Chapter 484 - Volume 3

Meeting Again Once More

In reality, besides the Shining Scale Nagas, there were also the Grey Fins, Jalo, Sea Serpent, etc, etc who were fairly active on the Shining Seas. And the one Brendel was most familiar with was the Grey Fins. They may look similar, but the differences between each species can be compared to the differences between nations, or, the people in it to be precise. Each originated from a different ancestor, like the Grey Fins were said to be the descendant of the Heavenly Snake Manas. According to the Kirrlutz legends, The Dragon of Calamity mated with the humans, giving birth to twelve half-snake half-human creatures, in which Manas was one of them. Legends had it that it had a body of ash white, and protected the North Sea, which was later renamed to be the current Farnezain Sea. That was why the creature was viewed as one of the protectors of the ten city-states today.

The Grey Fins, being Manas’s descendant, inherited its ash white scales, and were said to be riddled with dust. But then again, no one could prove that point. But Brendel recognized these creatures from his experience in The Amber Sword. He stood by the side of the deck, not answering the questions of the Nagas before him. He was awaiting their leader who had yet appear.

Everyone else, including James, followed his stance and stayed silent as well. The sailors were curious as to what he was going to do. Upon seeing how he commanded Mephisto and the spectacle shown by the latter, they all believed he had the ability to do it as well and left their gazes stuck onto Brendel.

Seeing how the people onboard did not show any sort of movement, the Grey Fins became agitated. But after a while, the seawater parted, and from the crack emerged two Nagas. One female while the other was a male.

The male was slightly larger and fiercer and, unlike others, he had amber colored irised instead of purple ones. He was wearing a large deep blue colored scale armor and in his hand was a long blade. It seemed like a kukri, but no one had seen one of that size. The battle tattoos on him were more detailed as well, filling him with an odd, wild allure.

With just one glance, Brendel had identified the Naga. It was the wandering boss that governed the area around here. His name was ‘Sani’, meaning ‘larger’ in the Nagas’ tongue, but the other players preferred to call him ‘Yellow Eyes’. As for his name, it was said that it was because he was born with a larger head than the other Nagas.

It may sound like a subject to laugh at among the humans, but in the culture of the Nagas, it was something worth taking pride in. Having a larger body meant being stronger, Sani was born to be a warrior. When he grew up, he became the commander of the Grey Fins, making him the target boss in everyone’s eyes.

“Human, where do you come from?” Sani looked at the boat, a hint of doubt traced in his eyes. But he was a mature person and did not make up any form of conclusions.

James was about to open his mouth, but Brendel was one step faster and said, “Sani, the Seven Seas is decreed by Marsha to be a free territory. You Nagas accepted her grace, yet did not appreciate it, stealing and robbing other ships, killing innocents. Aren’t you all afraid of punishments?”

His words shocked everyone. He may have a Sword Saint backing him up, but there was no need to berate the other guy to that extent, right? After all, he also has a legendary Demon Whale, doesn’t he?

Even Mephisto did not understand the reason behind his jeering remarks. “Little bastard, just what are you planning?” Oppositely, Orthylss knew Brendel better and asked immediately.

“Watch me,” he silently said.

Sani’s face changed color. He did not mind the comments made by Brendel, but was really shocked when Brendel mentioned his name. The Grey Fins had undergone some changes lately, and they elected him to replace the recently deceased commander. Thus, it was impossible for his name to ring across the Seven Seas in just such a short span of time.

“Who are you? How do you recognize me?” Sani could not come up with an explanation. His curiosity in the human only grew. But he did not dare provoke the person before him as he knew that the more suspicious one is, the more dangerous it is to approach him. And so, he could only furrow his brows and ask the question.

“My Lord, you know these people?” James could not help but open his mouth and ask.

“Hehe…” Brendel only snickered.

The mainland may be huge, but the flow of information was very slow on it. Although the Nagas had frequently raided the ships, no one bothered to find out more about them. Maybe the famous commanders that commanded places like Ampere Seale or Grey Harbor might know some things, but which noble or lord would bother about this kind of stuff?

And yet Brendel knew.

Brendel was happily laughing inside. The tension on the boat that was caused by the surprise attack vanished instantly.

Of course I would know him. I even know that he is a dork, besides battling, his mind is filled with nothing else. Back when I was exploring the Karanjar mountains, we were attacked by the Grey Fins as well. However, my seniors were not amateurs and easily repelled the enemies. However, they did not command any Demon Whales or allied with any mermaids to raid boats back then. If not, many countries’ navy fleets would have long perished.

What happened next in the game was the players in Aouine releasing the hostages of the Grey Fins, and thus gaining their alliance as well. This relationship was not that strong, but the Grey Fins keep on to it. Even till the end when Aouine was destroyed, Sani, who was the king of the Grey Fins back then, had led his army to assist the Aouine navy.

And all that was because Brendel’s guild was on Aouine’s side.

Before Brendel joined the Gretius’ Knight Squad, he spent his time in the Shining Sea. At that time, most players were there to farm experience and protect the Kingdom as wanderers. But the plan failed in the end, but on the plus side, they gained the friendship of the Grey Fins.

And amongst those who carved the memory to mind, was Brendel.

Looking at the familiar face, albeit a little weird, he could feel an emotion filling up his heart. It was similar to the feeling he got when he saw Freya back in her village. Like everything had reset to the beginning, the feeling where history is presenting itself right before his eyes. Brendel sucked in a gulp of air. Only by looking at these familiar faces that he felt truly alive in this world.

But it was only a misconception. In this world, the two of them should not recognize each other. Faraway had never let go of any hostages from the Grey Fins, and had never made any sort of promise with the Grey Fins. The two were unrelated and, if he were to say the wrong words, a war between them would start.

Everyone was waiting for Brendel to answer.

Brendel thought seriously for a moment, answering, “I believe your father would recognize the merchant ship that passed by here twenty years ago.”

Sani heard the term “twenty years ago” and his furrows jumped. As I thought, this is a personal matter. Some time twenty years ago, my father was rescued by a passing merchant. If not for him, I doubt I would even be alive this day. We value gratitude, and my father once told me that if I ever met the person who saved his life, or any of his descendants, he wanted me to repay him. I have never told anyone this matter, so there is no way this man is bluffing me.

But sadly, Brendel was indeed lying to him. Sani would never have dreamt that, in the future, he would personally tell this story to several people that he was really close with personally. He had hoped that those people would help him look for the merchant he was looking for. That was, of course, a mission in the game. At that time, Brendel would have never expected to use that crucial information now.

Coincidentally, the merchant was someone from the south of Sanorso, which was really close to Karsuk. They were separated by only a narrow straight, plus there were also remnants of Highland Wizards at the place. If Brendel could lie that he was the descendant of the merchant or he was somehow related to that guy, he bet the explanation would work.

“My father died three years ago,” Sani said. “But he told me to not forget that incident. You are…”

“I am not the descendant of the person you’re looking for. But we were related and I heard him mention the incident before. I am the descendant of a Highland Wizard. You should know that we’re people who like to dig deep into rumors to investigate the authenticity of the story. Now that I know it’s related to you and your dad, I do hope you will forgive my rude actions.”

Brendel was laughing as he answered. He never wanted forcefully make someone repay the debt. Even with his deep bond with Sani, he could never do such a thing. But he had no choice. He did so to pull the gap between their relationship and he was confident that, like he did in the game, he could do it again.

From some perspective, he felt some sort of connection with the Nagas. They, like him and his comrades back in the game, were people who fought brazenly for Aouine.

Sani fell silent for a moment.

And then he nodded and raised his head, “I see. That means it was our fault to attack you. Thankfully it did not incur any heavy damage on your side. Since you’re friends with my benefactor, I can assure you that from today onwards, the ships that pass through here will not receive any form of attack. We Grey Fins never go back on our word!”

He was saying with such a straight face that Brendel could barely suppress his laugh. He is still just as dumb as he was last time. Sani would definitely not do something that would be unfavorable to the entire Grey Fins just due to a personal reason. He will most likely report to the queen, who should be ‘Winter Dew’ for now. She will die in three years time and then Sani will rise in ranks quickly to become the king of Grey Fins. But for now, it should be the most powerful and beautiful queen in charge of the Grey Fins.”

Although Brendel was sure Sani was able to convince the queen, he was certain he was not able to bypass the process. For him to say it like that, it was either I am way too strong compared to him and it earned his respect, or that he was afraid of fighting with a ship that had a Sword Saint on it and is trying to save his pride by coming up with the excuse.

Brendel had seen such an excuse too many times. But to see one so rigid and unnatural, it would only belong to one person in the entire Shining Sea- Sani.

He just smiled and asked, “Thanks for your cooperation. But I do have another question.”

Everyone was stunned.

Originally, when they heard that the Nagas were letting them go, they all breathed out in relief. Anyone who was standing beside a prehistoric beast would never feel good and was obviously glad that he could escape the situation. But never did they expect Brendel not leaving the problem, and had even wanted to face it!

What’s there to bargain with some pirates? Isn’t it better to leave?

…was what went through everyone’s mind.