Chapter 780 - v4c151 The Age of the Mortals (3)

Chapter 780 v4c151

The Age of the Mortals (3)

“It will.”

Freya slowly sat back in the chair, gripping her knees with her hands uneasily. After a moment, she asked, “Then what about us? What are we going to fight the Twilight Dragon with?” This time, the Golden Folk is no longer here for us, the Silver Folk are hidden from the world, even the Azure Knights aren’t here to lead us. We are bare-handed and in this fight with each other. Once the Twilight falls, would we still have a chance?”

Milos didn’t reply. A spark popped from the bright flame in the fireplace.

Time was like sand in an hourglass, passing through bit by bit, echoing a boring humming sound in the space.

“About the road ahead, it is as blurry as fog to us both. Not just to me, but even a wise being like Crystal wouldn’t dare to say that he knows all the secrets of the universe.”

“Not even gods?”

“Even Mother doesn’t know everything.”

Freya’s mouth opened slightly.

“But as long as you have your destiny in your hands, then there’s still a chance. The generation of the Black Dwarfs must hold their destiny firmly in their own hands, this is the last blessing given to you by Mother.”

“This is the age of the mortals, neither the gods nor the Twilight Dragons can interfere. Whether if its good or bad, it’s up to you-

“Is that why you chose us to come here, Lord Milos?” The female knight took a soft breath and finally understood the purpose of the Father of the Frost Giants. In such an era, no matter what the reason was, there was no need for an awakened god, because the gods are long gone, like dust and smoke that are destined to vanish and remain only in the vast scroll of history.

“You are very clever.” The voice repeated.

“What should I do?” Freya asked softly.

“As I said, use the longsword in your hand and kill it-”

Freya’s eyes widened slightly, she had always thought it was a joke, but this time, the voice was serious. “But how could I possibly do that, kill a god?” She blurted.

“Little girl, in your time, there are no more gods, no matter how it is revived and what kind of identity it has, when it appears in this world, it is already destined to be just a false god.” That voice sighed and paused slightly, “And you, Freya, this is the era that belongs to you…”

Freya looked across the table in a daze, and there, in an empty chair, seemed to have been sitting a wise elder, who had just told her a long story.

And many things that she had not needed to know –

“Kacha-”’, a long crack suddenly appeared in the floor of the room, and the humming sound that had been low this moment finally converged into a shrill roar. The whole mountain shook as if it was slowly sinking, and even the whole floor of the room tilted up. Freya was almost thrown out of her seat, she hurriedly held the table and looked in that direction in surprise.

“This place looks like it’s going to be gone in a minute ……”

That voice paused slightly, then said with a soft laugh.

“Lord Milos?”

“Freya, remember my words, I’ll be waiting for you.”

Freya held her breath for a moment, perhaps unwillingly, or perhaps deliberately ignoring this, as if until this moment, she suddenly remembered that this Father of Frost Giants wanted her to kill- kill himself. Amidst the rumbling sound, the cabin in the glacier had been tilting more and more and all four walls were covered with spider-web like cracks before sinking. The ground was falling apart as if it was going to disappear completely in the blink of an eye. Freya grabbed the edge of the table with all her might and looked at the empty chair.

“Lord Milos!”

“Are you going to say goodbye, little girl?”

“No, no,” Freya shook her head, struggling to keep her balance as she managed to straighten up, then bowed to the chair. What she was going to say was thank you, but these words were sometimes unnecessary, as silence was better than a thousand words.

A crack that ran across the entire ceiling was directly above the young girl and the ground beneath her began to shake, sink, and crack, revealing ice beneath.

“There’s no need for that.” The voice smiled slightly, as if shaking its head, “There is no need to do so.”

“But children should always send their greetings to their elders before they go forth alone.”

The female knight straightened up, rubbed her eyes and replied with a smile.

“Thank you.”

“Then I will see you in the midst of history.”

The voice fell silent and a white aura unfolded over Freya, a faint shimmer that bounced off all the ice falling on the maiden, allowing her to stand tall as if in the middle of the collapsed room. And right in the middle of Freya’s vision, the round table was sliding to one side, while opposite it, the empty chair suddenly toppled backwards, then they were swallowed by the shattered ice and disappeared.


She replied quietly in her mind, and the next moment, the collapsed ice tilted and crumbled down, burying everything that was here under darkness.


Nobody knew how long the darkness pertained.

Brendel was like a blind and deaf guy lying on top of a glacier. The smooth and cold sensation on his back told him that he was surrounded by thick ice, with perhaps some snow. Except for those, what’s left was darkness. There was a soft breathing sound a few feet away. Other than his own breathing sound, the soft breathing seemed particularly harsh in the silence.

Not knowing how long he’d slept there, or how many times he’d tried, he was surprised to find that he could finally barely control his numb limbs, first his fingers, then his wrists, and finally his whole arm. He gritted his teeth and sat up reluctantly with his arms supporting him, and it took several minutes of tossing and turning before he finally got his legs back to consciousness as well. Then he tried to get up from the floor, but just before he raised his head, his head hit the ceiling.

What a narrow space.

This was Brendel’s first thought.

What is this place?

This was his second thought. The ability to think seemed to gradually return to his frozen, stiff brain. He gradually recalled everything that had happened before he fell unconscious. Korfa seemed to have used her dark side of the soul to awaken the Awakening God, and the key to everything was the purple crystal suspended on the platform, and then the entire Spiral Hall collapsed, which was something that had never happened before even in the game, and now this place ……

This place should be somewhere under the abyss of the Spiral Hall, right?

Right, where’s the Frost Devourer? He remembered that huge worm and thought he had been eaten by it when he fell, he didn’t expect to get away with it again.

Unfortunately, the Illumination tool wasn’t with him, and he had used up his EP when dealing with Devard, otherwise he could at least cast a spell now to see what was going on around him instead of guessing blindly. Brendel thought for a while and decided to check out this place first. He remembered that there was another breathing sound not far from him when he was lying on the ground, so he immediately lowered his body and felt his way over there. But only after a few steps, his hand immediately came across a soft human body with a slight temperature.

“Phew. Looks like it’s alive.” Brendel groped on the body for a while, and suddenly felt something wrong. He grabbed it with his hand and realized that it seemed to be a woman. It startled him and as he was about to withdraw his hand, the other party woke up and let out a soft ‘mmm’ sound. It was the voice of a stranger girl. Brendel’s stomach tightened as he let go in a hurry and asked, “Miss Shido?”

There was only darkness and no response. Brendel only saw the other party open her eyes.

How did he know the other party had opened her eyes?

Because it was a pair of silver eyes that glowed in the darkness.

In that instant, a cold sweat appeared on Brendel’s forehead, “Silver Folk, Golden Folk?” Holy shit, no way, is it Aloz? Could it be such a coincidence that she was the first one that Brendel touched? If he had touched Aloz, he would be ridiculed by the little female dragon, maybe as a thirsty pervert or so. And the next best thing was what if she gets mad? Or what if she throws a fit again? Aloz’s earlier performance in the Spiral Hall haunted him.

He immediately shook his head. No, this couldn’t be Aloz. Aloz’s eyes are golden with a hint of light silver, the typical eyes of the Golden Folk. The pair in front of him, was unlike those from Silver, because the Silver Folk’s eye color isn’t as light as this. Instead, these eyes looked a bit like Princess Gryphine’s. But of course Princess Gryphine isn’t here, could it be the little prince then? Brendel broke out in cold sweat once more. It had been ridiculous enough already to put the little prince in women’s clothing, and now he’s making himself a joke out of this. Oh my… how would the little prince see me as a teacher?

Wait. This is impossible. How could the little prince have ****? Brendel immediately found his thoughts leading down the wrong path, then he suddenly remembered that he seemed to have caught a girl before falling. He thought at first that it was Shido, but now it seemed that the guess was somewhat wrong.

Brendel took a step back and looked at the other party quietly, not being able to confirm whether she was friend or foe, so all he could do was to wait for her to react first.

He was just backing away when he heard a voice so hollow like an empty valley, “May I ask why you recognized me then, I mean, how did you recognize me in my human form?”

This sentence was as if a lightning bolt, striking Brendel’s head and travelling down his entire body. Brendel froze.

“Dim Korfa?”

“Mmm.” The silver eyes blinked gently, as if they had disappeared for a moment in the darkness and reappeared, “That was my old name, and I haven’t used it for a long time. I am now called Korfa, you can just call me Korfa.”

That’s not right. Brendel thought to himself. The first running wolf in the Twilight, the eldest daughter of Hati. As the Twilight Wolf clan, shouldn’t she have a pair of blood-red eyes? Shouldn’t she have a cold and exquisite voice that he was familiar with before? What about this one? Was Aloz pulling a prank on him? Impossible, Aloz wouldn’t make such an obvious mistake, especially the eye color. It’s not that difficult to change eye color with a spell either.

He frowned and couldn’t help but ask, “You… are really Korfa? The eldest daughter of Hati, the first running wolf in the Twilight one of the supreme magical creatures?”

The silver eyes moved up and down. She nodded her head.

Brendel inhaled deeply.

Brendel finally came to his senses. This was not Korfa, this was the good side of Korfa. But this realization in turn made him confused, what is going on? Korfa’s dark side became the Awakening God, while she’s left with only the good side. That meant that she didn’t have a personality disorder, but she was one with two souls. He suddenly remembered what she had called the other Korfa before – sister.

This script wasn’t right. Brendel cried out in frustration. The dark side of Korfa became the Awakening God, and the good side of Korfa also survived, this was not the same as in history! Brendel remembered that in the history of the game, both Korfa’s dark side and good side died together, and after the quest of the Holy Cathedral of the Sleep, the eldest daughter of Hati no longer existed.

But since now this was what happened, history had somehow changed.

Could it be that this was the original setting in the game? If the Awakening God resurrects, then the game would enter this history line; if the Awakening God isn’t resurrected, then the game would enter that history line in the game. Brendel suddenly realized why no one had ever seen the God of Awakening again in the game. This was all because history had changed and the results had justified this.

But now there was a problem.

No, not just a problem, but a big one.

Brendel realized that his people had seemed to inadvertently change history, and not just like the Ampere Seale Conference that had changed the history of just a place, Aouine. The difference between the eldest daughter of Hati, Dim Korfa and a conference was obvious and unnecessary to elaborate further, it’s obvious which one was more important. And if Brendel remembered correctly, the next big chapter after the first birth of the empire was the return of Hati.

This would be a change that could even affect the course of the entire Great Demonic Wave, and might even change the future direction of Vaunte, shaking the foundations of that terrible war later.

What was more crucial was that this change wasn’t the same as Ampere Seale’s Conference. This change happened without him realizing it, and it was completely beyond his expectations. No one knew whether it was good or bad. Brendel could only be sure of one thing: In the game, Hati was killed by a player. Before Hati was revived, her twelve daughters were also successively killed, the process was almost the same as the killing of Korfa in this quest of the Holy Cathedral of the Sleep.

But now, Korfa survived, so what about Hati? And if Hati didn’t die, what would become of Vaunte?

Brendel could only think of five words.

The Twilight of the world.

He just looked at Korfa in a daze. His mind had been jumbled with all these thoughts, and for a while, he even forgot to reply. After a while, Korfa broke the silence by saying softly, “I seem to have frightened you, have I?”

Brendel jumped and hurriedly shook his head.

“Then why did you stay silent?”

“Because I was thinking if I should kill you,” Brendel replied seriously.

“Huh?!” Korfa was startled, but looked a little puzzled, “Why would you want to kill me, Mr. Human?”

Brendel was silent for a moment. In fact, he wasn’t joking about what he had just said. “Because you are the daughter of Hati, the first wolf in the Twilight, and in the near future, your mother will be resurrected once again. If you are still alive at that time, it will be unfortunate news for humanity. As you live, many, many more will die.”

Korfa blinked for a moment.

“You seem to be a prophet, nothing can be hidden from you, Mr. Human,” she paused, “My mother once told me that in the midst of the darkness, which no one can see, a river flows quietly, leading to some unknown future. Those who can see that river can see the end of the future. Mr. Human, can you tell me why you seem to be able to see everything behind that mist?”

Brendel pursed his lips, “For a special reason.”

He already had the intention to kill her so he didn’t hide it anymore. After all, lying is exhausting. Telling Korfa these had made him feel more at ease. He exhaled. The good Korfa was very popular among the players, and he had no ill feelings towards this innocent-looking young girl. But her very existence was a threat to Vaunte, and she herself apparently understood this, so it wasn’t as surprising after all.

And exactly because of this, the more nervous Brendel became, because it proved that his suspicions might be right.

“You’re telling me your secrets, aren’t you, Mr. Human?” The young girl replied slyly, looking very frank, “You’re telling me this because you understand I can keep your secrets, right?”

Brendel nodded. The kind Korfa was wise, she had guessed what he had in mind.

“But what would happen if there was a third person here who heard our conversation?” Korfa asked again.

Brendel was horrified as he knew that the other party would never just say anything for the sake of intimidating him. Since Korfa said so, it must mean something. He hurriedly turned back, and this time Korfa chanted a spell, lighting up the dark underground. Brendel squinted his eyes under this sudden light, and then he finally saw the wretched man sitting not far away from the other end of this ice cave.


Brendel felt strange. Korfa, Arreck, and him, gathered in this small place. What a wrong combination of people to be with. He immediately felt that something was off. This place was so small, and in such a close distance, with his perception how could he not detect the breathing of the third person? Even if he didn’t notice it before, there was no reason not to notice it after coming to his senses.

Thinking about this, he looked back and saw a mischievous cunning look in Korfa’s eyes, “I pulled some tricks, Mr. Human, you won’t blame me, will you?”

Being teased by a real demigod. Brendel almost was so frustrated he almost laughed. He pointed at the wretched Arreck and simply asked, “You expect to rely on him to save your life? If it was someone else, it would be fine. But this person, it seems, happens to be my enemy, right?”