Chapter 750 - Eternity (27)

Chapter 750 Eternity (27)

The last blow obviously worked.

The world receded like tides, into a patch of light like a butterfly fluttering and dissipating. After the sunset view of the endless wilderness receded, the original frozen cave in the ice was seen, then a cold wind whistled and a chill went down both Brendel and Ciel’s spine. “Lord!?” Before anyone could react, Medissa’s slightly concerned voice was heard. Another inquiring voice was slightly more subdued, “Brendel, that thing pulled you to the Ultimate Plains-?” This was Veronica, the female army chief’s low and Cielismatic voice.

Where is the Ultimate Plains? Brendel jerked his head up, but there was no sight of dusk, the sun, nor the wilderness, but only the blue ice cave, the Filas couple, Veronica, the little female Dragon, and her little brother who loved food, Ciel, Medissa and the hunter maiden she was holding, the Ash Sword Saint Mephisto, the prince, and the royal eldest son of the Kirrlutzians who was standing a little farther away. All of them were here as if nothing has happened. Brendel looked around him, and finally, his gaze stopped on Barbossa and the Witches around her a little further away.

Barbossa’s eyes were burning with fervor, and those witches who usually seemed to disdain to deal with mortals were exchanging glances with each other. Without exception, they were all looking at Brendel suspiciously.

Then there were the little female Dragon’s somewhat puzzled golden eyes, which seemed to have a flame within them.

“You have some strange smell.” Aloz said as she inhaled and frowned.

Brendel took a deep breath. He was covered in bruises and in pain, but he was surprisingly calm when he heard this question from the little female Dragon.

He almost thought it was all a dream –

But luckily, the Witches’ stares and the little female Dragon’s question answered his doubts.

He could not help but hold his right hand with his left, and what was in it was the answer to everything that had happened before. But the others apparently did not notice this subtle action of Brendel, Ciel exchanged a glance with him, while Veronica and Mephisto’s eyes fell on Brendel’s left hand – Brendel’s Halran Gaia had long been placed back into its sheath, slung behind his back, while he was clutching another sharp sword.

The blade was like a thin blade, frost blue, like ice crystals.

“Cynna the Frost Chant–” Veronica’s voice asked, “Brendel, what exactly happened, were you just pulled into the Ultimate Plains?”

What happened?

This was a good question, especially for Brendel. He looked up, but everything that happened before still seemed to be replaying in his mind:

“Frostbite Field!” Along with Seibers raising the slender, bright blade of the Frost Chant Cynna in his hand, a cold aura like a ripple spread out in all directions from his body as the center. That layer of ice mist swept through, followed by the crunching sound of the ground cracking, countless frost-white ice prisms broke out from the ground, like fangs reaching for the sky, and in the blink of an eye, they covered an area with a 100 feet radius. Brendel finally remembered this move and he was so familiar with it, ‘frostbite control, Frost Wind output’. One could get nostalgic at the sight of something from the past, this feeling was actually from the human’s reminiscence of the time that has passed- it was the same for Brendel now. This retro routine seemed to remind him of the first three versions of The Amber Sword. He felt his blood stirred up, not even needing time to react, his body could move instinctively.

His muscle power exploded, he leaped high, a sharp whistling sound was heard from his leap, his boot soles brushing against the ice prisms that protruded from the ground.

At that moment the Undead of the ages looked up in unbelief.

Brendel remembered when Seibers’ glare was like phosphorus fire, he raised the sword in his hand once again, the blade shining equally bright, the ice dust behind him converged, suddenly turning into a cyclone, and then as if out of nowhere a burst of icy wind headed straight for Brendel. Frost Wind, or called Milos’ Sword, the sharp edge of those swords were the countless shiny ice crystals shattered in the cold wind, those ice crystals are as thin as cicada wings, hard as solid steel, which can easily cut through even the hardest armors. The cold wind swept forward, with Seibers and his sword in hand as if commanding the storm forward like a general, he pointed his sword forward and the storm would swallow everything in front of him.

That was such a spectacular scene.

Brendel was like a drifting dead leaf in mid-air, who was about to be swept into the center of the storm. Countless ice crystals would pierce through his body, but his limbs did not split apart and blood did not flood the place as he had imagined. In the nick of time, he once again pulled out a Flash Strike. The dark and heavy blade swung out as if this move had been practiced a thousand times, the speed was the fastest the world could bear, the surrounding space buzzed and shook, stretching towards one direction around him. The sharp spear-like ice crystal fragments seemed to had been seized by an invisible force, naturally sliding away to the sides and was thrown behind and past him.

In front of him, the distance of space had long been distorted by the same majestic force, the pale face of Seibers seemed to cross hundreds of feet of distance at once, appearing in front of him.

Brendel slashed his sword at Seibers’ waist – a defenseless area for the Frost Knight King when his sword was raised.

But at the moment before his blade reached Seibers’ body, the dirt beneath Seibers’ feet was lifted, as if it was given life. The dirt arched automatically, forming a solid wall, causing Brendel’s sword to land heavily on it; there was a muffled thud, and a shockwave visible to the naked eye spread out in all directions with Brendel’s blade as the center of the wall, then fine cracks immediately appeared on the wall and continued to expand further before breaking apart and collapsing.

But Brendel’s attack also stopped here, and his only achievement was cutting down an earth wall.

But of course, this was not an ordinary wall.

This was one of the Frost Knight’s life-saving skills, Frost Earth Wall. Frost Earth Wall: The Guardian of the Frost Earth draws 20% of his current EP to create a wall from the ground (the material of the wall is determined by the environment he is in at the time if the Guardian of the Frost Earth has the ‘Eerie Ice’ specialty, the wall will have an additional layer of ice on it: +2 hardness), the wall will automatically resist lethal damage and return the remaining life to the caster. The Guardian of the Frost Earth could only perform this skill if it was on the ground. One hit for a life-saving skill of Seibers and Brendel was satisfied, at least his attack proved to be a threat to his opponent, and this knowledge gave him a boost of confidence.

However, before he even had time to be pleased, a pair of iron boots- no, black iron armor appeared behind the crumbling Frost Earth Wall. The edges were painted with skeletal patterns- it was well known that the Miners have fervent worship of death. Because of the obstruction of vision, Brendel simply did not have time to react, he felt a heavy kick in his stomach which felt as if getting hit head-on by a huge Dragon, and before he could sense pain from the stomach, he flew out backward like a cannonball.

This guy was not even forced to use his life-saving skills! In a flash of light, Brendel managed to come back to his senses, he realized that Seibers released the Frost Earth Wall only to obstruct his vision. I didn’t know this move could be utilized in this way……

If this was a game, Brendel had more than likely to rejoice, as each skill system had basically been developed under certain circumstances in this era of the game, so being able to discover a new way of thinking would definitely be enough to shake up the entire order of the game. A brand-new way of thinking was too important for experts, especially for first-tier players, by no means top players like him, such an opportunity might be enough to let him step on the altar.

Although this move had enlightened him now and The Amber Sword had many schools of thought, there were extremely few offensive life-saving skills, and even rarer to be used to disrupt the enemy. After all, not everyone was as confident as Seibers; Brendel had seen too many skills, specialties, and talents, if Seibers only limited his vision to the typical usage of the Frost Earth Wall, Brendel would have long found countless ways to deal with his move.

But not now.

He suddenly came back to his senses and became aware of his current situation- in the next moment, he would have fallen heavily into the sharp ice prisms. The damage was not much to be afraid of, but the freezing temperature would kill him. Brendel was sure that he would not withstand Seibers’ Frost Wind; although his Willpower attribute was in the hundreds, it was still far from enough when facing the existence of a Perfect Body.

Seibers pointed the Frost Chant Cynna into another direction. Apparently, Brendel did not guess wrong, he had been waiting for this moment.

Do not put it down


The thoughts in his mind arrived almost simultaneously with Sanorso’s reminder, but he could not do anything about it as in this state he could lend a hand from anywhere nor anywhere to adjust his stance; not to mention the setup of the basic stance of the Flash Strike, even the Nine Luminaries did not allow him to produce displacement, let alone the Holy Knight? The skills of the Holy Knight also seemed to be of little use at this time. As for the basic skills of the warrior’s charging and piercing strike, etc., it would all be disabled when one is losing balance, the Elements of more than twenty levels was not worth mentioning, did one have to perform the Unyielding Talent here?


Brendel clenched his jaws, he knew very well a deadly battle was coming up. Arreck would not be easy to deal with, not to mention the crazy followers of the All For One around him. it would be not worth it if he were to use his Unyielding Talent in this current situation which seemed like a mere test.

“Don’t risk it, Brendel!” Sanorso seemed to have read Brendel’s thoughts and could not help but remind him immediately.

“No, I won’t take any risks, don’t worry, Lord Wind Empress.” Brendel raised his head as he started to think which only took a moment, then he felt a piercing coldness coming crippling up his back. As long as he hesitates for even one more second, he would smash into that ice field, then trigger the effect of the Frostbite Field and be imprisoned into an ice crown. Although all this would take only less than 0.5 seconds, it was still enough for Seibers to kill him 10,000 times.

The only thing that could help him now seemed to be that one possibility left.

His other identity.

He knew that the Darkness Dragon also possessed this same identity, so perhaps Seibers was no stranger to this thought; as long as this thought arose, a circle of azure light appeared in his hand – the woven threads of Law intertwined in his hand, which did not belong to any kind of power that could be perceived by mortals. The Soul Fire in the Undead knight Seibers’ eyes lit up when he saw the blue light, and let out a soft eek, “It’s surprising that it’s this……”

That was the power of the Planeswalker.