Chapter 752 - v4c127p1 Eternity (28)

Chapter 752 v4c127p1

Eternity (28)

The weapons in the Miirna’s hands and the Crystal Wrights’ shimmering body surface were like two shining lines on the horizon, overlapping each other. It was a scene that ordinary people who had not experienced war could not imagine. The earth issued a deafening roar, the sound of killing sounded like a tsunami, drowning the livings’ cries of grief, fear, hesitation, and all negative emotions. The smoke raised by the war covered the sky, dulling the dazzling daylight.

The scene at sight was unbearable to watch and real.

But the history books did not have records of such a war, not even the literature that piled up in the Bugas’ Ivory Tower that was covered in dust and cobwebs, nor in the Secret Strange Land in the game’s forum where players exchanged information.

The Crystal Wrights, a species that players remembered as being born in the crystal jungle, seemed to be fragmented in the game that had been isolated from the mainline of history. They existed in the rare corners of the world, only occasionally making an appearance in the explorers’ journey. Their historical records was a blank, from the appearance of the Divine Folk to the destruction of Ebabel Fort, the opening of the second era of mortals by the Golden Folk, the rise of the Silver Folk, and the rise of the Black Dwarfs when flames spread across the land and the flag of the Eagle and Hydra had risen. Throughout this long history of the scholars, the white-robed Mages only left comments with a few boring words – “They have no intelligence, no sentience, as if a Crystal derivative, with an instinct to attack the intruders close to the territory.”

The player’s perception originated from this, which was not far from it – as if the Crystal Wrights were set up by the system as natural stragglers and cannon fodder, only to add some sense of mystery to this bizarre world.

But whoever thought that there was such a great war in the historical background.

On one side of the war, the noble Golden Folk, the Mirrnas, the founders of the empire, the first people, and the servants of the Darkness Dragon were once the enemies of the world, but hatred could not deny their glorious bloodline – the Golden blood that flowed in the descendants’ bodies as promised by the Divine Folk. On the other hand, beyond the imagination of Brendel – or the other half of his soul, Sophie – was the Crystal Wrights, whom he had an impression of being a rare and fragmented group.

The seers recorded that they should act on instinct like beasts, but here, the Crystal Wrights had formed a structured army, who had their own flags, armors, and weapons, who were disciplined, organized, and no less than the Divine Folk they had faced.

Brendel realized that he might have seen another civilization, an unfamiliar one that he had never heard of, isolated from history.

The civilization of the Crystal Wrights.

“Wait, I should have seen it coming ……” Brendel suddenly realized that they all seemed to have overlooked one thing. These beings born in the crystal, when exactly did they start to appear on the earth? Looking back, there was no related history recorded, however, from the first line of the Pale Poem which was written to create this world, these tiny beings already existed.

At this time he suddenly remembered Ina the Deer Demoness Ina’s words, ‘The master fought with that man against a strange enemy.’ The master, was Kelsie, that man, was Odin, the Darkness Dragon, and those enemies were the Crystal Wrights.


Then what exactly are they, and where did they come from?

Why did they make enemies of the Mirrnas, and where did they go after the War of the Holy Saints?

He turned his gaze to Seibers – the King of the Frost Knights who was the only person present back then and could possibly answer his question. Seibers sighed softly, “Do you understand now, Sanorso?”

Brendel did not understand what this rhetorical question meant at all, perhaps only the soul of the Wind Empress in his ring could answer, but the always strong-spirited Elven royal sister chose to be unusually silent at this moment. After a few moments later, her voice was finally heard, “Thank you for answering a question that has always been in my mind, but it doesn’t mean anything, you want to say that it is Odin and the Earth Legion under him who guards this world, but the Golden Folk’s decay and depravity do not manifest itself at one end. Seibers, it is not we who rise up against you, but you yourselves who have chosen to go down this path of certain failure-”

“- a thousand-hundred-years-ago.”

Brendel frowned, confused as he listened to the two’s conversation. But Seibers let out a sorrowful sigh, “I understand this too, Sanorso, the Azure Knights opened up the era of mortals, the stars fell onto the earth, forming the earth, after which the Golden Folk was wiped out, the Silver Folk was scattered across the land, following by the rise of the Black Dwarfs. You, and Gretel the Flame King, built up the kingdom single-handedly. I’m not saying they were worthless. Do you remember what I said? Being right or wrong is not the point here-”

“Seibers, what are you trying to say?”

“I just want to say that my king predicted the defeat of the Mirrnas and the establishment of the four kingdoms long ago.”

“This is impossible!”

“It is possible, Sanorso, you are an Elf and I am a human, and even though I am a Golden Folk, I can still feel the greed and desire that belonged to this body before it was born – this is the source of civilization.” The Soul Fire in Seibers’ eyes, who was standing on top of the meadow, was bright and wise as if piercing through the shackles of time, “History has been repeated for thousands of years, and there has never been an exception, human or Elven, dynasties have fallen. It be like that. From the dynasty of the Mirrnas, to the empires of Kirrlutz, to this little kingdom that our little friend is in, the rise and fall, has there been an exception? The struggle for power and profit, intrigue and trickery, is no exception.”

“Sanorso, where are the Mist Elves who once followed you?”

The Wind Empress’ mind was shaken, and even Brendel felt the soul of this Elven royal sister shake. She did not say another word.

“So why did Odin make this choice, was it out of desperation? And where did these Crystal Wrights go after the War of the Holy Saints?” Brendel opened his mouth to ask the question that he most wanted an answer to at this moment.

“I don’t know.” Seibers’ answer was simple and clear.

“You don’t know?” This reply almost drove Brendel crazy. “If you don’t know, then what’s the point of putting all this out there?”

“The land where the war took place was called Minhur in our language, and today, it should be to the east of Farnezain and Sanorso. As you know it, I followed my ancestors across the Alkash Mountains to fight these mysterious enemies, about whom I know no more than you do, except that the ancient language inherited from my bloodline tells me that they existed before the Minhurs did. They were our enemies, and the war went on for a long time. But in my time, the Mirrnas and Crystal Wrights’ war lasted only a short time, during which five Planeswalkers like you participated, after which I returned to Alfalfa Wilderness with the Black Wings Legion to suppress the growing rebellion in the Empire, and it seemed that soon after that the war died down.” Seibers said.

“Then why did you appear here, Seibers, since this war is no longer relevant to you?” Brendel asked with a frown.

The King of Frost Knight stared at Brendel and replied. “Because I have been ordered to wait here for someone to come who understands the true meaning of ‘Fool’.”