Chapter 575 - v3c345p1


The Abyss(3)

Brendel reacted as soon as the elf maiden squatted down with her head in her arms. He immediately looked back at ‘Orthylss’ and asked, “She is Orthylss, and you?”

“She just likes pranking, I’m the real Orthylss.” The elf consort replied contentiously.

The elf maiden was brought to tears. She felt so aggrieved that she only wanted to cry out, When did I ever like pranks, and how did I even lose my name? But she did not dare to utter a single word and could only hold her head and shed tears in silence.

“Then who is she?”


Brendel actually already had the answer in mind.

He had long suspected the elf consort because she tended to speak on equal terms with important people like Flame King Gretel, the Great Sage Farnezain, and even Eleranta, which was very unusual for a knight of the Queen of the Winds. Not only so, would the Blade Knight Orthylss master the legacy of the Nine Luminaries Sword Art of the Wind? Afraid not.

It was just that Brendel could not believe that this legendary character was someone who spent countless nights with him, teaching and supporting him to the best of her ability, someone who even occasionally threw childish tantrums. Orthylss felt more like the girl next door rather than the cold hero of the legend.

This answer really shocked him.

He kept a calm composure and pretended to be suspicious, Sonya? Isn’t that the ‘Wind Whisperer’? If I remember correctly, Lady Sonya has rare long black hair, and wouldn’t be so young.

‘Orthylss’ glared at him viciously with her indigo eyes.

Brendel pretended he didn’t see that.”And I thought you sacrificed your own life in the grey swamp! I didn’t think about this earlier, but how did you know what happened in the last battle with the Darkness Dragon?”

“That’s because I told her!” She replied viciously.

“You told her?”

“You…” The elf consort finally realized that she slipped, but this was a habit that she wasn’t able to correct even after thousands of years.

“I don’t want to see you again today, Brendel! Piss off, and get away from me as far as possible!”

The elf consort threw down this sentence and disappeared in front of him. She looked genuinely angry. Brendel sighed. The answer was exactly what he thought. ‘Orthylss’ was ‘Sanorso’.

Sanorso was the sage of the Wind Elves, one of the four Holy Cathedrals in the battle of the Holy War–The Wind Empress.

Maynild watched all of this up till the elf consort disappeared after scolding Brendel viciously. She was stunned for a moment and then calmly asked, “Did I do something wrong?”

Since most of the communication between Brendel and the Wind Empress Sanorso was done through telepathy, Maynild was not sure of what happened. Brendel shrugged, “It’s none of your concern, Lord Maynild.”

It is just that someone got angry from embarrassment.


The real Orthylss in history sat obediently, looking at Brendel with tears in her eyes.

Brendel helplessly reassured her for a moment. The Wind Empress actually made her cry even though she was the most glorious elite soul in the battle of the Holy War. What a dreadful personality she has.

Only then did he turn back to Maynild to explain about the Ring of the Sealed Soul– without mentioning the part about the Wind Empress, of course. After all, since Maynild had already seen the previous scene, hiding the entire story would only arouse more suspicion, so he decidedly told the true story mixed in with lies here and there. It was mainly just that the identity of the wind spirit was too sensitive, and Brendel doesn’t fancy being chased down and murdered.

“So this is the legacy of the Wind Elves?” Maynild appeared calm after listening and did not bother to pursue the issue of her identity. “But why did it stray into the human world.”

“The legacy of the Mist Elves to be exact.” Brendel replied, ”After the Silver Fire was extinguished, the present-day Wind Elves are no longer the same clan as those saints in the battle. The divergence of the holy seal was not without reason.”

Maynild’s eyelashes flickered.

“Say, it’s impossible for a person to wear two rings right?” She asked again.

“Mainly because there is no point in wearing two rings, after all, just one legacy contains an infinite amount of knowledge that most people might not fully understand even after a lifetime. Having more Rings of the Holy Seal is not better and being too greedy will only warrant danger.” Brendel replied using the original words from the Wind Empress.

“So you won’t want it anymore.” Maynild asked, “Can I have this ring?”

Brendel stared at her blankly for a moment– he actually meant to give this to Freya. However, after thinking about it, although Orthylss was a Knight of the Blade, her teacher Sonya was a renowned archer of the Mist Elves, and it seemed that she also used a bow which was not necessarily suitable for a future war goddess.

But Maynild did not seem to be an archer either.

“You want it?”

“No,” Maynild shook her head, and didn’t conceal the truth from him, “it’s not for me. Rather, it’s for Her Highness.”

“Her Highness?” Does Princess Gryphine even use a bow? There did not seem to be much need to give it to her. But Brendel realized immediately that Maynild was indeed thinking of Her Highness – as Princess Gryphine was sure to give the ring to her brother in the hopes that the inheritance of the Wind Elf would change the cowardly character of that little prince.

But can an inheritance really change a person’s character? Afraid not. Brendel was unimpressed by this, and he replied, “I can give it to her, but the Ring of the Sealed Soul is very special, in that passing on an inheritance also requires the approval of the Elite Soul.”

Maynild immediately turned her gaze to the tearful Orthylss.

The elf maiden was still sobbing, and only when she noticed their stares did she stop crying. Then with red eyes, she shook her head seriously at Maynild and said, “No way, I’ve already picked my candidate.”

“Picked a candidate?”

Brendel froze. This chick had only seen him and Maynild since she had been summoned. Could it be that she chose William? It was unlikely as she had never seen William use a bow.

“I chose you, sister Maynild.” The elf maiden unexpectedly said, pointing to Maynild.

Brendel’s uncomfortable, not because Orthylss chose Maynild as her legacy, but because she actually called Maynild ‘older sister’. In all seriousness, if he sat down and calculated, she would be about a thousand years old, but then again, Orthylss sacrificed herself when her mental age was only 16 years old. From this angle, her calling Maynild as her older sister was not wrong.

“Me?” Maynild jolted. “But I don’t use a bow.”

“I don’t use a bow either,” said Orthylss, wide-eyed, and then, as if she had just noticed the longbow behind herself, “Oh. you meant this. I only equip myself with a bow because I think my mentor looked cool with a bow. I am actually a mage.”

“You……..! Brendel facepalmed. Her title was the Knight of the Blade, her teacher was a Holy Archer, she carried a longbow and wore leather armor, and then she declared herself to be a magician, the wind elf – no, this mist elf was such a fraud.

“But…I’m not a witch either.” Maynild was also a bit bewildered by her.

“A witch? You guys call mages ‘witches’ now in your era? But never mind that!” Orthylss seemed to become serious all of a sudden, “Sister Maynild. I feel that you possess an outstanding magical talent and you are still young. I believe that one day you will become a great mage.”

Maynild fell silent.

Brendel looked at her curiously, wondering why there was a faint flicker in his mind when Orthylss said that female knights had outstanding magical gifts. Perhaps for reasons that are too coincidental, she was indeed an excellent mage.

But she shook her head, “I don’t want to be a mage.”

“Huh?” Orthylss froze, “Why? Mages are powerful, and magic is also pretty.”

Brendel frowned slightly, not knowing why. He thought he just saw a flicker of conflict between the female knight’s brows.

“Let me think about it,” Maynild replied.

“Good then.” The Elf Maiden was clearly confident. Evidently, she was confident in her magic, the previously pathetic look had run off to nowhere. She pressed one hand against her chest and said, “By the way, the magic I’m good at is String Magic, ancient String Magic.”

“Dragon magic.”

Brendel was terrified.

Maynild also could not help but raise her head slightly. String magic was divided by the burning down of the great library of Ebabel Tower into two stages. After that, the Dragon Clan’s exclusive magic developed a subordinate class, known as modern String Magic, which had continued to evolve to this day, and as long as it did not have a special article, String Magic usually referred to modern String Magic.

But ancient String Magic will always mean only one thing, Dragon Magic.

Even Brendel didn’t expect there to be someone proficient in Dragon Magic that among the twenty-four knights of the Mist Elves, as expected the heroes of the ancient times were all legendary monsters. Even the mages in Buga have not learned Dragon Magic before.

No wonder she was so confident, indeed it was the backbone of her confidence.

Brendel thought that if this was directed at himself, he might’ve actually agreed. After all, it was Dragon Magic, and Dragon Magic was a completely different system from modern magic. In fact, all of the spells in modern spellcasting that requested permission from the War Dragon Tiama were born from Dragon Magic – like the Dragon Strike that Ciel used earlier that blew up half of the Anderla Cathedral.

And Dragon Magic takes this a step further, as Dragon Magic itself was a spell that had obtained the permission of Tiama and was said to be the most destructive spell.

In comparison, Elemental Magic was as meek as a kitten.

But what he did not expect was that Maynild was still unmoved, she thought for a moment and said calmly, “Let’s keep examining loot.”

At that moment Brendel just wanted to say, “No, you’re better off studying magic. Leave this glorious yet arduous task of exploiting the corpse to me.”

But naturally, the thoughts in his head would not be heard by Maynild. The female knight removed another bracelet from William’s body– specifically the one that looked like a wristguard, made from flowing silver, and shaped as part of a claw that was extending forward.

“Huh….this bracelet?” Maynild was slightly startled, probably because she had never seen a flowing metal that was able to stabilize into a set shape.

“Fuckin’ hell!”

All that was left in Brendel’s mind at that moment was shock, if he was not mistaken. This bracelet was one of the top pieces of equipment that the Wind Elf players of the Holy Cathedral of Wind could get when they kill William in the future.

Glow Wave.

Also called the Torch of Knowledge, one of the sacred relics of the Dragon Crystal of the Sky.

“This……” At this moment, Brendel did not know what to think of his ‘senior’ anymore.