Chapter 690 - v4c69p2 The Mage Tower

v4c69p2 The Mage Tower

Medissa’s eyes lit up slightly, looking very strange, “I feel faint magic, like a magical mark. How did you know there was something here, Lord?”

But apparently, Brendel was not going to answer her question for the time being, so he took the torch from the side of Scarlet and shone it at Medissa. The fire immediately imprinted the Silver Elf Princess’ shadow to the ground, and the others were stunned as they followed Brendel’s gaze.

Because they saw that the shadow behind Medissa had distinctly extra pairs of what seemed like translucent wings.

“Is this ……?” Filas could not help but gape a little.

I knew it. Brendel thought to himself. Out of all of them, only Laurenna was keenly aware of the change in his expression, and she immediately asked, “Mister, did you realize something?”

Brendel let out a sigh of relief before nodding and answering, “Demonic spirits don’t gather somewhere for no reason, and the origin of this place actually has a bit of a connection to the Black Tower Mage of Karsuk.”

“The Black Tower Mage?” Now even Ciel was slightly stunned, knowing that, by the way, he was once considered a member of the Black Tower Mage.

Brendel smiled slightly, this time he was not lying, this could only be a coincidence. The background of this place within the game did come from the Black Tower Mages, “The Black Tower Mages are the most powerful mage organization within Aouine, and just like many other places, their curiosity for secrets and knowledge is unparalleled. Like the Buga Mages, the Black Tower Mages have traveled to every ruin in the kingdom in search of those lost secrets. This mysterious forest is naturally no exception.”

“My lord, you’re saying that the Black Tower Mages once sent an investigation team into this forest, and here ……” Laurenna reacted.

“It’s pretty much as you guessed, but slightly different.” Brendel replied as he recalled what the Raiders had written about this area, “The Black Tower Mages have entered this forest more than once in their centuries of history, and with the exception of the dangerous area in the center, they can be said to have known this area for a long time.”

He looked at Laurenna and added, “You don’t think that guy Arreck would simply rush into this forest, he must be surrounded by people who know this forest as well as I do, maybe that guy is also a Black Tower Mage.”

“But aren’t the Black Tower Mages and the Highland Knight allies, Brendel you ……” asked Freya with some confusion.

“There are all kinds of birds in the woods, and not all Black Tower Mages abide by the Tower agreement.” Ciel explained immediately.

“Exactly,” continued Brendel, “but that’s not what we’re discussing here. Back then, the Black Tower Mages were supposed to have come here in order to destroy a certain very powerful demonic item, and they hoped to use one of the formations here to completely destroy that demonic item from Jorgendy Ridge-”

He paused, “But there were traitors in the team at the time, and some mages were tempted by the demonic power, and the entire operation was ultimately a failure. It is said that the demonic item exploded violently on the phalanx, blasting the nearly one hundred Black Tower mages and apprentices accompanying them into flying ash, and the souls of these people were eroded by the dark magic, gradually forming the demonic spirits wandering the place.”

“Nearly a hundred mages?” Laurenna sucked in a breath of cold air somewhat incredulously, she could well imagine how tragic the scene was.

The others each had a somewhat serious look on their faces as well.

But Brendel just laughed, the whole incident was actually not as terrifying as they imagined, if the Black Tower Wizard hung nearly a hundred official mages at once, the organization would have been close to falling apart. There was actually only twelve official mages including the traitor, and most of the others were apprentices.

But what the demonic spirit left behind was indeed the truth, he continued, “Of course the demonic item was said to have gone up in smoke in the explosion as well, but the Black Tower Wizard still set up an observation post in the area for insurance purposes. This outpost was said to have been in use for nearly a hundred years, and was abandoned only in the last century.”

“Observation post?” Filas froze and couldn’t help but look around, “How come I didn’t see it, has it been removed?”

“Of course not, the mages’ observation posts will not be the common fortress outposts you’d normally see” At this time Maynild, who had not spoken up, suddenly said, “Brendel, you were looking for the location of that outpost earlier, weren’t you?”

Brendel nodded.

“That magical bit-marker is a guide point, and the Mages’ literature says the outpost should be next to that cedar, in the direction the shadow of the wings behind Medissa is pointing.”

“But I don’t see anything.” Filas looked over there, “Could that thing be in the sky?”

Brendel stared at the guy a little speechlessly, now that he was starting to believe a little of this guy’s luck. He did not expect it to be exactly what he had said.

He looked up and replied, “Yes, the post is exactly in the sky. We need to find a way to summon it down.”

“Summon it down?” Laurenna frowned, “I see, it will help us deal with these demons right? Since the Mages have built such a Sentinel Tower, its own purpose is to guard against these demonic spirits.”

“Exactly.” Brendel was slightly impressed. But he understood that actually, the female knight from Kirrlutz was not entirely right and that there was often more than one way to pass through many plot areas in the Amber Sword. There was still a way he could sneak through the valley without attracting the attention of the spirits, but Brendel was not about to give up such a large amount of experience, not to mention that if the records on the walkthrough were not false, the Sentinel Tower was supposed to be one of the treasure locations in this replica.

This mission would have been an extra bonus.

But naturally, these words could not be said, so he turned back and said, “Ciel, you should know the spell used by the Black Tower Mages to summon the Mage Tower.”

Ciel immediately nodded and replied in his mind, “I forgot quite a few after the transfer, but at least I remember one or two. After all, the Black Tower Mages were originally part of the Buga people.”

“That’s good,” Brendel looked at the spirits in the distance and began to give orders, “It takes some time to summon the Sentinel Tower, however, once the spell begins to be cast, the spirits there will find us. Therefore, while Ciel summons the Sentinel, the others’ task is to protect him when he is completing the task.”

As soon as Brendel spoke, it was like a battle signal, Maynild, Freya, Laurenna, and Filas, as well as the guards, immediately drew their swords, and Scarlet and Medissa also picked up their lances. All of them subconsciously arranged themselves in a semi-circle around the Silver Elf Princess’ current position.

With a look of satisfaction, Brendel also drew his Halran Gaia and warned, “Demons have a simple way of attacking, they rarely fight physically, but be aware that their attacks can penetrate solid armor. Also beware of their spells, Medissa and Scarlet, you stay behind to protect the caster and Haruz, while the others try to approach them quickly. ”


“Ciel, you begin.”

The young mage squire nodded, he stood behind Medissa and felt the location of the magical mark, then raised his staff and began to chant the spell to summon the wizard tower. And the not-so-high pitched incantation seemed to be a striking signal in the darkness, and suddenly, everyone saw the stars in the forest stop slightly.

Then they rose abruptly into the air, as if searching for the source of this spell, hovered over the forest, turned around, and came this way.

“The literature says that although most demonic spirits were brilliant sorcerers in their lifetime, they have long forgotten that profound knowledge. The spells they specialize in are nothing more than the use of pure dark magic. This out-of-order power doesn’t last too far away, and they usually launch their first spell attack from a hundred feet away.” Medissa was the first to voice a warning as she looked at the clusters of light.

The demonic spirits floating in the darkness were extremely fast and had now arrived close by. It was only when everyone could see their image, these glowing clusters of light in the darkness looked like the image of a half-human, half-elf creature, they still retained their appearance in life, but their faces and chests were covered with patterns of dark magical erosion, there were no eyeballs in their eyes, only blackness.

This terrifying appearance left a deep impression on everyone, and Haruz was so frightened to the point that he let out a low cry.

“One hundred and forty-one feet to be exact.” Brendel looked in that direction and raised his sword, “Estimate the distance yourself.”

The demonic spirits had stopped at the edge of the forest, not far from what Brendel remembered, which also happened to be the farthest range of their spells. These ugly creatures raised their hands, ugly and pointy and long from the magical distortion, and from these slender fingertips, a jet of black flame suddenly burst forth.

These black flames that were like tentacles intertwined together, and at that moment it was like a black net covering down from the sky, and it looked like it would envelop everyone.