Chapter 739 - Eternity (16)

Chapter 739 Eternity (16)

Just as Brendel’s group began to move, on the other hand, Freya was struggling to move through the silvery gray forest. They have reunited with Brund’s men for a day and a half, but this did not change their situation in any way, the forest had endlessly increasing numbers of Pale Sons. In order to deal with these terrible beasts, they had to flee along the forest to the northwest.

After hastily eating some unpalatable dry food in the early morning, the scouts found the traces of white wolves on the outskirts of the forest again, and the team had to pull out once again. Marquis Yoakam and that monster seemed to have a great interest in them and kept chasing after them.

But the most frightening thing was still the monster.

Freya checked up on Alea who was having a fever and the other knight on the stretcher. The wound on Alea’s neck had started to blacken – the ice pick from those white wolves seemed to have some kind of curse on it that slowed down the healing time and accelerated the decay. Freya herself had many such wounds so she knew it too well, but she did not show that unrelenting pain on the face.

The other knight, who looked completely dehydrated, did nothing more than block the silver monster, and his entire body seemed as if it had been drained of flesh and blood.

Freya saw with her own eyes that the human-like silver monster was surrounded by seven or eight Gold-ranked Kirrlutz knights who were covered in wounds, but the monster suddenly pounced on one of them, and after sucking up the man’s flesh and blood, the wounds all over the monster’s body recovered as if they were never there in the first place.

She had never heard of such a terrifying ability, not even from a vampire.

At that time, almost all the knights of that battle did not make their way back, leaving only this one who managed to escape. Afterward, in order to hold off that monster, the whole team left behind more than ten knights, and even Roji, the female knight also died in that battle.

She could not help but glance at little Pero. She did not learn that the female knight was his fiancée until later.

“The wind has stopped.” Little Pero’s face was almost emotionless as he said so while looking at the canopy of trees that gradually stopped swaying. It was the only good news for hours. But the bad news was when there was no wind or snow, the visibility in the woodlands was much better and smells could linger longer.

“But which way should we go exactly, rendezvousing with the Lord Count and Lord Commander of the Army is already impossible, and the other party obviously does not intend to give way to us.” Brund said staring at the rudimentary map drawn on the ground last night. In just two days, his cheeks had become skinnier and deep dark circles had appeared under his eyes.

“Keep moving north,” Maynild replied, “they don’t want us to rendezvous, so we’ll do as they wish.”

The others all nodded. Yoakam should be hoping to weaken Veronica and Brendel’s force, but all those present at the moment knew how strong Brendel’s force was, so strong to the point that the ones here were insignificant. It seemed as if the main force of the knights of the Folded Sword were here already, but there was more potential over there. Freya, Brund, Maynild and little Pero knew that very clearly.

Brendel let Brund lead the Folded Sword knights to leave, not necessarily to go with the other side’s plan, but in that case, it seemed that they might be able to take advantage of that plan.

“Marquis Yoakam is okay, but that monster seems to be crazy, I don’t know what it is trying to do with such a poor pursuit.” Brund took a look at Alea, who was holding on to dear life on a stretcher and could not help but say with some annoyance.

But everyone in the room turned their attention to Freya and she herself frowned. Brund was not sure, but it was clear in the minds of those who were with her since early on that the silver monster was obviously coming for their commander.

But no one knew what exactly was the bloodline of that so-called War Goddess that it was talking about.

“Senior Maynild, do you happen to know something?” Freya, however, turned back to the female knight beside her and asked in a soft voice. Maynild shook her head, “I have not heard the legend about the War Goddess, I only know that this bloodline does seem to be related to you. Brendel should have mentioned it to you, but Brendel and I do not know why that monster knows all this, nor do I know exactly what it has to do with you……”

This is not the first time Maynild has answered this way, Freya could not help but sigh a little anxiously as she opened her backpack and glanced at the slab of stone lying quietly inside.

Brendel had said that this tablet would answer her questions, but so far she had found nothing.

Maynild saw Freya in deep thought, she turned back to the others and said,: “It’s almost dawn, since movement of those white beasts are found in the periphery, it means that they will soon appear in this area. We will just continue to travel in circles along the forest to the northwest to buy time for our Lord and your lord Commander, do you have any other opinions?”

The others did not say anything. During the previous two days of battle, Maynild had demonstrated a remarkable capability of a commander that had not won the respect of these proud young men yet, but had at least won their approval.

“I have a question,” only little Pero thought for a moment and replied, ” What do we do if the silver monster catches up again?”

This question lowered the spirit in the camp to rock bottom, as all of them still remembered the battle last night, in which nearly one-fifth of the knights of the Folded Sword died just to hold off that terrible monster.

Maynild also looked a little hesitant, as sometimes plans were not convincing in front of absolute strength. That silver monster had at least the strength of Elemental Activation, they who were Gold-ranked were no match for it.” Let’s take a step at a time and see what happens.” That’s all she could say.

But it was at that moment that a commotion was heard coming from outside the camp.



Everyone was screaming. “What’s going on?” The young knights present stood up at the same time, pressing one hand on their swords as they looked out, and they saw Freya standing up as if she had been touched by electricity.

The future Valkyrie looked up and saw a ghostly blue stag standing proudly in the middle of the forest, not far outside the camp.

This scene seemed to instantly pull her mind back to the night of the Year of Summer Blossoms and Leaves.

The blue stag looked at the knights in the camp and swung its graceful neck, as if gesturing to everyone, then it turned around and then slowly walked towards the forest.

“Quick, follow it!” Freya seemed as if she just woke up from a dream and hurriedly said to everyone.


Little Pero took a look at that forest and frowned, “Lord Commander, over there is the Holy Cathedral of the Hibernator.”


After the heavy stone door slowly opened, revealing the dark and deep space behind. It looked like an obsidian passage, the whole cross-section of which was trapezoidal in shape, and the surface was covered with a bright red folding line. The ground was deposited with a layer of mist, but with the opening of the stone door from outside to inside blew a surge of cold wind, the mist disappeared, revealing the black ground below.

Arreck moved up the frosty steps, and his eyes first stopped at the sight of those sprawling bones on both sides of the passage. These skeletons were clearly divided into two categories, one side was of tall humanoid creatures, still wearing their pre-life armors with antique designs, covered with patterns that are incompatible with the aesthetic style of this era.

Most of the weapons used by this type of skeleton were either heavy broadswords or battle axes.These dusty weapons still had the aura from a previous era, heavy and thick, as if each one was a divine weapon, but the magic on them has long since fallen apart along with the death of their owners.

But there were still some lucky weapons intact. Arreck passed by these skeletons, picked up a sword and slightly injected magic as he chanted a strange byte, only to see the sword became bright, surrounded by lightning. The Duke threw the sword and it shot out like a beam of lightning, it hit the wall on the side of the passage with a loud noise, and then bounced to the side, leaving a beautiful blue-white line, and hit the floor, igniting sparks, and then flew out of sight.

Devard came closer to see, only to find that not even the slightest scratch was found on the wall where the sword hit it. His facial expression changed and he asked, “What exactly is this Holy Cathedral built with, that previous strike with the increase of that weapon is almost equal to my full power, this wall……”

“This is not a building, Devard.” Arreck replied, “Milos perished here, who built these structures? The Miirnas, or the Kirrlutzians? Neither of them could build them, no, Milos was the subordinate god of Alphonse, the Dragon of Fury, and this is his body……”


“Don’t find it strange. As to why the gods would shape them as humans imagine, the legends of the Miirnas are barely reliable, while the Kirrlutzians have never even experienced those gruesome wars of the past, what do they know?”

“They can claim orthodoxy even before the return of All For One? They are just clowns who have stolen the throne, Odin does not bother to deal with them, but we are not such fools.”

Arreck’s words echoed lowly in the passage, and he slowly passed the skeletons of another class of creatures, which were obviously wolves. But their skeletons were much more massive than their current descendants living on the earth. Each of these wolf skeletons looked like the skeleton of a Dragon, with thick forelimbs, two extraordinarily sharp long teeth, and oddly shaped bony plates with long horns on their skulls, these were the so-called ancient species, the first descendants of Warg Hati.

Arreck admired the skeletons as if they were works of art, but he did not have other intentions, he just walked through them. The group moved slowly along the passage, followed by the All For One’s Order of Dead Knights. After watching for a while, Arreck turned back to the Mage of All For One around him and asked.

“Is this where you unearthed those things at the outskirts?”

“Yes.” The Mage replied respectfully, “This is exactly the same as what is written on the Dark Prophecy, and it also matches some of our canonical texts that said Milos fought a long and drawn-out battle with Warg Hati here, along with the Lord’s second legion.”

“The second legion? Was it the Crystal Wights?”

“No, the Crystal Wights came from the seventh legion, who attacked the Earth Wing at the Ultimate Realm, and could not have appeared in the inner world on a large scale at all.”

“The one who is here should be the Nohs.”

“The Nohs, Warg Hati, that name from the bottom of the abyss, I’m getting curious.” Arreck narrowed his eyes, and a faint wrinkle had begun to appear on his pale face.

“You will soon see one of them.”

As soon as the Mage said that, a hall appeared in Arreck’s field of vision. The empty hall appeared with more skeletons, but in the center of these skeletons was a corpse that attracted everyone’s attention. It looked like a fox, with amazingly beautiful silver fur all over her body, she floated in the center of the hall, eyes closed, if not already lifeless, people might have thought she was just asleep.

“Ember Kovac, this is the eldest daughter of Warg Hati……” Arreck could not help but murmur, “I did not expect her to end up here.”


“Lord, you’d better come and see this.”

After Brendel slowly slid down the ice from above along a layer of gray-white solid ice, he heard Medissa, who had gone down first, shouting from below. He walked around a dense cone of ice and saw Medissa half-kneeling at the entrance to a dark ice path in front of him, with a figure lying beside the Silver Elf Princess, which he first thought was Peya’s brother, but got a little closer to find out otherwise.

It was a skeleton, at least six or seven meters tall, wearing heavy armor, a lowered head, sitting on the ground against the ice wall. Its fatal wound should be on the chest, Brendel noticed that the skeleton’s breastplate had a fist-sized hole in the area of the heart, which was obviously pierced by something.

“This is the skeleton of a Frost Giant.” Brendel took one look at the skeleton’s physique and made a judgment, “It seems that Shitah didn’t lie to us, this path does lead to the Holy Cathedral of the Hibernator.”

“Are they the defenders of this Holy Cathedral?” Medissa asked in a small voice.

“Were.” Brendel replied, “Is that what you want me to see?”

“No, there are more skeletons like it ahead. But not all of them are of Frost Giants, there are some strange corpses that even Miss Shido can’t identify.” The little Silver Elf Princess replied.

“What kind, wolves?”

Seeing Medissa shake her head, Brendel could not help but be curious. It was known that Milos had fought with Warg Hati here, but what other corpses would there be here besides those of Frost Giants and Warg Hati’s children? Humans? It was unlikely as Brendel knew that the scholar lady would never make a mistake in such a matter.

He gestured to Medissa to lead the way, then followed, and soon he found Miss Scholar puzzled among the skeletons.

Shido= was staring at a peculiar corpse in disbelief.

To be precise, it was not a corpse, nor a skeleton, but a puddle of silvery, human-shaped liquid. This puddle of liquid was lying between the corpses of seven or eight Frost Giants, with a frost-blue war sword stuck in it. If it was not for this sword, onlookers might have missed this ‘corpse’ and just thought it was just a puddle of ice water.

“What is this thing……” Brendel saw this thing and he froze.