Chapter 725 - v4c101 Eternity (2)

Chapter 725 v4c101 Eternity (2)

“Knight Brund, do you see that crack to the west, you lead the eighth echelon to go around and behind that and close in on that cavalry from the side.” Freya suddenly looked back at a broken glacier to the west and said to Brund beside her. The shattered glacier undulated across the entire snowfield, refracting the afternoon sunlight, glittering beneath the ice. Brund looked in that direction, finding it somewhat incomprehensible: “Why it’s impossible to catch up from that direction.”

“Yes, Knight Brund, your task is to make force them to change direction and make those Halflings flee to the north, preferably to the northeast.” Freya replied.

“What’s to the east?” Brund mentally froze and subconsciously looked in that direction, but in his field of vision, the east was the same endless glacier as the north – the edge of the glacier shone under the clear sky as if it were the edge of a mirror, blinding his eyes. He could not help but squint his eyes, with a little suspicion.

“Brund, it’s the wind.” Little Pero on his horse seemed to come back to his sense, “The wind, the wind is blowing from the northwest.”

No one present was a fool. Brund immediately understood, he watched the ice and dust blown by the wind on the glacier slowly traveled in their direction. He could not help but was extremely amazed for a moment: the wind was blowing from the northwest, meaning that direction could be a mountain pass, while the north and east were highly likely to be the direction of the mountain pass. These things were not learned in the tactics class of the nobles, and could only be considered common sense. But to be able to keenly perceive and use this to make a judgment at this time was not something that everyone can think of.

“The guy in front probably sensed this early on, I don’t think the opposing commander fled in this direction to put his fate into the hands of Lord Marsha,” Little Pero further analyzed, and he looked at Freya with some admiration, his voice getting interrupted by the wind: ” We sealed his retreat, and they will not sit still. Lady Freya, you are trying to force them to turn back and fight us to death, right?”

The young lady was slightly stunned as she had yet to think about that, but she had a vague intuition that if she did so the other party may turn back. But as a commander, she had at least learned how to maintain her majesty and nodded gently.

“I understand.” Brund nodded his head with some excitement. No one wanted to follow the command of a loser, especially for them, mere mediocrity was intolerable. But with the thought of a perfect victory coming soon, these young men from Kirrlutz could not help but feel excited. To be precise, this was their first-ever battle.

Across the glacier, the Kirrlutzian knights and Aloz managed to suppress the Halflings together. The Enkhor cavalry under Arreck was stranded on the ice with hardly being able to show any signs of resistance. Blood flowed from the bodies of the Halfling cavalry, which instantly froze into a pool of red ice. The tenth echelon led by Roji and the other seven echelons were fighting the final closing battle, which meant that this final was coming to an end.

When Kuwu saw a cavalry with a swallowtail flag splitting from the chasing soldiers behind him and entering the shadow of the broken glacier, he realized the intentions of the other commander. He was waiting for this opportunity in fact. He had thirty-four escorting knights with him, all of them good lads among the Enkhor, the most elite soldiers among the Halfling cavalry of Duke Arreck. On the other side, the other party’s cavalry echelon had only ten or so men. He did not believe that four times the number was not enough to settle these cavalrymen of unknown origin.

Seeing the opponent’s commander who still dared to split her troops, the Halfling knight could not help but sneer. In his opinion, Freya made the right choice, but it was also a wrong choice in a sense- their opponent was too arrogant, or their own initial frantic fleeing succeeded in creating an illusion for the opponent to think that they were weak and bullyable. Kuwu was satisfied with the situation he had created, but he did not rush to order his men to turn back. These Halfling knights who were willing to fight alongside him and did not scatter were his most trusted subordinates. Good steel was used on the edge of the sword, and so, Kuwu waited. He waited for Brund’s cavalry to get far away enough from Freya.

He cunningly pretended to continue fleeing and redirected to the north as Freya had hoped, and it looked like the Kirrlutz knight had fallen for it. He saw Brund’s cavalry get around the broken glacier and finally realized he had waited for his chance of a lifetime.

In fact, he knew very well that at this moment the Halfling cavalry’s dwarf stallions were almost near the end of their physical capacity. They could only support one more charge at most, but that would be enough. Kuwu blew a whistle, only to see the Halfling cavalry accompanying him turn a corner in the ice field to face Freya and her first echelon in unison.

“Sure enough, here they come!” Seeing the scene in front of him, little Pero shouted. Freya was relieved to see the Halfling cavalry turn their horses around. Her opponent only had to run forward a short distance to approach the limit of interference magic, but fortunately, it looked like Lord Marsha was still on their side. She raised her longsword high: “Prepare for battle!”

The Halfling cavalry was one of the most special cavalries in Vaunte. They were not a heavy cavalry that was good at shocking formations, these cavalry on dwarf stallions and even war dogs were best at medium to close range battles, to be precise, they were a spear-throwing cavalry.

The two parties launched a dueling charge on the ice field, the distance gradually shortened to the point where they could see each other’s tensed expression. Both human and Halfling knights, at a sudden whistle from the cavalry of Kuwu, altogether they threw their spears forward and rain of short spears poured into the thin line of Kirrlutzian knights more than ten meters away. But the expected scene of people and horses falling over did not appear, the human knights held out colorful light shields suddenly one after another. The short spears hit those light shields and immediately broke into two wood chips flying.

Kuwu’s heart sank when he saw this scene. He did not make a mistake, it was just that as a noble private soldier’s leader, he had probably never imagined the big difference between his men and the continent’s strongest Empire’s most elite knights. Such ignorance sometimes had to be made up of one’s life.

After a round of spear throwing, the Kirrlutzians were unharmed. On the flat snowy plains, there was no second chance for anyone once the two cavalries launched their first charges against each other. Probably having seen the end, the morale of the elite Enkhor escort knights fell, but the pride they had accumulated in the past made them gave them the determination to raise their weapons still.

Looking from above, the Kirrlutzian knights led by Freya looked like a single silver blade, stabbing into the heart of the Halfling cavalry.

“This is the end of them!”

Brund saw this scene before he tightened the reins and stopped. The battle had only just begun, but he already knew the outcome. The blonde knight said with some regret, “It’s a pity I can’t join the battle myself.”

“Don’t worry, isn’t that guy, Arreck, still alive? If you clean up the battlefield faster, you might still have a chance.” One of the knights behind said excitedly. The Flame King once said that cavalries were unstoppable, ambition and fervor were their hallmarks, and just seeing the battlefield would be enough to excite these young men.

“Ha, well said!”

The knights were discussing among themselves. Brund looked back and seemed to see a flash of light on the horizon. He rubbed his eyes, almost thinking he was hallucinating as sunlight reflected on the ice often caused snow blindness, so sometimes the refraction of light was possible in causing illusions.

But Brund’s heart was uneasy, he turned to the others and said, “Did you see anything?”

“What is it?”

“Just in that direction, do you not see? There seems to be a blue light……” Brund asked with some doubt.

“Blue light?”


“You probably saw it wrong, Brund.”

Brend shrugged, “Probably.” But as soon as he said that, someone in the group screamed: “Oh my God, look over there!” Brund was stunned and he immediately turned back alertly. but At the moment he turned to look, his complexion changed.

Marsha above, what the hell is this……


The silent cave was covered with ice and snow, ten thousand years of unbroken ice formed the eerie blue walls with glaciers sinking downward, forming strips of patterns and texture. In the dark caves, the natural formation of holes crisscrossed, however, among this work of nature, there were piles of many artificial things.

If one looked closely, one will find many boxes of goods from Kirrlutz, with eagle emblems on the top that indicated they were once military supplies. On the other side, there were many barrels from Vallendaren, Lantonilan, and even places further away. These barrels and crates were filled with all kinds of food, and if someone came here, they would think they had mistakenly entered the underground storeroom of some frost giant.

But this was a real Dragon’s lair.

In here, one would not see glittering gold coins, bejeweled ornaments, valuable art, gold and silver vessels, or even the Dragons’ favorite dazzling gems, except for food. There were corned beef, salami, frozen fish, sour cheese, bread, fruits, jars of honey, and candies that piled on top of each other.

But this cave, which seemed like a witch’s candy house, was indeed the very hiding place of the young Frost Dragon Shitah.