Chapter 572 - v3c343


The Abyss(1)

The grey sky overhead was dispersing, like oats dissolving in milk. Brendel was standing in the middle of the plains, looking at the dead body of the Holy Cathedral’s of Fire’s deputy leader, the black flame on his body was gradually fading away like black butterflies dancing gracefully.

“How was it?” Orthylss asked all of a sudden.

“Dangerous.” Brendel gasped slightly. The last fight with William made him acknowledge the gap between his strength and the capabilities of someone who is truly strong. Even if William did not fight back at the last moment, he would not have been able to break through this deputy leader’s defense if he did not use his Berserk talent.

It could be said that apart from his own capability, luck also had a part in this outcome. However, the fortunate thing was that he won, and that was enough.

He paused for a second.

Brendel suddenly asked, “Master Orthlyss, you already knew that Kelsie’s Cards had flaws, right?”

Orthlyss smiled gently, “Some things will only leave a deep impression if experienced personally. Years of battling taught me this, a new soldier would never become an experienced veteran without facing challenges and setbacks, little fellow.”

It was a piece of heartfelt advice to Brendel, the moment when William dragged him into the Extreme Plains, even the Planeswalker’s system was disrupted. Medissa, Ciel, and other summoned objects were isolated from the world, breaking the cycle and thus proving one thing: Kelsie’s Cards still had flaws.

The final outcome showed that this battle was a lucky win for him. The fortunate thing was that it was William who discovered this flaw. Had it been someone stronger, it might have been Brendel that was lying on the ground now.

This made it clear that he still had the chance to improve himself.

But the reason behind his sudden question to Orthylss was because he suddenly thought about the enemy of the four Saints in the past – the Darkness Dragon, Odin. Ina had once told him that Odin was a powerful Planeswalker. Yet, the four Saints could defeat Odin, indicating that the Planeswalkers were not at the top of all existence.

Orthylss seemed to know what was going on in his head and replied softly, “It was said that all Planeswalkers pursue perfection. And with the Laws, the world is built to near perfection. It was also those Laws that made them almost indomitable.

Unfortunately, no one has managed to truly attain perfection……”

Brendel knew she was trying to say: Even Odin did not manage to achieve that feat. Otherwise, he would have definitely defeated the four Saints.

“Odin’s deck is called Darkest Nights. His deck is much more offensive than the deck in your hand. The special characteristic of this deck is transforming all elements into Dark EPs, the primary element of his deck. Can you imagine the power disparity you would have when you fight against the Darkness Dragon? The feeling of you getting weaker and weaker while he gradually becomes stronger.” [T/L: not sure why the author is alternating Odin between a female and a male. Could he be transgender?] [ED: It’s a trap!]

“This sounds a little similar to Madara.”

“Don’t miss the point here, Madara’s Undeads were once his subordinates and admirers.” Orthlyss replied, “Odin does not have many Creature Cards compared to Tuman and Kelsie. All his cards are artifacts, abilities, spells, and enchantments. Moreover, his own strength is extremely powerful, so strong you’re nothing compared to him. It was mere luck that we defeated him in the end.”

“How did you all do it?” Brendel curiously asked.

She got a little excited and replied, “Because his core strength was transformation, he must still transform our strength through artifacts and spells on the battlefield. He could cycle his cards extremely fast, much faster than you can. When he starts, he could form a cycle immediately, and all he had to do was to continuously filter his Cards to counter our attacks. Every time he counters, he could extract Dark EP from it to continue his cycle again.”

“Wait, you mean he has no Land cards?”

“Land cards are a weakness to a Planeswalker. How could he leave this flaw in him? Young one, do you really think you won’t be attacked by just having a Land Card in your world? Did you already forget how you were pulled into William’s world? He was only an amateur who just stepped into that realm, but the true Extreme Plains are way stronger than that. That is a world formed from one’s own Law; each of the Land Cards is a piece of the Extreme Plains…”

“Ah,” Brendel was speechless.

“In conclusion, having a Land Card is a weakness in itself. Though we cannot directly counter your Land Cards like a real Planeswalker, we can deliberately destroy them.” Orthlyss continued, “Odin is a genius, he designed this deck so that it does not require any Land Cards. But unfortunately, it still has hidden dangers. In the last battle, Farnezain continued to dismantle his core spells, causing his cycle to break and giving us the chance to strike back.”

“You guys could counter a Card of Fate?”

“No. Even though we could actually do it, things were not that simple. A spell that counters his spell will also be counterattacked by another one of his own.” Orthlyss said with a flat tone. “We used a clumsy but effective way to counter him. We dismantled our own attack before he could counter our spell. As there were no Land Cards, the elements Odin used to activate his deck were very limited. Once his counterattacks were not supplemented, his Elemental Power will be exhausted. Because of this tactic, we finally won after paying a great price.”

Brendel was dumbfounded, he did not expect it to be so simple. But he knew it only sounded easy, the real story might be different in reality. The Darkness Dragon itself was more powerful than the four Saints. They had to take turns dismantling his spells and launching attacks on their own when they were under attack. The horrors of the battle could hardly be imagined.

Brendel only knew that the United Army lost nearly four-fifths of troops in the last battle. Those who survived later became heroes.

He was shocked when he heard this, but he could not help but sigh with disappointment. He did not expect that even with such great power, the Darkness Dragon would eventually meet his demise, and he thought that the Planeswalker was invincible.

But he was secretly excited, Tuman once told him that Planeswalkers aimed for perfection, and Orthlyss told him the same thing again. Does an undefeatable deck of Cards exist?

Orthlyss laughed when she saw his expression, “Little fellow, you should have realized by now. How would you be able to become a real Planeswalker when you’re using someone else’s deck of cards? Be it a Planeswalker or a Holy Saint, the ultimate goal of a strong person is to establish their own Ultimate Realm.”

Brendel nodded his head.

He lifted his head and saw William’s Extreme Plain has almost completely collapsed. He stretched out his hand and a few drops of cold rainwater dripped onto his palm. As the rain and wind of Anker Mountain were making its way into this world, the sound of two armies battling became clear.

Indeed, he should walk his own path now.

He had hesitated before, but it was due to the situation’s demand. Rain fell and the wind blew in Aouine. Choosing his own deck of Cards meant he had to start from scratch. And by the time he truly became a Planeswalker, the Kingdom may have already ceased to exist.

But things were different now.

Ampere Seale already had another history. One where the princess was not compromised. One where Aouine would have some hopes in surviving the trials that lay ahead. He felt capable of taking on anything right now.

William’s world had fully collapsed and the sound of the rain and wind sounded real now. He also fully reappeared in the original world.

Everyone in the forest saw the deputy head of the Paladins lying on the floor, as well as Brendel who was holding the Halran Gaia and was standing at the side.

Silence. No sounds of metal upon metal. No cries of pain. It was as if for that one single moment the whole world stood still.

For the outside world, it had only been a few moments when William dragged Brendel to the Extreme Plains, to Brendel reappearing beside William’s dead body. Princess Gryphine, Amandina, Medissa, Ciel, and everyone else outside felt as if their hearts stopped.

“Lord……” Amandina was as if she lost all her strength and slowly leaned her back against the black pine tree.

“Mr. Brendel!” Medissa said in gladness and excitement.

“Ha.” Ciel was standing in the rain with a smile on his face. It was just like during the time in Fortress Riedon when he and Brendel went to steal the treasures of Duke Grinoires. He was wearing the same sincere smile he had at that time.

Andrea snorted softly. The worried face on Morpheus the Trap Vampire disappeared and was replaced with a warm smile, “Lord!”

Ropar did not say anything; there was only determination in the Fireclaw Chieftain’s eyes. He believed in his Lord like he was the mightiest hero in their clan. A hero that would never let others down.

The Mercenaries of Lopez cheered together; the red-hair girl sighed with her hand pressing against her chest.

Among the people-

Only Princess Gryphine closed her eyes, the long lashes of the Silver Elf princess quivered gently in the rain.

She clenched her fists tightly. The moment has arrived, Mother Marsha has not given up on this kingdom. She is a mother who gently looks after her children, and witnesses each generation’s determination in adhering to the noble’s glory and faith.

It was still raining.

The Paladins only had seven people left whose hands and feet were cold. They did not know how to accept the reality in front of their eyes; they had lost their comrades and even their deputy head had lost his life.

The noblest blood of the Kirrlutz flowed across this unknown wilderness silently.

Above the clouds.

Flames could be seen in the sky, and a tower of the Black Tower Mages exploded vertically before collapsing down into the Arreck Mountains.

The Dragon Cavalry of the Southern Army was organizing for its final charge in the rain, with golden flames all around due to the explosions. The kingdom’s knights finally put in all their courage into this battle.

Even though they were not this kingdom’s frontline army, they still showed relative determination and strong will.

Taylor withdrew from the battle; Iris withdrew from the battle; Rorbo’s cabin caught fire and exploded; Vaugli crashed.

Nosidal felt as if the wound under the armor was about to tear apart. He sat down on a dragon which had one side of its wings cut by shrapnel, and both its tail and wings were burnt. The excruciating pain was tormenting him, but he could not take even one step back, the Paladins were fighting with Brendel’s men on both sides. Before that, they must prevent the Kirrlutz’s fleet from firing towards the central camp of the princess’ army.

The Southern army had given in their best.

Without any reinforcements, the battle seemed never-ending. Although the Northern Coalition Army on the ground was gradually retreating, the Holy Cathedral of Fire soldiers in the sky was about to face a disaster.

Loud crisp sounds rang beside his ears.

It came from the artillery deck of the Perrlan class warships. Nosidal felt a huge force striking his chest but he continued holding on to the reins. Several comrades fell to the ground on one side.

“We tried our best.”

He looked up as if he wanted to see the bright light of the Loop of Trade Winds. But the storm obscured the entire shore of Ampere Seale. The sky and earth combined into one, darkness covered the entire place as sunlight could hardly penetrate through the dark clouds.

There was no light in the darkness.

Nosidal squinted his eyes.

Suddenly –

There seemed to be a flash of light in the dark distance. For a moment, it seemed that the magic shield of the Perrlan class warships had been ripped open and was weakened. Then, a burst of fire lighted upon this Kirrltuz flagship.

Explosions, flames, and cracked wooden floors rose from the deck.

“It’s artillery fire!”

Nosidal appeared to be struck with spirit and immediately woke up. How can there be shelling? Is it a misfire from the Kirrlutz people? No. He suddenly remembered that flash of light.

He slightly turned back stiffly.


The Kirrlutz people did not seem to have believed that they had been attacked.

But the second fleet of Konolia was indeed being bombarded with unexpected artillery fire from the flanks. Brillant sparks and explosions erupted in the clear sky.

The first round of artillery landed on the flanks of the seven warships. The most far edged Belasuo was badly hit in particular, due to the lack of preparations. The artillery fire was almost absorbed fully by the side armor and the entire warship disintegrated in mid-air, turning into colorful fireworks.

The artillery fire continued.

An unfamiliar fleet has directly entered into the battlefield from the direction of St. White Bay and fierce artillery fire roared out from this fleet, covering the entire flank of Konolia’s Second Fleet like a hurricane.

The Kirrlutz lost almost one-tenth of their ships in an instant.

The huge fleet tried to turn around awkwardly, and they seemed to finally understand who their opponent was. It was indeed a fleet not inferior to them.

Aouine had bought these battleships from the Wind Elves and spent countless manpower and financial resources to build this fleet in twenty years.

This fleet was the only army from Aouine that could be labeled as magnificent. Advancing slowly between the clouds and destroying everything in its wake.

The Royal Fleet of Aouine has entered the scene.