Chapter 601 - v3c366 Requiem(16)



As the rain poured down, the black hole dragged the Longhorn Devil that had pounced on Brendel back into the Sulfur River, before it closed completely. The two remaining Longhorn Devils struggled to get up from the ground. Brendel too got up from the mud. Suddenly, a shout came from Amandina.

“My lord, the first node is directly above the portal, and the other two are on the pedestal!” The noble lady was a little excited.

Brendel’s mind was certain that Amandina’s speed vastly surpassed his expectations – she was way faster than he thought she would be. He immediately ordered Ciel through Psychic Connection. “Ciel, the connection points between the portal and the Laws of Space are directly above the portal and both sides of the pedestal!”

“I got it.”

Ciel turned back and relayed the order to Garlock. The Lantonilan knights immediately surrounded them. Two mages, one old and one young, raised their hands at the same time and two beams of blue light pierced through the rain. It crossed the entire battlefield and hit the portal.

Those two beams were like two dazzling spears. The spears hit the portal’s aperture and it immediately radiated the most dazzling light. The light was like rippling water, spreading out in circles. The golden-red portal trembled, and then the light immediately dimmed.

A little bit more.

The two Longhorn Devils were shocked. If the portal was destroyed by even one of these humans, the subsequent army arriving at this port would be heavily delayed. They could clearly picture themselves being tormented for eternity for failing in their duties by having their souls extracted from them by their lord.

Demons took pleasure in inflicting pain, but that pain was not enjoyable when it inflicted on them. The Longhorn Devils came to their senses completely. They immediately turned back and pounced on the Lantonilan knights, as though the smell of Brendel’s blood wasn’t appealing to them anymore

Three or four hundred meters on the battlefield was a mere blink of an eye for these Elementally Enlightened monsters, and there were no imps and Hellhounds in front to block them. If they wanted to, they could certainly do something to stop them before Ciel and Garlock cast their next spell.

But how could Brendel let them have their way? He had been trembling here for half a day just to buy time, hadn’t he?

He immediately used his Dash, shooting like an arrow at one of the Longhorn Devils. Brendel aimed at its back and struck it with his sword. The demon didn’t dare to directly intercept it, so it had to turn and swipe the blade away with its claws.

But as soon as it stopped, the demon completely fell into Brendel’s machinations.

Brendel’s long sword was knocked off to the side, but he took a step forward and dealt the demon a hard blow on its abdomen with the hilt. The Longhorn Devil took a step back with a grunt, but Brendel did not relent and continued to press forward. He retracted his blade while doing a backhand slice across his opponent’s abdomen.

The Longhorn Devil didn’t flinch or dodge; it simply allowed the blade to sink into its abdomen. However,it clawed back at Brendel as if it felt no pain. It aimed its claws right at Brendel’s heart. To the demon, if Brendel did not retreat, then he would wind up dead, and the demon would have sustained a serious wound at most.

Despite this, it felt that Brendel probably wouldn’t be such a fool. After fighting this human over a dozen times, Brendel gave the demon the impression that although he was weak, he was cunning as well. What the demon feared the most was its opponent’s secret weapon, the one that could banish them back to the Sulfur River. Although demons would not die, being banished was not completely devoid of disadvantages. They would fall into a long period of weakness. They would certainly be devoured by other demons if they were discovered.

So, to the demon, being injured and banished was actually no different than perishing.

It didn’t want to fight Brendel; it only wanted to push the other party back. However, this Longhorn Devil never would have imagined that Brendel would not retreat, and would actually strike it so devastatingly.

It clearly felt the sensation of its claws piercing into his body, separating the being’’s flesh from its body. This would have been a wonderful feeling for the demon, but the Longhorn Devil felt only apprehension at this moment.

It was because Brendel had clearly taken the initiative in this clash, and he even managed to avoid the attack towards his heart, allowing its claws to only pierce through the lobe of his lung. With its intelligence, it would never think that Brendel had slipped up by accident.

It was obvious that its opponent had foreseen and planned for this.

And indeed it was, except that the payback came faster than it had expected. It felt that its claw had at least severely injured the human, but the next moment, a cloud of golden flames burst out of Brendel’s body.

In the midst of the pouring rain, the flames looked rather like splattered blood.

Blood of Sun.

This Holy Knight’s Anti-wound skill immediately showed the Longhorn Devil that it was facing someone remarkable. The golden blood splattered on its face, instantly burning up brightly. Even its retracted claws were plated with a layer of golden fire. The flames were clearly not there just for appearances, as the intense, drilling pain immediately made the demon scream.

Brendel likewise felt a sharp pain as if he had been pierced. He gritted his teeth and took a step forward, taking advantage of the presented opportunity as the Longhorn Devil held its face while it screamed. He pounced on it like a beast, raising the Halran Gaia and stabbing into its throat.

The demon’s screams abruptly ceased.

Then, another black hole appeared in front of Brendel, this one also dragging the demon’s corpse back before turning into a thin line and closing completely.

Brendel fell to his knees, weak, as if the pain had just gotten to him. The rain washed over his open wound. It was so painful that he drew a cold breath, only then did Amandina rush to his side and hurriedly put the Concealment Cloak on him.

“My lord!”

“Well done, Amandina,” Brendel replied, his mouth twitching, but even so, his hand kept feeling around, trying to get the relic left behind by the Longhorn Devil that was in the rain.

It was a silver cylindrical object, and Brendel didn’t recognize what it was for a moment. However, it was a demon’s relic, and if the Paladins of the Cathedral of Fire were to see this, he wouldn’t be able to keep the relic for himself.

After all, carrying a demonic item would affect his reputation in a negative manner, and Brendel didn’t want to draw attention to this little detail. Honestly, he had quite a few eyes on him already. Wood had even previously asked him specifically about the Heaven’s Armament. Actually, the Wind Spirit Spider was never a Heaven’s Armament, but the Holy Sword Technique itself was just as ambiguous.

However, he didn’t expect that he would agitate the wound when he tried to grab the relic. He almost screamed in pain, and didn’t even take the relic. Amandina was the one who picked it up instead. “Let me help you with this kind of thing. You should at least pay attention to your body,” the lady said somewhat angrily.

Brendel looked at her and suddenly realized something. He was somewhat moved.


On the other side, the only surviving Longhorn Devil wasn’t exactly lucky either. It had only taken two steps before a gust of flame suddenly spun up in front of him.

Even though its own element was flame, it couldn’t help but scream at the sight of the golden flames that rushed towards it.

One was the fire of the laws of Elemental Activation, and the other was the golden flames of Elemental Enlightenment. There wasn’t all that much difference between these two different flames. The flames separated countless Imps, engulfing them completely. In an instant, the flames were upon the demon. It suddenly wanted to turn tail and run, but it was already too late.

A longsword came out of the flames, stabbing straight at its throat. The Longhorn Devil tried desperately to mobilize the Lines of Law around him to stop it, but in the elemental world, the strongest clashes were among the elements of the same type but with different levels.

A demon’s element of fire was usually magma, while Nicholas’ element, unfortunately, happened to be an elemental fire that closely resembled the Flame King Gretel’s. As soon as the two flames made contact, the Longhorn Devil’s claws were burned to ashes.

Then, the golden longsword burned a hole in its throat again in a blink of an eye.

A third black hole appeared in the heavy rain.

By this time, Ciel and Garlock were ready to cast their next spell, and another pillar of light pierced the long night. This time, the pillar of light struck right above the dark portal. A blinding golden aura instantly exploded by the portal.

Almost every creature within the vicinity witnessed it.

In the hills close to the coast, the animals hiding in the forest bushes stared in horror at the golden aura in the sky. It seemed to spread for a moment, sweeping halfway across the sky and then disappearing again.

It wasn’t just the area around Ampere Seale.

Even on the battlefield near Fort Bunuo, where a fierce battle was raging, there were people who noticed the explosion. It was difficult not to notice the golden light that lit up half the sky.

The soldiers on the battlefield were only slightly stunned before they realized what had happened, as everyone knew what they were fighting for this time. Even in the midst of such a fierce engagement, their cheers could be heard even up in the heavens.

Medusa Lysemeka and the Minotaur Lord Stark beside her both turned their heads towards the north of Ampere Seale.

The light from the explosion made their faces appear stark white. Behind them, the three huge heads of the King of Chaos, Mesika, showed discontent as well. The leftmost head – which resembled a goat’s head – sniffed the air. The rainwater had a foul stench of blood.

“Space is shaking violently.”

“One portal to the north has been lost.”

“Humans are sneaking up behind us. Is this how Varab treats the Lord’s trust?” the three heads spoke at the same time.

The head that looked like a lizard was calmer, while the goat head looked very smart. Only the human head had a tyrannical expression. Mesika, the King of Chaos, was a famous lord of hell, but his biggest enemy was the dark elves because Varab, the King of Deceit studied more about humans. Nearly all the demons that were sent to deal with human sorcerers belonged to him.

Very few demons liked a lord who was as weak as a wizard. It was said that he was a human in his previous life, unlike Mesika, who was born tens of thousands of years ago in the Sulfur River, with chaos flowing through his body.

Lady Medusa Lysemeka didn’t dare to answer.

Mesika didn’t have the heart to listen to their conversation. The huge creature suddenly moved, it’s entire body becoming translucent. The next moment, it had completely disappeared.

“He went there… ” Lysemeka was relieved.

“Shall we check it out as well?” The Minotaur lord still looked frightened.

Lysemeka gave him a cold look.

“You fool, our mission is over here.”