Chapter 50 - Volume 1

Chapter 50 – Earl

The huge brass bell was hung on the giant watchtower in the Pine Fortress, and when it was struck the sound transmitted throughout the city. The ringing sound was like a invisible wave that spread everywhere, and the slumbering streets were infused with energy, and everyone woke up.

There were many who went to the streets in surprise and asked what each other what happened.

Luc Beson who was waiting for news within Fortress Riedon’s soldier camp, heard the alarm clearly from the window. When he turned his head to look at the brightly lit city outside the window, his expression turned. He did not wait for the soldiers to come in with their report, and he pushed the door open and rushed outside, yelling:

“Are you all deaf? Get up right now! Gather up! Let the second and third company follow me to the Pine Fortress immediately. That fucking retard Esebar!”

Everyone looked at each other.

“Commander, the city gate?” Someone asked.

“Are you a moron? Other than that highland knight, who else is able to attack the Pine Fortress. That idiot Esebar hid the news of the prisoners’ escape, now he’s going to face the consequences,” After he vented his anger, his tone was less severe: “If anything happens to that person in that fortress, be prepared to face the king’s wrath. I don’t want to be the scapegoat in this matter if someone is after him, so all of you had better get the target! ”

Everyone was stunned for a moment, before rushing off to get prepared.

Luc Beson sighed.

[But this is a Highland Knight, and with his wizard squire, this will be difficult. The Highland Knights have always been independent, and even during the strongest era of the Corvado’s kingdom, the royal family was unable to control these self-serving bastards. Can we really stop him?]

He cursed Esebar and his female relatives again.


Freya followed the girl and they walked across a very long and dark alley. When she heard the sound of the ringing bell, she turned her head back subconsciously and worry showed on her face.

“What’s the matter?” The girl, Sue, asked.

“Sorry, it’s nothing.”

“A war is coming.” Sue suddenly said.

Freya paused for a moment and looked at her puzzledly.

“The nobles have ordered the bell to ring only where when there’s a war happening. Even though nobody talks about it, but they know everytime the bell rings there will be a war.” Sue said softly.

“You mean to say they know there’s going to be a war soon?”

“They? Are you referring to the nobles? Of course they know, they have their own information network. Usually once the rumors start circulating in the city’s bars, they would have known them already.”

Freya did not reply but clenched her fists tightly. Her eyes stared at the ground, with a cold fury emanating from them.

“Why hasn’t the city reacted?”

“Even if there is an reaction we wouldn’t be able to see it, but the nobles would have prepared for it. Fortress Riedon is a place with strong walls and defended by the kingdom’s army, so the people in the city are not too worried about it. However, the prices of bread and wheat today has increased by ten percent. This is something that is not usually seen.”

“What happens if Fortress Riedon falls?”

“How could that be?”

Freya could not help but recall Brendel’s firm attitude and words. She shook her head to drive the notion away, but she still replied.

“I have a friend who says that Fortress Riedon will fall.”

“Then he must be a liar.” Sue answered calmly.


After Ciel struck the bell, he moved to the camp’s peak tower. He glanced at the city’s river from the wall, then watched the street as soldiers gathered there. He was not able to ascertain the faction of these troops due to the darkness, but he guessed that they were the nobles’ private armies.

His foremost concern was not these troops, so he surveyed his surroundings again, and spotted a suitable location after a while. It was an area within the fortress. He lit the witch’s candle in his hand and recalled Brendel’s method.


The first syllable invoked the Dark Abyss’s powers, governed by the Twin Goddess Iren. This particular power was used by the witches as a medium to invoke the candle’s power. Ciel raised the candle up, allowing the light to travel approximately fifteen meters away.

He picked a tree in his mind and he was instantly dragged forth into a path of light. When he came back to his senses, he found he was at the top of the tree.

“Incredible. As expected of the witches.” Ciel glanced around and he picked another tree. (TL: I’m currently missing the Names Glossary txt file as I have not searched for it. Names and locations might not be accurate.)

After repeating seven or eight times, the candle in Ciel’s hand had burned to the point where only a small stump remained. He raised the candle a final time and selected a fortress’s window, and he was covered in darkness when he traveled to the area.

He shook his head to drive off the dizzy feeling that was caused by candle. He could faintly hear the fighting sounds in the area that was in front of him.

[It’s a little late, but that should be fine. My lord has already given me some leeway.] Ciel comforted himself, but he did not know Brendel wanted to stab him with his sword for failing to appear.

—————————————- A few minutes ago—————————————-

When Brendel pushed open the heavy oak door, he did not see the Earl whom he expected to hide in one corner and shiver. The room was well lit by the candles that were made from suet, and the latter was sitting comfortably on a couch. He wore a formal woolen attire that was ironed to the point where there was not even a wrinkle on it. He raised his head and looked at Brendel with a haughty look, and in front of him was the Elven sword.

Brendel was slightly surprised at this scene. He did not think that the Earl was this brave, but immediately became cautious after thinking it through.

[He’s not even affected in the least bit. Something is wrong.]

“I didn’t think it was you, lad. I thought it was the assassins from the trash factions in Acobs Fortress– Ahh, but you could also be the assassin that they hired. Please, tell me the truth.” The middle-aged man furrowed his brows but his tone was even.

[Acobs Fortress? This bastard isn’t with the Royal faction?] Brendel’s mind was whirling in confusion, but he shook his head.

“I’m afraid not, your Lordship. But if you would cooperate with me, I’m not interested in killing you, to tell the truth.”

“Oh? You’re not interested in killing me? Then I must thank you, but it’s such a pity. I’m very interested in killing you-” Before his words ended, a crossbow suddenly appeared in the middle-aged man’s hands; Brendel’s eyes caught the arrow with a ghastly blue gleam and realized there was poison on it.

But he was already prepared as he knew the nobles’ tricks very well. He knocked the arrow away with his sword with a ear-piercing clink, and before he had the time to relax, he heard a rushing wind behind him. He subconsciously blocked the attack with his sword—

There was a loud crashing sound.

Brendel was thrown onto a shelf at the wall and he was smashed against it. After a continuous series of wooden din, he climbed out of the wreckage with gritted teeth.

[An Iron high-ranking swordsman. Fuck. He still ambushed me too. Have you no shame? If it’s not for the fact there’s fucking SOBs in the game that didn’t know the meaning of shame, I’m dead meat!]

Brendel felt the fear rushing at him when he got up, that was a close shave for him. He calculated the risk in his mind again, an opponent of this caliber was troublesome.

[15 OZ worth of strength. Even if I used power break I might not get the upper hand.]

But his opponent and the middle-aged man were also shocked. Their ambush which should have worked, failed completely. Even though Brendel was appearing to be in shabby condition, but everyone knew that the wounds on him did not really mean anything.

The middle-aged man furrowed his brows again, but spoke mockingly after a while: “I didn’t expect a maggot-looking commoner to have some capabilties, but this doesn’t change the ending.”

He picked up the Elven sword from the table and laughed coldly.

“You should have already noticed my guard’s abilities. You’re not his match. But it’s quite obvious, how could a dirty commoner like yourself own a treasure like this? How about a trade, cut off your disgusting hand that touched this sword, give me your two companions and I’ll let you live. I promise I’ll treat them well enough, at least comparable to dogs, hahahaha–”

He said as he laughed manically.

Brendel’s breath was released in a cold mist, a blazing fury growing in his eyes and his entire demeanor changed.

Even though he knew the earl was antagonizing him on purpose, he could not suppress the rage that was brewing within him. In this world, Romaine and Freya were the earliest people that he met, and everyone in the third militia squadron, had become precious to him.

And the other’s Brendel’s grandfather had become his biggest driving force in this world.

[How can I let you continue spew all these fucking nonsense!]

The fingers on his sword turned white from his grip.

The other two men looked delighted from Brendel’s expression, and the middle aged man gestured with his hands behind his back.

“Ulysses, corner him!” The middle-aged man commanded him.

The tall swordsman immediately pressed forward. His skill in the sword was considerable, and there were no openings in his attacks. He smirked as he saw Brendel’s body leaning forward and adopting the most aggressive stance in the military swordsmanship, and his eyes were on the middle-aged man.

It was a mistake for Brendel to be so impulsive.

Ulysses moved even closer, waiting for a chance to get a clean kill. He could almost see the opening in Brendel’s side.

“Ulysses!” The middle-aged man suddenly shouted and Ulysses suddenly spotted an opening in Brendel’s flank as his attention was taken away.

The grin in Ulysses had not appeared fully, and Brendel’s silver ring on his thumb was in front of him—


There was no chance to evade. Tendrils of air converged onto one point and formed spiraling lances, directly striking his face, chest and abdomen, and they were bent in a bizarre way. The immense wind pressure smashed him into the ceiling and there was a loud explosive sound. The candle flames were all extinguished and the room immediately dimmed. Gravel and concrete bits fell down, along with body parts and blood.

Before the middle-aged man was able to respond from this sudden change, a sword was placed at his neck

“Speak, how exactly do you want to die.” Brendel asked coldly.

“…… You dare to kill me?” The middle-aged man pushed down his fear and said.

“Why would I not dare to do so?”

“I’m Earl Dunn, one of the important minister serving the king directly. Do you intend to be enemies with the entire Aouine?” Dunn’s eyes were like a poisonous snake as he glared at Brendel. “Not only you, your companions will be subject to the same crime.”

Brendel paused for a while and fell into deep silence.

Dunn continued to speak.

“I can release you and your companions, but for the sake of my reputation, you must leave your Elven sword behind.” Even though Dunn promised him, his eyes were full of deep hatred.

Brendel finally let out a mirthful laugh. He looked condescendingly at Dunn as if he was a moron. “Your lordship, just what exactly did you think I was doing?”

Dunn paused.

“I was thinking, some living creatures are just hopelessly stupid, even when death comes knocking on their fucking door, they don’t even realize that.” Brendel shook his head: “Killing an important minister? Escaping from prison? Nobody would even care about these trifling things, because history will be written like this—”

“In the year of the bustling flowers and summer leaves, the sixth month on the second morning, Madara’s army conquered Fortress Riedon. Earl Dunn, the Golden Apple Lord and the captain of the White-Mane army, Luc Beson unfortunately perished in the lines of battle for the kingdom.”

“I, am nothing more than a guest here.”

Dunn’s eyes went wide as he looked at Brendel as if he saw a ghost.

“Do you think I’m lying to you? I don’t have the mood to joke with you. Since you’re unwilling to cooperate, then it’s time to lend me your head.” Brendel finished speaking and lopped Dunn’s head off.