Chapter 661 - The Growth of Valhalla (1)

The Growth of Valhalla (1)

Another half month had passed since the princess’ messenger had returned from Lantonilan with the news. The month of the Moon of the Scrolls was an important one to the Buga people of the silver city-state when the White Tower rang its bells to announce the arrival of the month that belonged to knowledge and wisdom, and the mages would publicly test their students in the White Marble Square of the Gata or Nechidi, lulling the entire silver city-state into a tense but orderly atmosphere.

But to the Aouine countrymen far away in Trentheim, it was merely a month that was becoming hotter and hotter; the crops in the fields were beginning to draw their leaves, and the hues across Firbur seemed to rotate to a pleasing shade of blue – even as the Astrologers and scholars of places like Braggs and Ampere Seale argued that July in whether or not there should be a connection to the human capacity for logic within the system of this world of Vaunte, its proponents and opponents argued on their own, but the fact was that the millicenters for production and life for the majority of the population of this kingdom were built three months ago.

“So how many of these arrow towers do you think we need? Monica?”

“If built on the plaza here on the top floor, only eight would be enough to cover the entire area at present. On the second ring, 20 would be needed. And if it is built on the bottom of the Rootstalk, I’m afraid it will require seventy or more, and besides, if the Lord chooses the last option since Lord Odum is building a wall somewhere, it will take a lot of time-”

The outer ring road that Monica was speaking of was actually a layer area on the outside of the trunk of the World Tree, and the entire World Tree formed three zones after it had fully matured, with the central five hundred meter diameter plaza being the highest and most central area, with almost all of the functional buildings surrounding this huge plaza.

There were two levels of such a ring around the World Tree from top to bottom, with the lower level leading to the upper level, and the upper level connecting to the hollow inner hall of the World Tree against the tree wall.

This area was undulating, about two to three thousand meters in diameter, with many flat spaces formed on top, connected by roots as wide as an avenue.

However, there was nothing in the lower city, but a certain descendant of the Rune Dwarves had a sudden idea to build an artificial fortress in this area.

This was the first time Brendel had heard of this idea, and he couldn’t help but straighten up and ask, “Odum plans to build another wall in the lower city? Wait, is he crazy? What if Valhalla expands further?”

“My lord, the core area of Valhalla will be stable for a while after it reaches its current diameter. After all, the World Tree Fortress isn’t going to grow endlessly.” Monica replied.

“What about the future?” Brendel still found it somewhat mind-boggling. The last time that guy later said that he was going to build an ‘invincible city’ without a gate he thought he should have sensed the problem, but he did not expect Odum to be even more lawless this time.

But Monica obviously had a different view from him: “My Lord, the World Tree Fortress is a magic territory. Perhaps you haven’t seen its magic yet, but you don’t need to worry, even if it will continue to expand in the future, it won’t affect the old city in the slightest, and in the worst case, you can just expand the lower city then.”

“Really?” Brendel frowned. Speaking of territories, not to mention Valhalla’s level of territory, he had never seen a player’s mass magic territory before, and he was still a complete novice in this area.

“Of course, if every time Valhalla expands, the entire territory overturns and starts over. How can such a World Tree Fortress be called the strongest fortress from before the last era.” Monica replied proudly.

“The strongest fortress?” Brendel caught the qualifier keenly. He had thought the somewhat naturally dull light spirit was boasting, but Monica nodded seriously at his question, “My Lord you must not know the history of this territory, once you know why it was built, you will understand that what Monica said is true.”

“What is its history?” Brendel narrowed his eyes and asked curiously.

Monica was slightly stunned, and suddenly changed her appearance and replied in a mechanical tone: “Valhalla, Palace of Gold Asgard, Ideal Town Avalon and the five fortresses of Ultras were originally replicas of Ebabel Tower. They were activated in turn after the Twilight War, but as far as I know Palace of Gold Asgard, Ideal Town Avalon have all been completely destroyed, and Valhalla has only one backup left, with Ultras nowhere to be found.”

“But as a replica of the final battlefield Ebabel, even though it is only a backup, the surviving Valhalla already symbolizes the highest masterpiece of a civilization of that era.”