Chapter 570 - v3c342p1



Two Glory Cards, Fire Djinn, Two Glorious Trumpeter, Unicorn Knights, Mana Loss, the Sea Wave Gem, and a Breaking Dawn Card.

Adding onto the Sun’s Blade Card in his hand, the Death Sentinels, an Echelonius Spellweaver, and two Tempest Cards.

Once the cycle ended, the process of Paradise of Adversity began to accelerate –

The flaming longsword in William’s hand was completely blocked by Anrolda’s Divine Ring, producing fiery red sparks. A figure then appeared beside Brendel, holding a golden staff in its hands and a sun crown ornament atop its head. The level 62 Martyr of Radiance has entered the battlefield .

The deputy leader of the Paladins had to back away, but not before killing the vampire baron who just entered the battlefield. At the same time, the Death Sentinels began to appear in large swarms above the battlefield, and for the first time in this battle, the Northern Coalition Army actually faltered and retreated.


Brendel played his first Glory Card.

The Desperate Trojan Horse, the Echelonius Spellweaver, and the Nightmare Forges’ cooldowns were reset.

He then played two Breaking Dawn Cards and one Echelonius Spellweaver all at once.

Light Elemental Pool: 24/50 (after replicating 8 Nightmare Forges, 10 Light EPs used for Anrolda’s Divine Ring.)

Dark Elemental Pool: 49/60 (2 Breaking Dawn Cards were sent to the Graveyard.) [T/L: for the record, Breaking Dawn was not explained until later in the chapters but it’s essentially a one-time use Card that replenishes 6 Light EP and 3 Dark EP)

The Sea Wave Gem was summoned using 10 Water EPs. It then used its special characteristics and sacrificed itself to bring the Glorious Trumpeters onto the battlefield.

Holding a golden horn and wearing a Greek-style white linen gown with a laurel wreath on her head, a young maiden appeared on the battlefield. This was the seventh Card of Paradise of Adversity, which itself only had the power of a Level 49 (Gold Rank) even under the Golden Battle Flag. However, by paying 1 Dark EP, she could use her ability and summon any Creature Card from the player’s hand to enter the battlefield.

Brendel ordered her to blow the horn, and then a second Glorious Trumpeter appeared on the battlefield.

Blowing the horn once more, Medissa, the Unicorn Knight appeared on the battlefield.

“My Lord!” The Silver Elf Princess exclaimed happily as soon as she saw Brendel, for she understood that her return to the battlefield meant that the cycle of Paradise of Adversity had been reached.

Brendel smiled at her slightly.

The actions earlier happened in an instant, as soon as William retreated. The nine Paladins immediately came up to attack Brendel. But with a flash of fire, the Infernal Hell Djinn appeared between them and Brendel.

Before anyone had time to even realize what was going on, the Infernal Hell Djinn exploded in their faces once again. A discontented grumble could be heard from the Djinn before it detonated itself.

But Brendel had no other choice.

He did not have any overpowered creatures amongst his Cards. Even if it did, it would not matter too much anyway. Once the Desperate Trojan Horse is reset, he would graciously kick these people out of the kingdom.

Sounds of explosion boomed through the forest.

Three of the nine Paladins were blown apart while fear was written across the faces of the remaining six. Brendel sacrificed the Fireclaw Trumpeter and Fireclaw Spearman. Since Ropar was not on the battlefield, they dropped at least one rank and were unsuited for this battlefield.

Bang, bang, bang.

A loud crash broke out and the two Paladins were sent flying. Both Morpheus and William were thrown backward upon receiving each other’s attacks. But while William only took three steps back, Morpheus took ten. Embarrassed that he lost, Morpheus’ face was flushed red.

But when William looked up, he found himself at least thirty meters away from Brendel. A bad premonition crept into the back of his mind, he knew he could no longer afford to retreat.

In fact, if he did, he would have lost all his opportunities.

Brendel placed the Tempest Card, then the Glory Card, followed by the Tempest Card again.

He no longer cared if the spells hit their targets or not, he just needed them to be added to the filter sequence. Once again he used the Energy Drain to strip a protective spell from Garlock the Curious and threw it smoothly to Morpheus.

Two Glory Cards, two Tempest Cards, Energy Drain, Breaking Dawn Card. Six spells.

Adding on to the list was the Echelonius Spellweaver, two Death Sentinels, Martyr of Radiance, Vampire Baron, Sea Wave Gem, two Trumpeters, Unicorn Knight, Fire Djinns, and fifteen more spells.

The pure white light that flickered on the two Grimoires of Life which reappeared on top of the battlefield. No matter how terrible the attacks were, all the wounds on the Princess’ men would be healed instantly- even severe cases where the weapons were stuck in the flesh were resolved.

The morale of the Northern Coalition Army was almost destroyed and they slowly began to retreat.

Brendel moved the Grimoire of Life out of the battlefield and discarded his remaining Cards into the Graveyard.

Then he started to draw Cards.

Three Glory Cards, four Tempest Cards, Vampire Baron, Sea Wave Gem, Martyr of Radiance, Fire Djinn, Highland Squire, Wolves’ Den, Fireclaw Spearman, four Breaking Dawn Cards.

Brendel raised his head, an unusually bright glint shone in his eyes. He bared his white teeth and smiled at William, and at that moment it was as if he was a fierce beast that was eyeing his next meal.

Ten Cards, eleven spells. He will be able to refill his deck with thirty-three Cards the next time.

This was the core strategy of the Paradise of Adversity. As long as Thought Acceleration remains in effect, the Planeswalker’s deck cycle would refresh faster and faster without limit.

It was so quick that the only thing hindering himself from refreshing his deck was his summoning speed.

First, Tempest.

Second, Desperate Trojan Horse.

Summon the Grimoire of Life.

Repeat endlessly until the enemies are all defeated.

It was the true nature of the Paradise of Adversity.

William also finally found where the problem lay. He killed the Vampire Baron, killed Andrea, and killed Ropar, while his men took out the Fireclaw Spearmen and eliminated the Rune Summoners.

But it was all pointless as these were merely pawns to distract them from getting closer to Brendel.

They kept taking out their opponents on the battlefield as fast as they could but less than a second later their opponents reappeared again continuously. And there were many types of enemies too.

The people there were dumbfounded He can summon creatures without consuming Mental Power?

But there was also another possibility. Historically, Sanorso, the Wind Empress was known for her dual cultivation of the Demon Martial Arts. With it, she had endless Magic Power which led to her creation of the Nine Luminaries Sword Art.

Coincidentally, Brendel also knew the Nine Luminaries Sword Art.

Did he really possess her full legacy?

Ever since William yelled out the name of the Sword Art, everyone probably had the same thoughts. But they were still dubious about it. However, when Brendel stood there alone against the ten experts, they changed their minds.

Nine Paladins and one of them was even a godly expert in the Peak of Laws.

Yet Brendel managed to defeat all of them so badly to the point that they were sticking their tails between their legs.

Every part of this scene was a miracle by itself. It would be permanently etched in the hearts of everyone present. As the nightmare of his enemies; and the fable of his people.

William knew this well. Not only did he find it impossible to get close to Brendel, but the white veil of Anrolda’s Divine Ring would not let him strike Brendel too.

He almost wanted to cry.

In fact, Morpheus whom he was fighting with was gradually becoming more and more powerful. Previously, he could have easily defeated her with a casual wave of his sword; now, he had to wrestle his way through her. Not only that, he vaguely felt her breaking through the Elemental Enlightenment and crossing into the Peak of Laws.

How does this all make sense?

He had witnessed her transformation from Elemental Awakening to Elemental Enlightenment just a while ago, how could she step into the Peak of Laws right now? He finally understood that Morpheus was not hiding her true strength all along; rather, she was becoming more and more powerful with each battle.

If he knew the existence of the Combat Tribes, he would have thought that she was one of those people who only got stronger the harder the fight was!

Of course, that was only a facade.

It was Brendel sacrificing the non-Black Creatures continuously. The three Combat Indicators worked similarly to the Wolf’s Den Cards attached to Ciel. Each indicator would add a certain amount of experience to the designated target. Even when Morpheus’ leveling was slowed as he reached higher levels, it could not match Brendel refreshing his deck with Thought Acceleration.

Finally, Morpheus entered the realm of the Peak of Laws.

His powerful aura spread out across the entire battlefield.

It was so strong that everyone’s attention locked onto his direction.

Did someone actually just make a breakthrough on the battlefield?