Chapter 654 - v4c38 Dominance Over all Professions(1)

v4c38 Dominance Over all Professions(1)

“The Elements are Laws. How can you touch The Elemental Barrier when you cannot control your own power yet? Simply put, you have to be at least a full-fledged Planeswalker to continue on this path. I have been wondering how you could reach the level of Elemental Activation, Brendel, when you have been using nothing more than other people’s decks and are an apprentice at best.” Sanorso looked at him with doubt.

A possibility flashed through Brendel’s mind: it might be because he had two souls. As one half, Sophie inherited the Planeswalker’s heritage and as another half, Brendel inherited the Darkness Dragon’s bloodline. The more he thought about it, the more he felt that it was a possibility, and he raised his thick eyebrows.

“So, what should I do?” he asked, “Lord Sanorso.”

“How should I know? I’m not a Planeswalker.” The Elf lady shrugged and glared at Brendel. “But you, as a Planeswalker’s apprentice, how come you act like a half-wit in every way? Is this how all Planeswalkers teach their apprentices? No wonder there are fewer and fewer heirs to this legacy.”

Brendel did not know how to respond. When he first activated the Elemental Pool,  Tuman only told him the history of this legacy with how the Matatanias used this ability. Now that he thought about it, Tuman was just teaching him an introductory technique as time was running out so that he could deal with Count Teste’s pursuit.

After all, one had to live to learn future knowledge.

Later, in Kelsie’s tomb, the Deer Demon taught him advanced combat techniques, and although she also talked about the importance of pursuing one’s power, she did not go into that much detail. All that said, it seemed as if there was nothing wrong with what the Wind Empress had mentioned, and how he looked like a half-wit on the path of the Planeswalker.

Still, Brendel gave it some thought and said, “Well, actually, I’m not completely clueless…”


“Tuman once told me that perfecting the rules of the world begins with constructing your base deck,” he said. “He said, ‘In fact, from the moment you touched the first Card of Fates, you have revealed your deck of Cards of Fates.’ My deck was ‘Dominance Over all Professions’…” Brendel was a little embarrassed to say this term, but fortunately, the Wind Empress had not noticed this at all. She just looked at Brendel with a deep gaze. “So your heritage came from that guy-”

Brendel nodded, “It seems I misinterpreted his meaning. I started the path of knighthood in the beginning, but did not continue on that path after that. Instead, I blindly enriched the ‘world’.”

“You’re able to recognize that now?” The Wind Empress raised her eyebrows slightly. “It seems that after bringing forth that woman to speak to you, you should have noticed something, right?”

Brendel sweated profusely.

He certainly knew that the shameless woman Sanorso was talking about was Elaine, the Deer Demon. He coughed. “Pretty much, so I probably understand how I should become a full-fledged Planeswalker.”

“How do you plan to do that?” Sanorso asked.

Brendel was silent for a moment.

Although this was a decision that had already been made during the first battle of Ampere Seale, he was still a bit reluctant when it came down to it. After all, it was a painful thing to give up the power that was already at hand.

But one path could lead to the pinnacle of supremacy, and one path had already reached the summit. Brendel understood how he should choose. “I guess now I’ll go back to the original path. Become an apprentice again, and then form my Law.”

“I see,” the Wind Empress gave a slightly appreciative look. “It seems you’re still the same Brendel I know who isn’t blinded by power.”

She paused for a moment and asked, “What about it? You plan to do it now?”

“Of course. Freya’s still up there waiting for me,” Brendel replied, and then he waved his hand.

At that moment, it seemed as if a world as deep and profound as the cosmos formed behind him. This scene was the same as when Brendel saw Tuman that day, except that his world was far less solid and vast than that Elemental Emperor’s, as if it could wrap the entire world in it.

Countless colorful lights flew out of this world.

The silver deck of cards, Unicorn Knight – Medissa.

The Highland Mage, Ciel.

The Pristine Archangels.

The Sun’s Blade.

The Golden Battle Flag.

The cards that belonged to him floated before him side by side in order like the stars in the galaxy. And farther away, in Coldwood Castle, on Gers Beach. Amid the forests of Port Gris and the Mirtai region.

The apprentices in the Archmages’ towers suddenly noticed Ciel, who was at the podium, had disappeared without a trace in a blink. The Tree Elves who were talking to their commander lost sight of the Silver Elf Princess in the next instant. Morpheus found Andrea, who was before him, was dissolving into nothingness. As soon as he rose to his feet, he disappeared along with the Vampire’s daughter in front of everyone.

And all over the city of Coldwood, one by one, the Mercenaries of Lopes became transparent. They looked at each other before seemingly melting in the sunlight.

The Echelonius Spellweaver, the Glorious Trumpeter, the Fireclaw Lizardmen…

The Covenants who had responded to Brendel’s call were converging to where Brendel was at the same moment. One by one, Brendel examined them. While Ciel and Medissa were on the cards, they were so lifelike that it was as if they were right in front of him.

Behind Brendel, a small world made up of the Sacred Tree Secret Place, Roshar’s Bazaar, Rougen’s Swamp, Ember’s Volcano, Nest of Storms, and other locations emerged from a void.

This tiny little world seemed to represent all of Brendel’s power.

Sanorso the Wind Empress watched this scene in silence, and she could not help but marvel internally. This was the power of the Planeswalker, but a mere apprentice had already mastered the world’s most central rule – owning their world.

Furthermore, they would truly become the rulers of the world.

Sometimes she did not understand why there would be Planeswalkers in this world. They seemed to be outside of Marsha’s rules, but they had not been attacked by Marsha’s Law of Tiamat. Their origin was a mystery that had stumped people for thousands of years. What was the meaning of their existence?

She narrowed her eyes as she watched everything unfold.

However, Brendel had already made his final preparations. With a wave of his hand, that small world crumbled apart. He frowned slightly as if he could see his Elemental Pool collapse into nothingness, the power of countless Elements mixing and converging into a single point. It was as though it was the center of the universe.

But in the darkest depths, energy, time, and space converged into a single point, giving birth to infinite power.

All the cards were scattered to the wind.

“Lord, hurry up and stabilize your power. You’re about to lose control over us!” Medissa’s voice was heard echoing in the air.

“Remain calm, my Lord,” Ciel said. “I trust you.”

Brendel nodded.

He stretched his arms out before himself. The deep space behind him seemed to expand infinitely, forming a universe that was being re-birthed. He said calmly, “I stipulate that this Law is born from it.”

“The glorious knight with his trumpet flag trudges through the wilderness of Libusa, the wind and dust do not encroach upon his steadfast face, his will is as strong as a blade.”

“This is the Farland Knight, glorifying him and his followers with the power of holiness.”

“He shall, first of all, have the territory,”

Brendel proclaimed. Roshar’s bazaar fell into his hands as if gold had fallen from the sky. It fell into that dark universe and immediately formed land of prosperity, where plants grew in profusion on the golden soil, first meadows grew from the soil, then trees bore boughs, and in the blink of an eye, green trees.

Then migrating travelers arrived, and humans felled trees to build cities in a flash. A town of carriages and horses appeared before Brendel and Sanorso.

The Plains of Gem then preceded the town forming rich lands with flowing waters that seem to bring wealth from the distant heavens. The Nest of Storm formed the backdrop, with the distant mountains stretching out.

The scene was familiar, but for Brendel, it was especially different. With the power gifted to him by Tuman, he must have meditatively finally caught up with the call of the Law.

It was not the Planeswalker’s creation of the world.

Rather, it was Marsha’s approval.

Brendel’s heart trembled.

What he was talking about was the Farland Knight. His favorite knight in the Amber Sword, unlike the other knights who were either long on sturdiness or long on offense. The Farland Knight itself had balanced abilities. Offensive and defensive, and also possessing divine abilities, he was not as swift and fierce as a warrior. He was not as fast as a warrior, not as strong as a priest, not as able to forge a shield, but he was a perfect example of a knight.

The Farland Knight shared glory with his followers.

He made the Roshar’s Bazaar, the Plains of Gem, and the Nest of Storms as the source of strength for his profession as a knight, then continued, “He shall have followers.”

Followers were the core ability of the Farland Knight.

The Farland Knight gained the summoning ability at the fifteenth level, allowing him to summon a group of followers above the battlefield, and whenever the Farland Knight leveled up, these followers leveled up as well. The Farland Knight is not long on offense, but are very good at teamwork as a standard aura and command role.

Brendel looked upwards.

A card fell from above.

The Mercenaries of Lopes.

But this familiar card had completely changed in Brendel’s eyes, first, it had become a silver rare quality card, its attributes had changed drastically, and apart from the still familiar pattern, even the name had been completely changed:

White City Pioneer

Long Song II

Wind 5

[Spell – Instant]

Pay 20 EP (Knights), the Farland Knight made a call to place a squad of twelve Mercenaries of Lopes into play.

Sustained, the Mercenaries of Lopes (white derivatives equivalent to the Farland Knight’s level -10) will be maintained until the next day’s reset moment.

“Since the 172nd year of the first age, the Mercenaries of Lopes have been known for their valor as well as their outstanding loyalty.”

“Ah,” even though the card was chosen by Brendel himself, he could not help but gasp. when he saw it. He stared at the card, the prints of the Raban and Ferlarn were very distinct, but this card was no longer the same Mercenaries of Lopes from before.

What is going on here? 

Brendel could not believe that a card that originally belonged to The Alliance of City-states would somehow be added to the Long Song. And it had drastically reduced the payment cost, yet it had turned into a summoning spell card.

He was slightly startled and was puzzled, but at the same time, he suddenly heard Sanorso whispering a ‘huh’ to herself. At that moment Brendel also felt a fluctuation of energy.

They both raised their heads at the same time.

A seven-colored curtain of light suddenly vibrated in front of Brendel, opening a door of light from it. The scene was déjà vu, and Brendel was about to call out the name, but a man in a silver robe had already walked out from behind the door.

“I told you we’d meet again.”

“When you officially become a Planeswalker.”


“Tuman!” Before Brendel could even open his mouth, the Wind Empress had already screamed out in one breath.