Chapter 616 - v4c2p1


Is It Really Okay to Cheat?


“Why are you here?” Brendel asked, feeling a little guilty. “Didn’t you go back to the tribe?”

Thankfully, the girl named Aloz just grunted coldly and didn’t rage and burn the place down. She replied with a frown, “I got the business done. I heard you did something amazing, so I came back to check on you, though I hardly expected to see such an obscene sight.”

“What obscene sight?” Brendel blanked.

“Ahem.” Amandina coughed violently behind him as if trying to hack her lungs out.

The little female dragon looked back and saw everyone staring at her in silence. She was very displeased. “What are you guys doing here? Can’t you see I’m talking to this guy? I don’t like to be watched like an animal, especially by humans. And the Buga Mage right there– what are you laughing at, are you not human?”

She humphed, “Get out, all of you!”

Though she looked like a loli, there was no dissonance between her tone and her appearance. Her arrogance felt natural, and especially when paired with her imposing golden eyes, she was intimidating.

She possessed a natural authority, and her aura made her seem even more entitled than a king.

“Since when did you have this habit?” Brendel was slightly startled; he remembered that the little female dragon didn’t use to have so many problems back in the forest.

But his idiotic question was only met with a vicious glare.

“I’ll leave this in your hands, Lord.” Amandina looked at her lord with some sympathy. She could not help but shake her head, and took her leave, leading the others out. And after her was Tulman, this great scholar was smiling oddly and unfazed by the little female dragon’s arrogance- probably because it was not the first time the Silver Folk had dealt with the Golden Folk, and he could bear with it.

Finally, the two SIlver Elves and Medissa bowed respectfully to Aloz and left the room.

Soon there was only Brendel and the little female dragon left in the room, and of course, Romaine who was deep asleep. The little female dragon poked her finger in the merchant lady’s soft face in an attempt to wake this creature up. But she was quickly defeated.

“Ugh, Brendel get your claws off me and let me sleep for a while,” Romaine mumbled in her sleep as she casually pushed Aloz’s hand away as if it was a mosquito.

Aloz however kept, poking Romaine’s face as if she had found a new toy and said, “You have such an interesting fiancee, just let her stay here.”

“Don’t treat people like toys without permission.” Brendel replied. Even though Aloz was a fellow female- no, a female dragon, he still got jealous. Little Romaine’s face is only for me to touch.

“I didn’t know you were so protective, you’re obviously a pervert.”

The little female dragon let go of Romaine and sat down beside Brendel. She gently picked up a grape from a crystal plate and peeled it carefully. Then she tossed it into Brandel’s mouth, “Is it good?”

“Since when did I get an extra title?” Brendel chewed as he suspiciously stared at the little female dragon. She was treating him abnormally well, which gave him an ominous feeling. While it was unlikely that Aloz had anything to ask of him, he just felt like this was the calm before the storm.

Have I offended her in any way?

He wondered to himself.

“Exposing yourself naked to the opposite sex is considered perverted for humans, right?” The little female dragon replied without hesitation.

“Shit!” Brendel could not believe what he had just heard.

He instantly knew what the female dragon was talking about. He quickly looked to the equipment panel, and saw that except for the Elemental Bracelet, Flame Ring, Serpent Ring, Flame Star, Blood Shin Armor and The Witch’s Tear, all of the amulets got an additional tag behind their names: Completely Broken, Unrepairable.

The rest of the equipment that was gold-ranked or higher were also in a similar condition: Broken, Repairable. Among them, only the Godslayer Cone, Harlan Gaia, and the Dimension Space were safe and sound.

At that moment Brendel understood what had happened. He had survived the Titan’s attack, but unfortunately, his equipment was gone. It was an enormous loss since the cultists hadn’t given him enough compensation.

A bunch of equipment was completely destroyed. All the equipment he had was the best equipment of the first chapter, and there were even a few pieces that could be considered super-versions. He hadn’t even used some materials and the Rock Mercenaries’ Necklace and it had already turned to dust. It was a good thing that the Five-headed Lizard’s Egg and the Stone of Order, which could upgrade the territory, had been left in Valhalla, or else he would’ve hung himself.

Though if these magical equipment were not spared, he did not expect his clothes to be intact from a lightning bolt of that intensity. Brendel could not help but ask, somewhat shakily, “Who was the first one to get to me?”

“Of course it’s me.”

“You did not see anything, did you?”

“I did not see much of it.” The little female dragon smiled sweetly, yet it made his hairs stand on end. “Except for a burnt black body with its hair and eyebrows all burnt off, it was hilarious! Oh yeah, and someone else’s disgusting thing.”

Brendel was so embarrassed that he wanted to hide in a hole. “You-”

“Don’t you know to turn away, you’re a girl.”

“If I turned away, a certain somebody would be at the land of the dead by now. As someone so weak, you really don’t know what can save your life.” Aloz mocked, “And, do you avoid monkeys without fur?”

“You can’t compare me with that, I’m human.”

“Doesn’t look any different to me.” The little female dragon replied casually. Brendel then remembered that the other party was a dragon, and could not help but feel a little traumatized. She’s not necessarily wrong, either. At least the Golden Folk viewed the Black Dwarves much more favorably than humans viewed monkeys.

So Aloz was being kind to his ego by saying that. Though of course, Brendel did not want this kind of kindness.

But what bothered him was that the little female dragon said that all his hair and brows were burned off. He didn’t want to become bald. Although he did not care much about his image, that was a little much.

But the little female dragon seemed to have read his mind, and snorted, “Don’t worry, I got it back for you. I don’t want a pervert as a toy, I’m not like Vessia.”

Brendel did not know who Vessia was but figured she must be a hardcore fellow. Brendel finally let out a sigh of relief when he heard that he did not turn bald. That was probably the only blessing within a curse. He sighed, “Thank you, Aloz, this is the second time you saved me.”

“It’s okay, you can be my slave to repay me.”

Don’t even think about it. Brendel thought. At the same time he asked, “Speaking of which, how did you save me? If I remember correctly, dragons don’t have healing spells, right?”

He was under the impression that dragons were proficient in ancient string magic and were known for their destructive powers, but he had never heard of one that excelled in Sosei Spells.

Unless she’s a freak.

“It’s really not that difficult.” Aloz sat on the edge of the bed, peeled another grape, and tossed it into her mouth. She replied with a smile.”Though it was a bit tedious to open someone else’s Dimensional Space.”

“Dimensional Space?”

“Wait, what are you saying?”

Brendel immediately had an uncanny thought. He immediately opened his Dimensional Space to check, and sure enough, he found that the remaining bottle of Health Potion No.1 was gone.

“You……” Brendel was speechless. After all this time, she was using his own stuff to save him. But how did she know I had a Health Potion? He could not help but stare at Aloz suspiciously.

“Don’t be so stingy, it’s more important to save you life, right?” The little female dragon comforted him. “Besides, it wasn’t easy saving you. I don’t know what ability you used, but somehow you were still alive despite that your body functions were a mess. Though, saving you was difficult.”

“Especially since your heart function was completely failing.” Aloz said proudly, “So I changed it for you.”

“What did you change?” Brendel had a bad feeling about this instantly.

“Well, the best option was undoubtedly to replace it with the Golden Heart.”