Chapter 463 - Volume 3

Paradise of Adversity

Have you ever had the chance to see dirt and sand pouring down like a waterfall? Brendel was having such an experience at the moment. There were no more supports for him to stand on, and there was no road heading back. It was as if he was on his final straw and to be buried under the mud. He cursed when the monster disappeared into the coffin. He raised Halran Gaia and swung it down. It compressed the air in the form of a crescent that slicing apart the falling sand, forming a path that allowed him to dash for the coffin. Albeit incomparable to the White Raven Sword Art that he previously used with its countless blades, the skill was really devastating within the span of ten feet.

“Rise!” Brendel roared while the magic in his sword began to activate.

The ground tore apart with a loud blade cut like sound. Pillars of rock protruded from the ground to support the crumbling ceiling as they cleared the sand that fell in his way, allowing him to have more freedom to move.

Halran Gaia, also known as the Staff of Earth, was known to be able to manipulate all of Gaia, Of course, it was not as impressive as that, but in this scenario, it was indeed a spectacular feat.

The crumbling cavern stabilized for a moment as cracks began to surface on the pillars. Brendel looked back at the colourful crystal wall and hesitated. It was not something he could break in just a few seconds, and thus he continued to run for the coffin in the centre.

Climbing onto the coffin, he saw a flight of stairs that led down to a passage of gloom. Behind him, the cracking sounds that came from the pillar indicated that he did not have much time. He did not hesitate and jumped down while biting his lips.

The cavern outside had crumbled. The ceiling and the ground collided, forcing the dust into Brendel’s eyes. He shut them down, only to hear a deafening roar and the trembling earth, After that, an eerie silence as if nothing survived.

“This was why I hated battling monsters.” He complained. A Gold-ranked warrior’s perception was ten times better than that of normal people. Even in the gloom, he could precisely pick out the Glow Stone from his pocket. He raised it up, illuminating the surroundings and exposing a narrow space underground.

The entrance on the coffin was sealed with layers of rocks. He prodded it with his sword and thought, Seems like I’m not getting out through this way.

Brendel cursed again, “Fuck! Ciel, what’s going on?”

There was a moment of silence before the mage answered. “ This bloody hell of a place… My Lord, are you alright? Where are you?”

Brendel surveyed the room. The craftsmanship for the room’s design was crude. Seems like it was made in haste.

“I don’t know too. This place must be underneath the cavern. How’s the condition outside?”

“It’s still fine. It’s just that some of the pathway is blocked when the rocks fell. Scarlet and the others are trying to dig a way out.”

“How’s everyone else?”

“They’re alright too. No one is injured. Even Miss Romaine is roasting some mushrooms.”

“Roasting mushrooms?” Brendel asked blankly.

“Cough… She found some near the skeletons.”

“That thing is edible?” Brendel said in a gasp. But he soon heaved out a sigh of relief. If the girl had so much vigor, the problem doesn’t seem to be big. “Let her be…”

Ciel did not say that the mushrooms were for him to eat, but instead asked, “Oh yea, the battle spoils are still with me. There’s plenty this time. My Lord, why don’t you try to summon me there. I can help.”

Brendel smiled. He could hear the worry laced in his words, and answered, “It’s still noon now. There’s still ten hours until the cooldown ends. Go have a rest while you can. How far away from the surface are you?”

“Hm…I should be close. My Lord, I always had confidence in my own escaping ability.”

That’s not worthy of praise… Brendel thought. “Hurry up and call reinforcements from the surface then.”

“Nice plan…”

“Wait, My Lord. How do I escape from here?” Ciel cried out immediately.

“You’re a Wizard. Do I have to teach you that?”

“Even a Wizard is not omnipotent, especially a weak researcher like me… Don’t you know that people within the association calls me the Scholar?… Anyways, it’s not a bad nickname. But what can you expect from a powerless man like me? I’m not like those muscle-brained Elementalists…”

That guy actually became paranoid. Brendel was speechless. He raised the Glow Stone, its weak luminance casting shadows on the jagged rock surfaces. He clenched his sword and looked downwards when Ciel’s clear voice resounded once again.

“Wait, My Lord. Did you have a new discovery just now?”

Brendel paused for a while, “How did you know that?”

“I guessed it. Remember the box that I took last? The one that triggered the trap….” Brendel became furious at the mentioning of the box. He was about to complain when his aide continued, “Wait, My Lord. I wanted to say that it was empty.”

“Even an empty box fooled you. Shame on you, Wizard.” Brendel said, displeased.

“Alright, I admit that was my blunder. However, there was something peculiar about this. The box belonged to a Planewalker. I could recognise the emblem on it: An equilateral triangle with a circle inside represented balance and regulations; The blaze outside represented the Echeloniuus’ black flames. This box must be related to Kelsie.”

“Don’t tell me, this is his tomb?”

“That’s about it. I suspect this tomb hid some secrets.”

Even so, it’s just a level 40 city underground. Brendel thought to himself. Even so, he had a hunch that the tomb indeed had some mysteries regarding the Planewalker. He then raised the Cards to the Glow Stone to have a clearer look at it.

Five Cards of Fate.

The first card depicted a spellcaster in the middle of a fog. He had four strong yet slender hands, three of which raised high to weave a spell while the last one pointed forward. There was an army advancing forward.

– Ekronia Spellweaver (Paradise of Adversity X)

– 7 Dark EP

– Creature: Ekronia Citizen/Spellweaver,

– Lvl 25 Elite

– Sacrifice 5% HP and gain 1 Light EP

– “Eye of Ekronia”

That was close to a Gold Ranked Wizard. It had a Land skill and did not require any sort of maintenance. Not too shabby.

He then picked up another card. The picture abstractly depicted a man in a long robe, hugging his head in his arms, apparent that he was in pain.

Anxiety (Paradise of Adversity VII)

– Uses 2 Energy

– Instantaneous

– Replicates a spell that consumes less than 30 mana. Will only duplicate the spell used in the previous turn.

– “Time is like sand, flowing quickly”

What the hell! Although I’m not too sure about this card’s effects, it seems to be really overpowered from the description. But what’s 2 energy counters?

He hesitated and suddenly remembered something. He scanned through the system window and picked up another card.

– Ekronia’s Furnace of Adversity( Paradise of Adversity III)

– Consumes 30 Dark EP

– Nest

– Attach to a Land card when it comes into play.

– Consumes 2 Willpower and sacrifice an Ekronian soldier to gain 2 Energy

– “As the traveler travels across the Great Plains, a dark cloud approaches from the north. One that spewed from the Fires of the Ludes volcano.”

Damn, it’s actually a Deck!

Brendel’s heart rumbled, he had no idea where to find Echelonian soldiers to sacrifice. On that thought, he checked through the remaining cards only to find them to be the same Echelonian Spellweaver.

He was briefly stunned. It was the first time he collected duplicate cards. Don’t tell me the other cards in the deck can be found here?

Then, the ground shook slightly.

“Who’s there?” Brendel waved his sword in the direction as he saw something flicker in the darkness.