Chapter 568 - v3c340



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[The battle was already reaching its climax as the Echelonius were building their platinum wooden horse, but it was as if redemption came at the last moment that the Echelonius regained hope under such desperation.

It was just one step from hell to heaven.] –Kelsie Newmanksi.

Desperate Trojan Horse, 25 Dark EPs; Treasure – Divine Artifact; Effect: This card enters the battlefield tapped. Pay 40 Willpower to search your deck for four Creature cards and place them into the battlefield. If there are 40 non-black Undead creatures on the battlefield when this card enters into play, you can search your deck for four Creature cards and place them into the battlefield.

‘There are opportunities hidden within a storm; hope lies within adversity.’

The Desperate Trojan Horse entered the battlefield.

A gear ball floated above Brendel’s head and his dark Elemental Pool decreased to 1660. Then the deck in front of him unfolded layer by layer and dozens of Cards of Fates circled around him, but only the Creature cards were lit up.

These cards were: the Vampire Baron, Rune Summoner, Glorious Martyr, the remaining five Death Sentinels, four Glorious Trumpeter, four Echelonius Spellweaver, one Pristine Archangel, and one Silver Colt.

Brendel stretched out his arm and chose the Glorious Martyr, Vampire Baron, and two Death Sentinels, then he placed the others out of the battlefield.

Above the battlefield, the Kirrlutz’s White Winged Knight had started to gather.

The White Winged Knight that hovered in the sky attacked again, but this time they were about to fight against the Mercenaries of Lopez and Ropar’s two troops of Fireclaw spearmen that were already on stand-by.

With a cold expression, Ferlarn stretched out her fingers and ice cones shot out from behind her while the icy cold wind with crystals formed cyclones and swept across the White Winged Knight’s formation, covering their armors with a thick layer of frost. The low temperature slowed the Pegasuses’ wings as well as their advancing speed.

Ferlarn shot a bolt of lightning from her fingertip, but her objective wasn’t the gold-ranked knights on the pegasuses. Although the Elemental could suppress the knights, it was too powerful and time-consuming to kill them. Her goal was the pegasuses. Those heavily armored knights were built for group assaults, but they would be nothing without their mounts.

Although Ferlarn was young, she was a qualified Mercenary of Lopez after all and was known by the players as an existence who lived to battle. According to herself, she had participated in many White City and gentile battles, and looking at the current situation, it seemed that she had been telling the truth. Her strategy worked; the pegasuses were paralyzed and the White Winged Cavalries fell from the sky one after another.

But just falling a dozen meters from the sky wouldn’t kill these gold-ranked knights. Although they hit their heads, they were still back on their feet in no time. They shouted and regrouped in the forest, picked up their spears and started the attack from the ground.

There were approximately thirty Fireclaw Lizardmen, as well as Raban, waiting in formation. They formed a huge horizontal line-up together with the young students of the Royal Cavalry Academy, waiting for the White Winged Knight to approach. Behind them was Master Wochik of the Druids who was there for back-up. It was clear they wanted to wipe out the Kirrlutz there and then.

They were using time wisely.

Brendel seized this opportunity to go through the cards, he was sacrificing the Death Sentinels to obtain energy from the Furnace of Adversity on the battlefield for the Card, Glory.

Glory. 4 EP; Spell- Instant; Effect: Rearranges all tapped Encheloniuus cards. Enters the grave after use. ‘Move forward gloriously with high morale, the soldiers will never step back.’

The Nightmare Forges that were trapped, overloaded, and releasing smoke because of the Tempest were now functioning normally, and the gear ball above his head ‘Desperate Trojan Horse’ had also returned to normal from a trapped state and started spinning again.

At the same time-

As the Glory was a spell, it could activate the Accelerated Thought condition, so Brendel obtained the chance to pick another card. Three Cards of Fate flew out in front of him-

Tempest, Glory, and Mana Loss.

There was no Daybreak. Brendel looked up and saw two Paladins attacking Ciel, while Ropar the Master of Fireclaw, who was in front of the young wizard to protect him, was slashed in the shoulder, white smoke billowing out together with the hot blood.

He looked out once again: Anthony’s army and the Northern Coalition Army collided together at the other side of the battlefield, while Fleetwood, Buga, and Garlock were fighting each other. Buga the Cross was now slightly weaker compared to Nicholas, but Fleetwood, the kingdom’s number one wizard, had an advantage over Garlock.

It was at this moment that Garlock suddenly released the spell ‘Sword of Disintegration’. Brendel raised his hand without a second thought to use the Mana Loss, which immediately took the Sword of Disintegration from Garlock and threw it at the Paladin in the air.

That Paladin reacted in time and managed to avoid the Sword of Disintegration. Unfortunately, Brendel had anticipated that so he activated the Tempest, tapped the Nightmare Forges again, and black lightning struck the poor fellow.

He yelled in pain and almost fell from the air,his body fuming with smoke.

Brendel gathered his attention and put the last card in his hands onto the battlefield: The Enchelonius Spellweaver.

The Enchelonius Spellweaver (Paradise of Adversity X), 7 Dark EP [Creature: Echelonius Citizen/Spellweaver, level 25 Elite]; Effect: Tap and pay 5% HP, add one Light EP. ‘Eye of Echelonius.’

A four-hand spellweaver appeared right beside Brendel, but he had no time to even look and see what the other party had advanced into at the Golden Battle Flag, he tapped the card, paid 5% of life right away, and showed the second Glory.

The spellweaver and Nightmare Forges entered the cooling state again.

At that moment, Brendel successively casted Mana Loss, Tempest, and summoned the Enchelonius Spellweaver; four incantations of Glory and three spells. His Elemental Pool instantly showed Elemental Fire 6378, Elemental Wind 1751, Elemental Earth 1155, Elemental Water 48, Elemental Light 050, Elemental Dark 3460.

At the same time, four white halos spread out from the Grimoire of Life. The life Brendel just lost was replenished again and Ropar and the other men above him returned back to normal.

The faces of the ten Paladins opposite them turned pale. They finally realized that if they could not kill one out of the four opponents, death would be waiting ahead for them.

But Brendel did not care about what his opponents were thinking, recovering was just an extra benefit to him. The main point was his Accelerated Thought was activated three times.

This time he had nine Cards of Fates in his hands.

Three Daybreaks, two Enchelonius Spellweavers, one Death Sentinel, one Glory, and two Tempests.

“Now this is what I call a lucky draw!” Brendel smiled.

As the number of draws increased, the chances of getting his desired cards increased as well. He lifted his head and looked across the whole battlefield, then reached out and put in three Daybreaks.

Daybreak, 1 Light, and Dark EP; Instant spell; Effect: Adds 6 Light EP into your Elemental Pool. There will be one Daybreak in your grave and 3 Dark EP will be added into your Elemental Pool. Enter the grave after use. ‘The light appears at dawn.’

There were 6 Light EPs in the first attempt.

There were 6 Light EPs and 3 Dark EPs in the second attempt.

There were 6 Light EPs and 6 Dark EPs in the third attempt.

The Elemental Pool of Light and Dark were increased to 1850 and 4060 respectively.

In the air, William finally seemed to have caught his breath, and the deputy leader pulled out his flame-shaped sword once again. Brendel noticed this and softly shouted, “Morpheus.”

“I’m beside you, Lord.”

“Protect me.”

The Transgender Vampire nodded her head slightly.

Brendel proceeded to put two Enchelonius Spellweaver into the battlefield and tapped the three spell weavers. Then, three Elemental Light was inserted into his Elemental Pool.


It was at that moment William disappeared from his sight. Brendel felt his stomach tightened and knew that William was probably coming for him, he sent out orders through the spiritual connection:

“Ropar, Ciel, Medissa!”

“Here. Lord!”

“Offer the sacrifice!” Brendel hesitated briefly before ordering.

Ciel, Ropar, and Medissa, who were fighting with ten Paladins in the air, turned into a flash of red and instantly gathered at Brendel’s side.

Morpheus already had the power of Elemental Awakening with the addition of the Golden Battle Flag. When Ciel’s blood fused into her body for the first time, she advanced into the stage of Elemental Activation and mysterious black patterns appeared on her body. When Ropar’s blood fused into her body the second time, she could touch the edge of the Elemental Enlightenment. The third time, as Medissa’s blood fused into her body, she broke through the borderline of the Elemental Enlightenment, and it was as if the mysterious black patterns were activated as they started dancing around the Transgender Vampire like black moths.

It seemed as if Morpheus had sensed something; she took a step forward and stretched out her palm, colliding with something in the air before she flew backward with a bang. And in the next moment, William appeared in front of Brendel, having evidently fought with the vampire and was pushed back many steps.

“Vampire Baron?” William stared at Morpheus as if he had to force these words through his teeth. What surprised him was that he had only sensed one existence of Elemental Awakening beside Brendel earlier, but it seemed like it had advanced directly into the middle phase of the Elemental Enlightenment.

Even if they were keeping their strengths hidden, it was absolutely ridiculous.

The Transgender Vampire didn’t bother with him, she turned into black smoke and flew to Brendel, extending her arm to keep her Lord behind her before she vigilantly glared at that man.