Chapter 785 - v4c155p1 Awakened (1)

Chapter 785 v4c155p1

Awakened (1)

“I have my own way,” Brendel replied. He wouldn’t hastily reveal a secret about having the Elapsed Pointer. The Petrified Fog, which was the only threat to this big worm, had been sealed, and strength-wise, Brendel was no match for it. The Berserk Skill could still last for a good while, so staying on like this for fifteen minutes more wouldn’t be a problem. He now felt glad that they weren’t on the ground because the Devourer’s Teeth couldn’t use skills like trembling and rolling under the ice, if not, Brendel could just get his grave ready by now.

Noticing that Arreck was still a little uneasy, Brendel added, “Don’t worry, if I were to kill you I would’ve done so already. With all the deeds you’ve done in Ampere Seale, you deserved to die more than a thousand times. But since I didn’t kill you just now, I won’t kill you now either, at least before I get your Ringed Serpent Ring.” This was an open secret between the two. Since Brendel didn’t bother and decided to bring it out, Arreck sneered and didn’t reply. Brendel knew that he was obviously upset and was trying to find a way out.

With the word said, Arreck settled down a lot, at least Brendel needn’t worry if Arreck would think about absurd ways about dying together for now.

Then it was a boring period where everyone just waited. Arreck kept thickening the ice layers, and the ice wall spell had created a gigantic lump of ice in the Devourer’s Teeth’s throat. Fortunately, this thing didn’t breathe with its lungs, otherwise it would’ve become the first BOSS who died of suffocation. Although so, Brendel’s eScarletstence made it suffer. It was struggling and tried to move around at first, but after ten minutes or so, it stopped moving and quieted down as if its energy had replenished. It wasn’t moving but Brendel could feel its warmth, so that’s how he knew it was still alive.

He didn’t know if the thing was playing dead or it’s just purely tired, but anyway, it was a good sign that the monster had settled down now. With a few more minutes, Brendel could stick to his plan and escape.

Brendel didn’t know how far Korfa had dug, but it had been a quarter of an hour, so she must’ve gug a few hundred meters forward already. The Devourer’s Teeth didn’t have much intelligence, as long as they didn’t make a noise it wouldn’t catch up on them. Brendel was relieved that this thing didn’t rely on sense of smell but instead hearing, otherwise it would track him down considering the bloody stench he was covered in.

But as he relaxed a little, he felt the thing he was suppressing trembled and so he slightly lifted his head up to look.

“What’s it trying to do?” Brendel froze.

He felt the Devourer’s Teeth backing up. Was it trying to escape? But it felt otherwise. He was confused when the Devourer’s Teeth backed up slightly and charged forward with all its might all of a sudden. Even Arreck couldn’t move quick enough and was sent flying to one side. He would’ve been squashed into a patty if he reacted one second slower. The unfortunate one was Brendel, who was stuck in its mouth. Brendel finally understood what it was trying to do.

It’s going crazy!

They didn’t know if it was due to the ‘toothpick’ that was stuck in its mouth, or the big lump of ice that was in his throat that made it uncomfortable, whatever the cause was, the BOSS was going insane. It headed straight and slammed into the ice wall, creating an enormous dent, then moved all-around in the underground glacier. This movement was something normal to a Devourer’s Teeth, but to Brendel, it was horrendous. The monster slammed into ice walls one after another along with Brendel, even though he had great physique, he was on the verge of vomiting blood.

Brendel started seeing stars above his head. It shouldn’t be this way… Even if he wanted to activate the Elapsed Pointer now, he couldn’t. He dared not move his hands because if the big worm ever bites down, he would be sent to see Marsha right away; but if he didn’t move, who knew where he would be brought to.

He only felt himself travelling further into the dark underground, not knowing the distance he had gone. His back was numb from all the trauma. Suddenly, he felt nothing against his back anymore, and the sound of the whistling wind was all he could hear.

He only felt himself in the dark underground shuttle, but also didn’t know how far away, anyway, the back had been hit numb, suddenly, behind an empty, only the sound of whistling wind in the ears. Brendel instinctively thought that they had passed the glacier area, but when he turned back to look, it was as if his soul left his body.

This thing actually took him out and was heading towards the edge of the cliff. And down was the abyss, which looked more outrageous than the abyss below the Spiral Hall. The bottom couldn’t be seen and the darkness seemed to be endless as if it could lead directly to the Sulfur River.

“Stop!” Brendel shouted wildly. This time he finally couldn’t care less and hurriedly released the sword in his hand, then grabbed the Elapsed Pointer hanging from his neck.

And it was at that moment, the Devourer’s Teeth let out a wail, and most of its body rushed out off the cliff like a derailed train, heading down into the abyss along with Brendel. It was only at this time that Brendel finally touched the object, “Activate it for me!” He shouted wildly in his heart. Then he heard a crisp click and he felt as if a flowing ripple was expanding in all directions with himself as the center. Then in that instant, he saw the world around him slow down.

He saw himself and Devourer’s Teeth still falling down, but they were now falling down at a slow speed. The big worm seemed to be half-hanging in the air, and the big hole it had burrowed through the cliff was just within a hand’s reach.

“I’m saved!”

Brendel shouted wildly in his heart as he hurriedly drew his Halran Gaia, crawling out from the Devourer Teeth’s horrifying mouthpiece. He then climbed up along the thing’s long body in an attempt to get back on top of the cliff.

But it was at this time that he suddenly felt something was wrong.

As if something was prompting him, he turned to look backwards –


Time had rewound to half an hour ago. At the other end of the dark underground world, the mountain maiden blinked her eyes as she slowly awakened. She stayed in the dark for a long time before remembering what happened before she passed out, and hurriedly struggled to sit up. The girl was usually quiet and strong in front of Brendel, but now she was fumbling around on the ground in a panic. She managed to grab a long, cloth-wrapped object, and she removed the cloth quickly. She used her hands to identify the object inside in the darkness. It was a halberd. But Scarlet looked as if she had recovered some rare treasure and let out a long sigh of relief.

She sat holding the halberd for a while as if she hadn’t adapted to the current situation. However, her vision finally slowly adapted to the darkness, and gradually she could identify the surrounding situation by the slightest light coming from the glacier above. The scenery and surroundings she saw were different from Brendel’s. This was the bottom of a long underground ice crevice and the widest part of it could accommodate as many as seven or eight people. It looked like a canyon from afar, but the canyon gradually extended into the darkness until it disappeared from her vision.

Scarlet waited for a while but still, no one showed up. She started to feel afraid that she stood up and began to call out softly, “Lord…”


Echoes transmitted along the ice wall, echoing like a ghostly voice in the valley.