Chapter 455 - Volume 3 Chapter 234

Chapter 234 – Wind sharpshooter (2)

Carglise indeed brought the good news from Tamar and Bosley. He had brought an improved armor meant for the sharpshooters. The remodeled equipment was close to perfection. Its surface was polished carefully and carved with Elven emblems, and it appeared largely different from the earlier prototypes that were hastily made. Magic from the emblems of lily and wild vines had turned the armor’s color to dark green, and it glittered under the chromatic glass lit by the sunlight.

It resembled more like an art piece made out emerald, but Brendel ignored it and only paid attention to the feathered cloak attached to the armor. It certainly seemed like it was added to the armor for the sake of improving its aesthetics, but it was actually added to reduce the weight and cost of making a lighter armor. Bosley and Tamar had tried various means, but they finally thought of a method to cheat, which was to add a magic cloak.

The cloak was implemented with magic similar to the First Circle spell, Wings of Wind. The latter magic could raise the receiver’s speed slightly and even allow them to levitate a little.

Carglise even brought along two female Elven archers to demonstrate the equipment in action. Their performance exceeded expectations. They were moving a little clumsily because of their armor, but once they activated the cloak, they moved as though there were wings behind them. Two blurry figures sped along the branches and leaped across long distances while they fired arrows at the falling leaves in the forest.

[What a stroke of genius. Hmm, those Elven hats that they wear are hiding part faces, revealing only their sharp chins when they fire their arrows. Admittedly I lost myself for a moment when I saw those cloaks fluttering behind them. They actually remind me of a legendary unit from the Silver— The Forest Song of Blades. Silver bows and silver cloaks, but these Elven archers are just as cool as them with emerald color.]

Brendel was admiring the Elves’ performance when Medissa suddenly spoke:

“May I…… My Lord, may I lead this unit that you’re forming?”

The youth turned his head and found Medissa to be slightly enthralled. He did not expect her to request for something out of her own initiative.

“Medissa? …… But they are archers?” He replied.

“I know…… Erm……” Medissa lowered her head and her voice became softer: “I’m sorry…… It’s just that I’m a little bothered by it, my lord.”

Brendel’s eyes turned slightly wide as he thought of a possibility:

“You were once the commander of the ‘Forest Song of Blades’?”

The Elven princess’s head snapped up and she looked at him in stunned silence.

“Medissa, you’re amazing.” Brendel praised her.

The Forest Song of Blades were the strongest open-combat unit in the Silver Elves’ army, even retaining the fame of having the best archers in the continent. How much of an accomplishment was it to be their commander?

It was truly something to be proud of.

Without this request to be the commander of the Tree Elven archers, he would not even know that Medissa was actually capable of archery.

“Thank you……” There was a tinge of red on Medissa’s face as she replied.

The Tree Elves suddenly stopped moving. After a short pause, they suddenly started sprinting towards Medissa. Brendel could see their shining eyes dyed with confusion and disbelief.

“You’re a Silver Elf? A commander? But…… how? The War of the Holy Saints was such a long time ago!”

“Commander Brendel, will you allow her to teach us archery!”

The two Tree Elves spoke so fast their voices overlapped each other, and the stunned youth had to take a few moments to decipher the contents. He was once again pleasantly surprised. It was because it was customary for the instructor for the Tree Elven archers to take up the position of a commander too, and it meant that these two Tree Elves wished for Medissa to lead them.

[Honestly, Medissa’s request is a little difficult to grant. Even though the Tree Elves are under my command, I still need to seek permission because they are my allies, not my direct subordinates. And while these two Tree Elves are so eager……]

The youth inquired awkwardly: “Certainly…… But what about Commander Quinn?”

The representative of the Tree Elves had just returned to the Green Tower, leaving behind the Druids and Tree Elven archers in Firburh. While Brendel could command them, Quinn was still this army’s true commander.

“Commander Quinn will have no problem with it,” one of the young Elven girl shook her head with a smile and said, “his authority has been transferred to me and I can make this decision.”

“You are?” Brendel inquired while he studied her curiously.

“Finny, I have known of your name and face for a long time ago, but it’s the first time we’re speaking to each other. I’m currently the acting captain of the archers. It is a pleasure, Commander Brendel.”

That Elven girl flashed a grin and stuck out her hand, surprising Brendel with this ‘human behavior’. In his mind, the Tree Elves were cautious and rigid.

But he still extended his hand and shook Finny’s.

“If that is the case…… Very well, I’ll lend Medissa to you. She is my best subordinate, and I hope you will work well with each other.”

“Absolutely. I did not even dream that one day a heroine who experienced the War of the Holy Saints will personally lead us.”

“H-heroine?” Brendel stuttered. He stole a glance at Medissa. Even though she performed with excellence in regards to many aspects, including decorum and personnel affairs, it was difficult to associate her youthful appearance with the word ‘heroine’, which made one think of a weathered and aged person.

No matter how he looked at her, Medissa appeared like a girl who had not even reached adulthood. No matter how she acted like a calm and mature adult, she was a like a younger sister that needed protecting.

Medissa merely responded to Brendel’s furtive glance with a small smile.

“My lady, may I know your true age? Did you participate in the War of the Lilies?” Finny chattered.

Medissa’s eyes went to Finny and Brendel, then back at the former in quick succession:

“I’m currently in a spirit form. I was already taking my eternal slumber in my ancestral hometown before the War of the Lilies. During that time, I was affected by the Darkness. However, my lord called out to me and woke me up, almost as if was destiny calling out to me.”

“I’m sorry, I did not think that you’re already……” Finny did not expect that Medissa was already dead, and she showed a sympathetic look: “My lady, you must be a Heroic Spirit, and the legend that a Heroic Spirit will come to the aid of a wise king……”

Finny’s eyes could not help but be drawn to the youth, who coughed loudly.

“No, it’s not something so ridiculous. A fairy tale is just a fairy tale.”

Brendel felt a nagging feeling that he somehow traveled to a parallel world in order to make up for his regrets. His biggest current goal was to assist the Princess Regent to revive Aouine.

As for Finny’s words, he had never thought about it. It would be an unimaginable temptation for the greedy nobles in Aouine, but it was nothing more than a burden to the youth. After a quick dismissal of Finny’s words, his eyes went back to the armor that Bosley and Tamar made.

[As expected of the future Grandmaster Alchemist. I’m completely satisfied with this product. There’s nothing to nitpick from this improved armor.]

– Winged Sharpshooter Armor

– Defense: 4.5, additional +2 defense against projectiles, Weight Reduction 20%

– Wings of Wind: Raises Agility by 10%, Dodging by 5%, lasts for 10 seconds.

[Even though it’s not exactly cheap to add a magic cloak, but it’s much simpler than applying three layers of Magic Formations onto the armor. With these additional active stats, even if it lasts for ten seconds, activating them will reduce casualties even if the infantry or even cavalry closes in on the Elves. The enemies will definitely receive a shock.]

Brendel turned to Carglise and asked for the cost. Modifying the armor required approximately two thousand Tor coins. Three hundred suits would be six hundred thousand Tor coins, and if the youth relied just on the Schafflund’s silver mines alone, it would take six months to equip all the Tree Elves.

[But what about weapons? That will significantly add to the investment into the armor….. No, money can be earned but a special unit is as rare as finding a Nest. If there is good metal to be found then it must be used on weaponry. This is something that I firmly believed in the game. The Crystal Mines in the Dark Forest is going to be in full production. Three standard sets of crystals are produced each day, so it’s actually an ultra-rich mine. Although I just spent all the available crystals away on this tree, I’m going to set aside the produced crystals and sell them. They are always used as currency in any era, so it will certainly be a large windfall.]

Brendel thought about his long term plan and believed that he would not remain poor. There was great wealth to be found once the former Dark Forest was developed, but what he currently needed was a strong army to defend this wealth and keep away unwanted forces like Madara or tribal races.

Carglise found that his decision to follow Brendel was his wisest one. He realized that he was able to constantly find new things, and he was especially intrigued by the spirits of light flying around him. He even made jokes to Monika, while Brendel rolled his eyes and ignored the former’s actions. If this were any other humorless lord in Aouine or Kirrlutz, they would have kicked him out of their mansion and got him to reflect on what the standards of a noble he should uphold to.

It was no wonder Carglise recognized Brendel as a wonderful lord who was to his liking.

“Oh, I nearly forgot, a moment of your time, My Lord?” Carglise suddenly stopped what he was doing and called out to Brendel.

“Is there something else?” The youth merely replied.

“Yes,” came the reply, “there’s a letter for you, My Lord.”

“A letter?”

Brendel paused for a moment. His subordinates would not be doing something as silly as writing a letter to him. It meant that it could only be that person who would send a letter. The youth once again ceased his movements when he saw Carglise taking out a letter.

[What has the princess that I know of in history write this time in her letter?]