Chapter 565 - v3c338p2



Pfeiffer Valley? Brendel felt shaken. He remembered hearing this name before somewhere. He immediately took a mental note of this name and was ready to go to the library in Chaen to look it up when he had the time. Or maybe it would be best if he went to read the history from the ‘The Silver Wall’ in Buga.

It seemed that the Holy Cathedral of Fire was indeed envious of the Black Tower Mages. Unfortunately, the Covardo Royal Family did not catch them. It appears that the HIghland Mages had no negative feelings towards Princess Gryphine so why did they become so estranged later on?

William thought he would be able to scare off these sudden troublemakers but a group of people came out behind the grey robe mages. As soon as he saw these knights dressed in azure armor, he knew it was bad news. He then saw that the head of the knights was the leader of the Highland Knights, Bunide.

This handsome middle-aged uncle replied with a slight smile, “William, it seems that your memory is deteriorating quickly. There are signs of old age before you’re even old. How did I answer you last time? The decision that we made half a century ago is still the decision now. When did the Highland Knights ever break their promise?”

“If you want to fight, I will accompany you. The Holy Cathedral of Fire is powerful, but the blood of the Danir people has not been drained dry.” Bunide pulled out his longsword and winked at Brendel who was in the forest below. “The descendant of Darius, I heard that you are a resourceful person and you would not start a decisive battle with these Northerners without a plan, so I will help you block these broken ships of the Holy Cathedral of Fire. I hope you can teach these unforgivable Kirrlutz people the lesson of their lifetime.”

Brendel raised his head and smiled inside. The sudden appearance of Eikkel and the Highland Knights warmed his heart. The Aouine people were not dead yet and at least some of them still had the prideful blood of their ancestors flowing in them.


“But these are the vanguard fleets of the Kirrlutz people, uncle. You have to be careful.”

“Uncle?” Bunide chuckled, “Thank you for your concern.”

These two totally disregarded the enemy. William’s anger could practically disintegrate the entire Aouine. “Since both of you don’t want to accept my good intentions and are determined to keep walking down that dead end, there’s no need for us to talk any longer.” He clearly knew the remarks he had made. If Brendel could not be killed today, he would be sent to the inquisition tomorrow. He glanced at Bunide and his Highland Knights one last time and did not speak again.

The negotiations were broken and the offense resumed.

The Northern Coalition Army was regrouping and in fact, Anthony’s army also required some time to adjust themselves. But the battle could happen anytime. Brendel lowered his head, but later he then shouted to nearby Eikkel, “Eikkel, can you block the Northerners?”

“It’s a little tricky,” Eikkel waved his sword in the air, “I did not expect them to have such large numbers.”

Brendel almost fell, You came even though you don’t know how many enemies are there? Does such a commander even exist? He suddenly saw Makarov who was nearby, his face was as black as the bottom of a burnt pot. He suddenly understood the other party’s mood.

But Eikkel just smiled slightly, “But it doesn’t matter. The knights are just seeking death in order to pursue their own ideals!”

Brendel shook his head. This guy is really a lunatic. But he did not want to be buried here with a dumb knight. The situation below must be stabilized before he has the time to deal with the Paladins above. He flung a card in front of him and said, “No worries, if that is the case, let me help you.”

“Ah, how?”

There was no need for Brendel to answer.

This was because the Grimoire of Life was entering the battlefield.

A pure white light rose from the horizon of the Anker Mountains. It was described in the Kirrltuz poetic history, ‘The first ray of light amidst the darkness, the light that grants life and spirit’.

Suddenly, a gigantic book exuding the purest life force appeared right in front of Brendel. He discarded the Sea Wave Gem at that exact moment along with the card, then he chose another card randomly, using its ‘free entry’ characteristic to insert the Grimoire of Life without need to pay twenty-five Willpower.

Life was Marsha’s realm.

The majestic power swept the whole battlefield in an instant. Everyone turned their heads subconsciously to look towards where the white light was arising and felt their hearts throbbing. It was another divine artifact. William felt the Flaming Blade fragments on his body trembling with the resonance between the divine artifacts. But that divine artifact’s power was way stronger than the Flaming Blade Oderfeiss’ because he could deeply feel the fear and sense of respect in the Flaming Blade fragments.

He lifted his head and saw Brendel making actions for a spell. A white halo unfolded from the young man’s hands. Isn’t this man a swordsman? That was what he thought but actually Brendel was carrying out the Eternal Orb’s Willpower. The Eternal Orb had to be tapped and required five Willpower to enable a perfect clone for the next upcoming card.

Brendel paid five Willpower and made a copy of the Grimoire of Life.

When both Grimoire of Lives floated into the battelfield’s sky, everyone’s mind went blank. Dual Holy Objects!

William had a gut feeling that things had become even worse. Although Brendel had not attacked yet, he could roughly guess the other party’s occupation. A summoner, he clearly noticed the two divine artifact books were summoned into the battlefield by Brendel. Although he did not know what Brendel was planning to do, How terrible could his tactics be if the initial summons were already divine artifacts?

This Deputy Head of the Royal Cavalry felt like the battlefield’s situation was out of his control for the first time. He would never have thought a young man at only Elemental Awakening had such capability.

A not even twenty years old swordsman with the power of Elemental Awakening is actually a summoner?

How is this possible? Would anyone even believe this?

Brendel lifted his head at that very second.

He was looking at William as a Planeswalker. This Deputy Head of the Royal Cavalry had a taste of fear for the first time as he sensed the imposing manner from Brendel’s strong gaze.

It was as if it was saying,“Are you ready?”

“Stop him!” William was overwhelmed with fear, he raised his sword high and slashed with all his might.

That one slash was like a light in the sky. The golden red line divided the rain and Line of Laws surrounded the tip of the sword. It was like a deity’s hand crossing the darkness as the sword slashed half the sky shined golden by the power of the Peak of Laws.

At that moment, William felt a if he was standing at the borderline of life and death. Spiral spikes suddenly appeared over his head and the Law of Lines extended in each direction.


He saw the Extreme Plains.

It was a pure white scene.

The Black Tower Mages and Bunide immediately realised the abnormality of that slash. Although they could not experience the afterpowers of the Elemental Activation, Bunide could feel the chill in the air. Did William advance at this critical moment?

Is this logical?

“Master Ashhu! Teleport over! He wants to kill Brendel!” He suddenly grabbed the edge of the Black Tower and yelled towards the tower on the left.

That mage in the grey robe hesitated for only a moment before clapping. That black tower disappeared and reappeared instantly before the path of the golden red sword.

A sizzling sound was heard and like a hot knife cutting into butter, the golden red flame cut diagonally across the centre of the giant tower. In an instant, the so-called indestructible black giant tower collapsed and the grey-robed mage rose into the sky and flew towards the other towers.

William’s sword flame was still moving forward without any delay.

“Ah, the Ultimate Realm!” Bunide finally realised what was happening and the remaining words got stuck in his throat.

William suddenly opened his eyes with a sense of calmness then he let out a light sigh. What a pity, it would’ve taken just a little more, but this is up to the standard of the Ultimate Realm. He looked at a golden line sweeping across the rainy sky, approaching the canopy. It was about to hit Brendel.

This was the power of the Ultimate Realm.

But at this moment.

Countless pure white light shields appeared right in front of Brendel and every one of them were able to block and refract the Deputy Head of the Royal Cavalry’s golden lines just like a gentle hand wiping out those burning golden lines one by one.

The golden flames that turned half of the sky golden were swallowed by darkness.

Brendel was left unhurt.

Brendel still had his head held high looking at William and mouthed the answer to the questions of this high positioned man of the Holy Cathedral, “Anrolda’s Divine Ring, ten Willpower.”

Anrolda’s Divine Ring (Paradise of Adversity XX), ten Light EP; Spell – Instant; Effect: The next attack you receive is nullified. “Divine protection. “

William’s hand froze in the air.

Almost everyone on the battlefield was stunned.