Chapter 743 - v4c119 Eternity (20)

Chapter 743 v4c119

Eternity (20)

Brendel heard Shido and he pressed his right hand on the Halran Gaia’s slightly smooth, cold hilt, silently retrieving the Halran Gaia from the tough leather scabbard again. The dark and heavy blade was pulled out of the sheath, filling the atmosphere with a sense of faint heaviness.

He lifted his head, the entire glacier under the crisscrossed underground world was in his field of vision. Veronica, Mephisto, including the little female Dragon who were around him did the same.

The ice cave was shrouded in a mist, and the sound of weapons clanging out of their sheaths was what remained for a while.

These Miirnas apparently came here after the Twilight years; the ancient people died here, and it was known to all about what could have killed them.

The equipment and crystals on the Mirrnas’ corpse that had lost their magic power had proved so.

“Shido, that thing before you resurrected it, are you sure it was in a dormant state?” Brendel did not turn around, but only mentioned in a flat voice that was so emotionless.

Shido nodded behind him.

The emperor’s eldest son, Lenarette, drew his longsword with his right hand – the golden eagle’s emblem on the calyx glittered as it reflected the light of the torch, and his somewhat tanned face did not have much expression, his brows lowered as if he was stating a common matter. “That means there may be other such monsters under this glacier-”

Brendel looked back, “Shitah?”

“Don’t look at me, I haven’t encountered these things before ……” Shitah’s chubby face frowned, “I’ve only walked this path once, when I was taking the form of a Dragon and passed under the ice, driven by mere curiosity. I have seen these corpses, they are almost everywhere under the glacier, but the last time I did not encounter anything like that thing from previously-”

“Lord Count, I think there’s a problem here.” Shido suddenly interrupted. She had been lowering her head to think about something, and it was only now that she raised her head to look at Brendel and Veronica.

Brendel also looked at her, “Say it.” He replied as he had the same doubt in his mind. For whatever reason, the Mirrnas must have had a fierce battle with those monsters here, but the result is this… The answer seen before my eyes may not be true.

There was one more crucial question. He looked at the young girl from St. Ebony Academy, which represented the highest academic level in the Kirrlutz Empire, wanting to draw that answer from her. The scholar lady, although somewhat unworldly, was convincing in her field of expertise, at least as far as her previous performance was concerned, and her wisdom was without the need for more proof from other people.

“I disagree with Your Highness, if there are other such monsters here, then I have some doubts, why don’t they resurrect their own kind, but have to wait for Arreck instead? I checked the corpses beforehand, the Mirrnas’s corpses had been drained of magic from almost all magical items, but there were still many Frost Giants with armor and weapons that had not lost their magic, if they were still alive, why didn’t they use the magic from these magic equipment to revive their own kind?”

Shido was facing everyone but she did not panic, her turquoise eyes were shining with rationality, carefully putting forward her analysis.

Brendel pursed his lips, as this was exactly what he was doubting.

But he did not proceed to say anything as this was only one of their guesses, it was the same as completing a task, which needed to be unraveled layer by layer. Brendel still remembered how to unravel a series of plot tasks. In The Amber Sword, no hints were provided and so all the clues needed to be repeatedly deduced by the players themselves.

The process of this was what he was most familiar with.

He glanced at the eldest son of the Kirrlutzian King. He needed someone to help him disprove it, but the young man from House Aurelius’ tanned face was as lacking in expression as ever, neither rebuking nor approving, as if it was not him that Shido objected to.

Lenarette Aurelius is not an ordinary person. Brendel thought to himself. But at this moment, someone finally spoke up.

The question was raised by Laurenna, “They are not unable to absorb the magic on the weapons and armor of the Frost Giants? I mean, these are existences from the Twilight era, right, and Frost Giants are their mortal enemies, so maybe there’s some way to restrain them?”

“Impossible, sister Laurenna,” Shido shook her head, she suddenly smiled slightly and looked at Brendel, “Lord Count also noticed this, right, I noticed you just shook your head gently, can you help me explain to them, after all, my words alone are not very convincing. ”

Brendel saw Miss Scholar wink at him, along with that good-natured, playful smile, and he understood what the latter meant. Miss Scholar wanted to make good use of Veronica’s good impression towards him, but Brendel was not bothered, he looked at everyone and asked, “Have you all noticed those weapons stuck in the mercury?”

“What about those tattered and broken weapons?” Filas froze.

But not everyone’s brain was as slow, especially Laurenna, who looked back at those Frost Giants and Mirrnas’s blades, and then her complexion changed.

All the weapons inserted in the mercury were completely devoid of magic power.

“Lord Count’s observation is meticulous, in fact, I have also done experiments, the results of the experiment is that those mercury could also react with the Frost Giants’ weapons, it’s just that these magic equipment from the ancient era doesn’t have much residual magic left, I’m afraid that with just one or two of them may not be able to make them come back to life- ” Shido continued to answer, “Unfortunately, I was too reckless after, I should not use the entire Magic Moonstone at once to do the next test, otherwise, we would not have met with those troubles.”

“If we hadn’t run into those troubles, we might not be on guard now,” Brendel replied, “Let’s put this aside first, do you all have any thoughts about what we have just heard?”

Veronica had been listening to this very moment, such a Kirrlutzian soldier like her seemed to have a gift of composure, just like that Royal Highness. The lady tapped the silver hilt and asked, “One or two pieces of magical equipment are not enough to make them come back to life, meaning that more would; if there are more similar creatures under this glacier, then today we wouldn’t have seen any magical equipment that still has magic left, is that what you mean, Shido?”

Shido nodded.

She continued to reply, “In fact, I think we have encountered a misunderstanding, Lord Veronica, Lord Count, we saw the bodies of these Mirrnas and assumed that the monster that killed them must still be alive. But when you think about it, that assumption isn’t necessarily valid; it’s entirely possible that they were also killed here, and their corpses bodies are a certain puddle of silvery liquid in the middle of this ice cave.”

“Wait, I see what you mean, you are saying that these Mirrnas were the final victors, and the corpses we see are just the warriors who died along with these monsters, and all these monsters are left here as well… But how is this possible?” Laurenna frowned as she refuted.

“It is possible, Sister Laurenna, we have always had a preconceived notion that these silver monsters are terrifying and imposed an impression of invincibility in our minds, but it may not be the case. Didn’t Your Highness kill one of them? The Mirrnas are descended from the Golden Folk, so why can’t they be defeated?” Shido looked back at the female knight and explained in an articulated manner.

Laurenna’s mouth was left opened and she could not help but be dumbfounded, “But……” she paused for a moment, feeling that something was wrong here, but after considering it for a while, she reluctantly said, “But I don’t understand something, if there are still Miirnas who are alive, why would they not clean up the bodies of their own companions and leave them exposed in the wilderness?”

Brendel shook his head, “This is normal because they are Mirrnas, not Kirrlutzians, or Aouines. Mirrnass respect the brave warriors, leaving the bodies of their companions on the battlefield is a kind of respect for them.”

“So it’s true that the ones left behind are the Mirrnass, did they stay here? We will meet them?”

Brendel shook his head once again, while the vision of the dream suddenly flashed across his mind- the image of the Mirrnas’s procession winding on the glittering glacier lingered before his eyes. He closed his eyes as if resting silently for a while, before he spoke and replied, “No, although the Mirrnass are called the descendants of the Golden Folk, they are not the ancient Mirrnass after all, and they do not have the same longevity as the Dragons.”

“That’s good,” Filas finally said something upon hearing that, and he loudly replied, “Whether it’s the Mirrnass or these monsters, since they’re all dead, it might be a good thing.”

Brendel looked at this guy, Reckless ignorance is sometimes a blessing, at least he will not feel nervous and fear. But things were often not as simple. Shido’s reasoning made sense, but he had never forgotten what kind of a place this was.

It was a quest-

“Filas, what we said is just speculation, no one knows what dangers are hidden under this ice, if you let your guard down on this, you could be very wrong.” Shido sighed, apparently it was not her first day knowing this lucky Mr. Knight.

“Little Shido, you’re scaring me again aren’t you.” Filas snorted.

“Not necessarily.” Brendel’s hand never left his sword from the beginning, he looked up at those dark shadowy places between the intersecting glaciers, “Have you ever considered the question, why did Mirrnass come here?”

“Weren’t they escaping? The late King Gretel, he……” Shido answered in a whisper. But her voice grew softer and softer as she saw Brendel shake his head gently.

Brendel did not answer this time, but in his mind, the scene of the Mirrnas throwing the golden box into the rift valley scene was replaying repeatedly, over and over, like old movie clips.

The dancing Mirrnas’s Mage doctor.

The sacrificer.

The golden box.

The valley.

The bottomless abyss-

He pressed his lips together as an inexplicable aura pervaded from him, and everyone around him seemed to be afraid to speak again, except Veronica who asked in a low voice, “Brendel, which direction should we go next?”

“Go get Peya and ask her where her brother is.” Brendel did not turn his head as he replied.