Chapter 567 - v3c339p2



The Card that he just threw out was the Death Sentinels of the Paradise of Adversity. The cost of using this Card was 15 Dark EP and the speciality of it was that it could be used an unlimited number of times on the battlefield. Each Card will deploy ten Death Sentinels while every dead corpse on the battlefield will turn into a Death Sentinel too.

Brendel had considered this for a long time. The only place this Card can truly shine is on the battlefield.

It was meant to take the spotlight here.

He used 15 Dark EP, draining his Element Pool down to 11/30. But in that instant, a magnificent display was shown on the battlefield.

At this moment on the Mar Highlands, there were thousands of corpses on the battlefield. When the Death Sentinels entered the battlefield, countless dark arms broke out of the slippery mud.




Soldiers from both the Northern Coalition and princess’s side screamed. Some of them were even veterans from the First War of the Black Roses and were very familiar with Madara’s ruthless combat style. It was a nightmare for them to see their dead comrades rise from the dead against them.

Didn’t the two countries sign a peace agreement? Why are those horrible guys coming again?

It was only at the next moment they realized that this was not their old enemy. Upon their sudden appearance, they quickly attacked the Northern Coalition Forces with their wrinkled skin, their bodies clad in heavy armor, and double-handed swords.

They’re our allies? After being frozen for a while, Princess Gryphine realized something. Her silver eyes hovered across to Brendel, and she said, “Bren…Mr. Brendel, this…these all are…”

“You…you are a Necromancer?”

Brendel smiled bitterly. As a matter of fact, he had always placed this Card at the back of his deck for this reason. This summoning effect was too similar to that of a Necromancer.

He shook his head and asked, “Your Highness, have you ever seen a living Necromancer?”

She seemed to think about something subconsciously due to that sentence; she blushed immediately and touched her lower lips. Everybody knows that Necromancers have no body temperature. “Sorry…I’m overthinking,” Princess Gryphine hummed.

Brendel instantly rolled his eyes.

It seems like the Necromancers have a bad reputation in this world, so I should try to limit its use. In order to avoid further misunderstanding, he explained, “It was actually their work.”


Both Princess Gryphine and Count Audine had seen the beetles around Brendel. Of course, they did not know it was a Nightmare Forge. There were no sightings of them in Vaunte ever before, and even Brendel who knew a lot about magical creatures could not recognize it at first, not to mention these two natives.

“Yes.” Brendel said, “This is called an Undead Beetle, and they’re invented by a high leveled Runemaster. Although it’s a Structural Creature, it could cast simple Necromantic Spells.”

Princess Gryphine and Count Audine looked at the horrifying Nightmare Forges, their ugly appearances along with their necromantic feature really resemble a Structural creature and they nodded with agreement.

After all, humans would always believe in theories that made sense to them.

“Brendel…… You are lying way too well……” Only Orthylss could not help but let out a sigh and said to herself. She then asked with doubt, “Have you ever lied to me?”

“Of course not!” Brendel shook his head immediately, “You saw it, Master Orthylss, I had no other choice.”

The Wind Elf nodded slightly and accepted the explanation reluctantly.

While Brendel was explaining, misfortune befell the Northern Coalition Army. The Death Sentinels summoned by Brendel were different from the norm. Their levels were associated with the number of black Land Cards summoned (x5 of it). he had the Rougen’s Swamp, Water of Forsaken City, and Forest of Death black Land Cards, so the Death Sentinels he summoned automatically had a level 15 ranking which was almost as capable as low leveled Iron ranker. But with the buff from the Golden Battle Flag, they were leveled up to level 25 Peak Iron rank beings.

The summoning range of one Death Sentinel Card covers a few thousand meters and could summon almost a thousand and five hundred black derivative beings.

Meaning Brendel just summoned an army of 1500 Peak Iron rank creatures.

Moreover, the misunderstanding of it being Madara’s Undead troops had a positive effect on the battle. At the moment, the Northern Coalition Forces would dare not move a step forward.

But Brendel was surprised, especially that the problem of the human soldiers’ decrease in morale while fighting alongside with the Undead Army did not happen at all. Even the noble private soldiers accepted their ‘new comrades’. It was totally unbelievable! But after he thought about it. Back when I was appointed as the Chosen One in the Loop of Trade Winds, I received the Talent that maintains my men’s morale during battles, no matter what they were. I almost forgot I had it.

I would have never thought that this would happen either way.

But with it, the next step is obvious.

The Death Sentinels who were sacrificed entered the Echelorius’s Furnace of Adversity accordingly, its energy count quickly raised to two digit values. At the same time, while eleven Paladins were reforming their encirclement in the air and were ready to attack Medissa, Brendel lifted his head and raised the sword in his hand.

The Halran Gaia was pointed directly at one of the Paladins. A black halo appeared at the sword tip: Tempest.

Tempest, 4 Energy; Instant Spell; Effect: Select a target and deal 5 True Damage Points to it for every Nightmare Forge on the battlefield. “Volley Strike!” -Echelonian Commander, Tyrin’.

Everyone heard a sizzling sharp noise, all thirty-two Nightmare Forges released a bolt of black lightning at the same time and shot at that Paladin. The black lightning gathered in the air and formed a huge sharp claw, but the Paladin reacted quickly to raise a golden defense wall riddled with Laws.

Unfortunately, the description for Cards of Fates were obeyed before any other Laws. And everyone saw the black lightning struck the Paladin’s chest directly.

It was as if he had no defense at all.

“This is impossible!”

He could feel his body being torn apart. He was already wounded intensively during the Infernal Hell Djinn’s explosion, and the damage he received from Tempest completely swept him off his feet as he fell down from the skies.

“Raphael!” That female Paladin shouted in shock. She never thought that a Paladin would get defeated in this manner on a battlefield.

“Be careful.” William was indeed an expert in the Ultimate Realm, his perception of the laws was extremely sharp. He immediately distinguished Brendel’s lightning right away and he reminded his subordinates, “Do not fight head-on with that lightning. Give it your all to avoid it!”

But this deputy head of the Royal Cavalry finally sensed the danger when he saw the vast number of the Nightmare Forges in front of him. He only expected them to be mere pawns at peak Iron rank and did not see them as such terrifying creatures.

He underestimated the Planeswalkers.

William did not know how Brendel had that many unorthodox means of attack, but he wanted to experience them no more.

“White Winged Knights!” He shouted, “Prepare to regroup!!”

The White Winged Knights. A tier five formation of the Kirrlutz, they were the predecessors for the White Lion Battalion. But the difference was that their riders rode on real Pegasi, and every single one of them was at least Gold-ranked.

And on this battlefield, a hundred of those Gold-ranked White Winged Knights came down.

Countless silver wings shined in the rain as if they were responding to the leader’s orders and gathered together. The battlefield was filled with their yells as they flew at a lower altitude and dived at Brendel.

They rendered the defense line of the wall of arrows useless. Although the Kirrlutz Kingdom was filled with talents, only a handful of them could shine like these men. And in that era, only four nations could nurture forces like those men.

The White Winged Knights were honored to be listed as one of the strongest legions.

The Pegasi knight in the forefront raised his spear. Their armors were shining, indicating the effect of the Wind Wings being activated. They flew with perfect coordination in a line down at Brendel.

But Brendel paid no attention to them, which made them tremble a little. Is he too shocked? But how can a summoner that could summon Divine Artifacts be frightened by us?

This was all explained when a ponytail suddenly flashed in their vision. Then, a red-haired girl with a pair of flaming golden eyes appeared later. Scarlet was barehanded and unarmed, yet she looked like a beast that was ready to charge at them. She pounced onto the charging knights.

Her speed was terrifying.

The charging White Winged Knight only had time to see a clenched white fist growing bigger and bigger in his field of vision before-


He was thrown off the horse like a cannon. Scarlet spun around in the air, stomping heavily on the back of his pegasus, slammed this creature down into the forest below. She leaped from the falling pegasus and landed in front of another knight.

This unlucky guy who had just seen his companion die in front of him thought that he had smacked into a large flying dragon, and tried to veer away in terror. But he only witnessed two sets of shadows before his neck was chocked tightly in the next moment.

“Peak Gold rank…… How could she be so fast….?”

He looked into the swirling golden eyes of the red-haired girl and murmured his last words. Scarlet lifted him up like a little chick and threw him out of his mount. His body struck another knight and the two of them crashed down, falling like comets into the valley.

Scarlet halted and jumped back onto the ground after killing three White Winged Knights in a row. She looked up at the hundred knights that got intimidated by her; all of them stopped in their tracks. They panicked and dispersed while the red-haired girl gnarled at them.

On her body, her arm, and her exposed thighs a scaly texture undulated faintly.

She was a Dragon’s descendant–

A hint of psychological fear began to grow in William’s heart.

At the same time, Brendel cast the spell ‘Tempest’ once more and was able to redraw three more Cards.

‘Acceleration of Thoughts’ cost 22 Light/Dark EPs. If a spell is cast, the player gets to redraw three Cards from his deck. And before ‘Acceleration of Thoughts ‘ comes into play once more, the player gets to reshuffle his hand once more.

This was the ability of Paradise of Adversity’s first Card. Brendel had already prepared this as his final card, and it was also the reason he asked the princess to wait for a while.

Then he drew three Cards from the top of his deck.

‘Desperate Trojan Horse’; ‘Glory’; ‘Sun’s Blade’.

A smile appeared on Brendel’s face. He did not expect himself to obtain the power to fight back so quickly.

He was only one line away to overturn Adversity into Paradise.