Chapter 776 - v4c147

Chapter 776 v4c147

The Spiral Hall

The voice let out a sigh, “Little Korfa, I thought you have strayed far away from the war, but it seems like things don’t go as you wish.”

“It’s not up to me, Lord Milondal.”

The blue illusion nodded his head and stopped talking to Korfa, but instead, turned to Arreck and the others, “I know why you’re here, but you might not know the truth behind what you’re doing. You’re all Black Dwarfs, based on my agreement with the crystal, I will not make things difficult for you. The Awakening God is under this throne, and you can determine this world’s future yourselves.”

After he said this, he looked at Korfa once more and gradually vanished, leaving Arreck and his men in the hall.

“So the agreement was true.” Arreck said in a low voice, “The Crystal Dragon signed an agreement with the gods, that the next generation of Black Dwarfs could determine their own destiny. The gods would stray from Vaunte and would no longer interfere with everything in the land. The Azure Knight shattering the Heavens, was just an opportunity for this history to begin, and I’m curious about what happened before and after the Battle of Ebabel. ”

He looked at Korfa, but this time the eldest daughter of Hati had her lips pressed together tightly and did not answer.

That must be a big secret.

Arreck thought to himself. But this secret was destined to be buried under the dust, because once Milos awakened, that dark soul would take advantage of the situation, and Milos, the God of Giants, would no longer be the guardian of Order, but a true dark giant. In its power, Aouine would usher in a true Twilight. At that time, the so-called secrets would be worthless, because the dead do not need secrets.

He looked to the others, “Do it, open the portal to the Sulfur River near the throne.”

The members of All For One all had a gleam of excitement in their eyes as they walked along the long spiral bridge toward the central platform. Arreck watched the scene quietly, then turned back to Korfa and said, “Once that soul has obtained the body of Milos, according to the agreement, you will be free, which is also the agreement between you and Lord Hati, and we have no intention to offend.”

Korfa nodded and didn’t seem to care about these small offenses.

She looked in a certain direction in the hall and replied softly, “It seems that a guest of yours has arrived, human.”

Arreck was slightly stunned, then looked up in that direction, and within a few moments, a line of people appeared.

It was Veronica and her group.

And just as Arreck spotted the other party, Veronica apparently also spotted the presence of All For One.

“Arreck!” It was Veronica’s voice, “I never thought you would stoop so low. You are the descendant of the noblemen of the sages, and now you stand in line with the enemies of civilization. Your actions have brought shame to your forefathers, and from this moment on the high ground, the banner of the Wolf would no longer stand high, and a family will fall apart because of its unworthy descendants. And that is what you are doing.”

Arreck raised his eyebrows, not expecting Veronica to arrive so quickly. But he did not panic and replied disdainfully instead, “Clichés, Veronica, being in a high position has made you accustomed to such grandiloquent rhetoric. But they mean nothing to me, family and glory, you can go to the refugees struggling with hunger and cold to say that the so-called glory is less meaningful to them than a copper plate. It’s the same for me, because I don’t care about such things. Mortals are always weighed down by vanity, and that’s why they make those cheap mistakes over and over again.”

“Veronica, tell me, what are family and glory?” He grunted coldly, abandoning Veronica’s words.

“Simply unbelievable.” Veronica muttered, “This guy is just crazy.”

Brendel listened to the conversation between the two from the back and couldn’t help but laugh bitterly. This was probably due to the difference in identity, thus, different perspectives on the issue. Although Arreck was also a noble, he was obviously more enthusiastic about being a cultist, for those who appeared as maniacs in the eyes of normal people, family and glory was meaningless.

In fact, it seemed like he had admitted that Arreck had a point. Indeed, in many cases, lory was actually worthless. Nobles liked to use the sense of glory as a guideline for everything in the world, but in Brendel’s opinion, this was at best a guideline for the nobility only.

But he was just thinking about it and would n’t dare to say it out loud. He understood that he had such thoughts because half of the soul in the body originally came from another era, and in the current Vaunte, Veronica’s earlier words were still relatively mainstream. Brendel did not want to be non-mainstream, let alone be lectured by this Lord Commander in private later, so he wisely chose not to dwell on this issue with the other party.

But that didn’t mean he agreed with Arreck’s view.

“Arreck, the generation of Black Dwarfs can dominate their own destiny, but it does not mean that you can dominate the destiny of others. The world’s right or wrong, is not up to you, nor is it up to All For One.”

After responding to Dejar’s request, Brendel returned to Veronica and her party with Buni’s Concealment Cloak. And after crossing the Eternal Extinction Square, technically they had entered the Spiral Hall, but they were delayed a little in figuring out how to open that door outside, and thus entered the hall a step later than Arreck. But even so, they heard the last words of Arreck’s conversation with Milos.

Arreck looked at Brendel with slight surprise, “It seems you know my purpose very well, young man, but I never said whether what I think is right or wrong needed to be acknowledged by others. You guys want to stop me? I’m afraid it’s not that simple.”

Brendel had spotted the All For One’s member who was drawing an Array in the center of the hall at a glance. Brendel’s eyes narrowed, and he noticed that the entire hall was exactly the same as the one he had seen in the game, except for the pillar-shaped crystal suspended above the throne. He thought back carefully and confirmed that he really hadn’t seen anything similar. It seemed that this was indeed the Holy Cathedral of the Sleep’s first activation, which was still slightly different from the latter days.

“There is something odd about that crystal, everything else is fine. Our primary target is not the array in the center of that, but the star-shaped stone in Arreck’s hand.” He immediately remembered.

Veronica nodded. Since a battle was already inevitable, she didn’t hesitate much and gave the order directly, “Everyone, focus on attacking the array in the center of the hall!”

Brendel was slightly stunned and couldn’t help but look back at this female army chief. But although the other party was verbally ordering this, her gaze never left Arreck. After a moment’s consideration, he understood what this female army chief was thinking, and indeed, Veronica immediately turned back to him and said in a low voice, “Later, Mephisto and I will distract him, you and Miss Aloz will go together to snatch the star-shaped stone.”

Brendel nodded. He had to admit that this Lord Commander of the Kirrlutzians was really true to her name.

With Veronica’s order, the atmosphere in the hall became tense. In fact, the Kirrlutzians’ officers had already started to spread out along both sides of the hall, standing on the bridge and aiming their magic bows at the central platform. Although these noble knights were usually pampered, most of them had at least the strength of the Gold after all. Under the preemptive strike, two members of All For One fell to the ground immediately; one of them was shot in the face, and his whole head almost exploded like a watermelon, while the other one was shot through the arm, which was only a minor injury.

The cultists then reacted and supported a magical shield on the platform to block subsequent attacks. Brendel took a look at the shield and immediately understood that there were Elemental-Activated level Mages on the platform, the Wall of Truth, a spell of at least tier eight, could forcibly separate the areas on both sides of a wall into two different worlds, and was completely immune to all physical attacks. This was a spell that even Ciel could not release. The Witches who came here with him tried to cast spells to lift that spell, and they all failed without exception.

The fact that Brendel could recognize the wall, naturally it was not difficult for Veronica and Mephisto to do so as well. It seemed to them that Arreck was really prepared for a battle involving Elemental-level beings, and any combat power below Gold Peak would be almost meaningless – with the exception, of course, of those outside the specs like Brendel. He had engaged with Elemental-Activated enemies for more than once before Awakening his Elemental Powers, but of course, that was only thanks to the Planeswalker system.

Veronica and Mephisto drew their swords and floated up at the same time. Azure and gray Lines of Laws reflected each other, and it was only then that Brendel realized that these two were a perfect match, an Ash Sword Saint and an Azure Sword Saint, working together as if they had been partners for many years. Sometimes old rivals could be the best partners, because they would have known each other too well. In the last life, there were people keen on the gossip about Veronica and Mephisto. Brendel used to scoff at it, but today he came to believe that there must be a reason for the existence of any hot topic in “The Amber Sword”.

Veronica and Mephisto joined the fight. The center of the platform of All For One suddenly became precarious. The highest strength of the Mages amidst the crowd would only be at Elemental-Activation level, while Veronica was at a Law Peak. The Ash Sword Saint Mephisto was even more impressive, as he was almost the first one to cross into the Ultimate Realm in the last fifty years of the Kirrlutz Empire. The last one who did so was the Queen of Kirrlutz, which was due to special circumstances, and even further back in time, it would only be that old monster.

Because when Veronica struck, the Mage could barely hold on, but once Mephisto struck his sword, the magic shield immediately fell apart, and all the members on the platform were as if slapped in the face out of nowhere, and they all fell to their feet.

Looking at the battle’s situation, Arreck could no longer hold back, “Mephisto!” He squeezed this name out from between his teeth. He had heard that Mephisto was with that young man but he didn’t expect him to lower himself to ask the Kirrlutzians for help. It was totally out of Brendel’s expectations. But fortunately he was not unprepared, he saw Arreck pointing forward with his cane, and five black-robed knights behind him rose up in the air.

Flying without the help of spells was the most significant sign of Elemental Activation. But Arreck was accompanied by nearly a two-digit number of Elemental-Activation level beings, which made Brendel wonder if Arreck’s status in All For One was supreme, or that the strength of All For One was simply powerful.

But those Elemental-Activation level beings themselves were only at the beginning of entering Elemental Activation, adding them up together would barely suppress Veronica easily, but to throw the Ash Sword Saint off board was unlikely. Arreck obviously knew this, he had to take a step back and look at Korfa, “Miss Korfa, I can only ask you to step in.”

Korfa did not say a word and just nodded indifferently.

But when she looked back, the depths of her eyes flashed with a bright light that even Arreck could not detect.

Brendel saw someone from All For One fly up into the air again in less than a moment. While sighing at the abundance of talented beings Arreck had, he suddenly realized something was wrong. Looking up carefully, he saw Korfa’s head of conspicuous white hair and crimson eyes that was simply too striking. Brendel’s heart cried out. Isn’t this the ember Korfa? He was simply too familiar with her, the ice beauty of the Holy Cathedral of the Sleep. What player would not recognize her? Not to mention that it was still in the Dark Soul control state.

“I didn’t expect Arreck to really wake her up,” Brendel knew by heart Korfa’s strength, although it was still incomparable to that cheap teacher of his, Korfa was an ancient Twilight species and the daughter of Hati. It could simply be said that her bloodline was pure, unlike those two scraps, Mayne and Mel. And as a BOSS, she had a lot of special skills that maybe Veronica and Mephisto would lose badly. Thinking about this, he hurriedly raised his voice to remind them, “Be careful, teacher, Lord Commander, that’s Korfa!”

Brendel’s voice caught Korfa’s attention – not many people knew her at the moment, except for Arreck, and that was because they had seen her in person. But she didn’t expect someone on the opposing side to recognize her in human form at once. Although she was flying towards Mephisto, she actually had other plans in mind, and she was very annoyed to be called out.

Korfa’s eyes burned with hatred and she glared at him, but what she didn’t expect was that Brendel, who seemed to know her very well, dragged the little female dragon beside him in time and lifted the protection cloak to cover the two of them.

“Concealment cloak!?” Korfa only managed to see Brendel’s last movement, before those two people completely disappeared. General invisibility spells could not be concealed from her perception, but right now she seemed to have completely lost Brendel. But she was smart, so naturally, she immediately guessed what the other party was trying to do.

Unfortunately, she could not guess her way out as Buni was a god that was on the same level as Milos and her mother during that era. So the effect of his cloak was not something she could see through.

The young girl secretly gritted her teeth and memorized Brendel’s appearance, then with a U-turn, she continued to fly towards Mephisto.

Brendel, who was hiding under the cloak, saw her turn away and felt relieved. However, it was not something to joke about to be remembered by a demigod-like being. Brendel, of course, did not know that he had been held in contempt, and thought he had escaped. While he breathed a sigh of relief, he noticed a look of contempt on the face of Aloz next to him.

“Pussy.” The little female dragon commented incisively.

How arrogant. Brendel glared at the little female dragon, “You still owe me a promise. Believe it or not I want you to immediately turn into a dragon, carry me, and fly over as I will be making Arreck’s life difficult anyway.”

“Don’t you dare!” The little female dragon was startled. Although there are often legends of dragon riders in history, in fact no dragon would be willing to become someone else’s mount. Like the Dragon Queen Anguili, her mount was only a relatively pure-blooded flying Dragon. If Brendel really got her as a mount, Aloz would be ashamed to return to the Dragon Race. Well, even if she had the courage to return, the elders would have skinned her. This was bringing shame to the Dragon Race.

Of course, although she was outwardly flaunting her teeth and claws, she had some fear in her heart. The Dragons value oaths more than anything else. In their opinion, agreements made under the stars were made in the presence of Bahamut, so they did not take oaths lightly. Once an agreement was made, even a lazy guy like Shitah would have to spend hundreds of years in such an unpopulated place.

She previously thought that Brendel would definitely lose and that’s why she pulled Shitah along to make a bet with Brendel. Damn it, Shitah only needed to hand out that useless Heart of the Dragon, which of course, seemed useless to Aloz. But she was unlucky, and she still didn’t know what strange and bizarre demands Brendel would ask of her.

“Why wouldn’t I dare, it just depends on whether I want to or not. So you have to treat me with some respect, understand?” Brendel was simply too delighted, all this time being tossed around by this little female dragon, he could now finally make his revenge, and that feeling simply can not mention how good.

“Is this a request?” The little female dragon asked in a small voice.

“Of course not!”

“Then why should I respect you?”

“You can try otherwise, but I cannot guarantee that I will forget about making you my mount.” Brendel replied rightfully.

“You ……” Aloz’s eyes turned red, “You are despicable!”

“As you are,” Brendel replied, “well, no more nonsense with you, now come with me to ambush Arreck. If you manage to snatch that star-shaped stone, you may be able to use it to exchange a request with me.” He knew that the female dragon would be unwilling as he kept on threatening her, but if he were to be kind, then the other side would surely fall for it.

The little female dragon’s eyes lit up, because she found that Brendel was being reasonable. If she grabbed the star-shaped stone first, she could use it to threaten Brendel and if he dared to withdraw that bet, she would have to detonate the star-shaped stone. Anyway, the worst would just be dying together. The little female dragon thought about this and was delighted as she thought she was smart.

The two of them had their own agendas, but they could be considered to be in agreement. The Buni’s Concealment Cloak had been used twice today, so there was not much time left. They immediately took action- with the cloak, they flew carefully against the wall of the hall in the direction of where Arreck was.

And at this time, the battle in the hall had just started to intensify.