If it was not for Brendel’s lightning reactions, this would be the first Golden Apple that smashed to bits in history by dropping onto the ground.

In that moment, Amandina finally realized, just like how Medissa did, that this seemingly tough red-haired girl had an abnormal reliance on other people, as though she was living her life based on other people’s opinions.

The most sorrowful thing for her was that this world was one where most people had to rely on themselves, and it was rare for a stranger to spare a thought for another person.

It was especially so for nobles similar to Makarov. They would never stop moving forward and only stop for profits.

The efforts that Scarlett gave would never be rewarded. If the Grey Wolves Mercenaries and she could see this point, they might feel a little better at Makarov’s betrayal.

Unfortunately, the Scarlett that Amandina knew was a weak but stubborn girl.

The young noble lady glanced at Brendel, feeling fortunate that the lord she was pursuing was an anomaly.

Generous, merciful, and full of humanity.

His every action seemed like it did not match the world of the nobles. Yet, if she was to say that he was not one, she could not convince herself. Only a noble would know so much about that the politics of that world and conduct himself with such dignity.

If she took every event that happened and put it on the table……. This youth was not only a noble but one who had a powerful House backing him.

This was made evident by Kodan’s arrival as a prisoner.

Since she was the person temporarily in charge of Firburh’s affairs after Brendel was gone, she quickly got to meet up with this old guard commander.

She had been studying on the important figureheads amongst the nobles in order to realize Brendel’s future plans, and thus recognized him as one of Count Randner’s best knights.

Kodan was born in a lineage comprising of knights and had participated in the November War, and served beside Count Randner for many years. When she spoke to him, she discovered that his attitude towards Brendel was strange and it made her suspicious.

There was no doubt at all. He recognized Brendel —

When she asked Medissa, she found out that he knew Brendel’s grandfather and even served under him for a period of time. With the bits and pieces of information she discovered that would not interest any normal commoner, she put together a complete image.

Brendel was from a powerful House that had a long history but kept a low-profile.

[Sometimes I wonder if I’m blessed by the gods. I left my dark home in Bruglas and met with this strange youth, and became his advisor just like that.]

At least from the time when she left her home, she had never truly regretted it and felt that she was fortunate to meet him.

[Though, I must say that Golden Apple makes me feel a little jealous.]

It was something that came out from legendary tales and could change a person completely, to the point where it affected an entire kingdom’s destiny.

Before Scarlett’s recovery happened, she had not even considered that this legend was true.

However, the fact that he had this Golden Apple would mean that he could buy off any of the strongest forces in the kingdom, and even become a duke regardless of whether it was the Aouine or Kirrlutz’s kingdom. Even the pope of the Holy Cathedral of Fire would want it. As long as the youth wanted to, he could exchange it for almost anything that he wanted.

That was how priceless it was.

And it was simply given away to a girl whom he had just met for less than a few months. Certainly, Scarlett was a Gold-ranked fighter, but a Golden Apple’s value really had nothing in common with her other than the word ‘gold’. In fact, the Golden Apple was the worth of at least a hundred Gold-ranked fighters.

She did not understand why he did it.

But Brendel had a different perspective in regards to the fruit. The only thing he saw here was that he should not have this item in the first place. Amandina believed there was a powerful House backing him, but he obviously did not.

But even if he did have the power to retain the apple, he would never deal with Aouine’s rotten nobles or make a deal with Kirrlutz who was looking for a chance to take over Aouine.

He was here to change Aouine’s fate, not become part of the kingdom’s problems.

The youth obviously knew how easy it was for him to live comfortably in this world, but that was not part of his goals. It was especially so when he met people like Makarov and Graudin, and his belief only got stronger with each passing day.

Therefore he did not really care about the Golden Apple.

If it could cure Scarlett, he did not mind giving away a hundred apples away to save her life.

But Scarlett also saw things differently from Brendel, and just like Amandina, understood the value of the Golden Apple.

She heard that Makarov, Buga, and two other important nobles nearly started a battle against the Silver Elves over this Golden Apple. The greed in their eyes could not be any clearer.

There was never any doubt that her former commander would choose this Golden Apple over her life a hundred times.

Why would this youth just make such this decision so easily like it meant nothing to him?

She glanced at the people beside Brendel to seek an answer, and her eyes fell onto Medissa who was discussing with Ciel—

“My lord,” Medissa finally spoke, “I understand what you’re trying to do, by using the tremendous Lifeforce from the Golden Apple, you seek to replenish her strength……but…….”

She frowned deeply: “If you do this, this is just like drinking poison to quench a thirst.”

“This is a choiceless solution since there is no other solution. By slowing her condition down, there might be another answer. Still, using the Golden Apple in this manner, I’ll probably drive the people who want this apple mad.” Brendel laughed.

Ciel nodded and also grinned while he glanced at Scarlett: “Indeed, to use this precious material for such a matter.”

Scarlett lowered her head upon hearing Ciel’s words. She also started to feel that it was wasteful when she thought about it. She got to eat the legendary Golden Apple for an incurable disease. It was unthinkable.

Brendel immediately shot a murderous glare at Ciel, and the latter realized his mistake: “Miss Scarlett, don’t overthink this, I’m not saying it’s wasteful, it’s just that the Golden Apple is priceless, and I think…… Ha ha, I suddenly remember something appropriate that’s an equivalent exchange—”

Everyone’s eyes were on him.

Ciel shrank a little, but he giggled: “Well, if this Golden Apple is used as my lord’s dowry for Scarlett’s hand in marriage, then the debt would be offset, right?”

“Hand in marriage?” Scarlett blinked blankly.

“Well, you know, becoming our lord’s wif— ommph!!” Ciel said as he tried to dodge Brendel’s sword hilt, but as a wizard, he would never be able to avoid Brendel’s attack at such a close range. He immediately yelled out in pain as the sword’s hilt sank into his abdomen, causing him to fall over.

Brendel was furious over Ciel’s lips and had attacked him mercilessly, expecting that scoundrel to roll about on the floor for several minutes in pain. Medissa glanced at the writhing wizard and showed a rarely seen ‘you deserve it’ expression.

Scarlett finally understood what Ciel was talking about and her face flushed red.

Brendel was worried about what she was thinking and said: “There’s no need to heed what this idiot’s words. If you want to pay back the investment of this Golden Apple, then make sure you live properly from now onwards. Remember, you’re my most important combat strength amongst my subordinates.”

He took a deep breath: “I believe there’s going to be a huge battle in Trentheim very soon.”

Scarlett paused for a moment but nodded furiously without lifting her head back up.