Chapter 995

Chapter 995: Chapter 995:

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They had lost the competition.

There must be a reason.

But in the esports world, a loss was a loss.

Blindly finding excuses for himself had never been Black Flame’s style.

Feng nai was even more unlikely to be like this. Instead, there were many comments online.

They were all saying that King couldn’t handle the entire team.

All of a sudden, the people who were holding on to the topic became even more excited.

Whether King still had the qualifications to be the best professional player or not, it instantly became a topic of discussion.

Because Teng Hui’s complexion and condition were terrible to a certain extent, the suppression naturally became a stone hammer.

The coach knew the internal problems best.

When the team members arrived at the lounge.

“I didn’t see any communication between the two of you in this round,” he said.

Feng nai brought a bottle of mineral water over without saying a word.

Panda scratched his head.”ST’s defense is a little difficult to break through.” He said.

The coach circled an important point on the book and then met mo bei’s gaze.

He knew who this person was.

After a slight pause, he said,””In the next game, mo Nan will change to a champion with a breakthrough and cooperate with King to find an opportunity to kill them. As long as St’s formation is in chaos, it won’t be so difficult to play.”

“Alright,” he said. Mo bei responded and raised her hand to unzip her combat uniform jacket.

The coach turned his head.”The key is to hold the top lane. Only then will we have time to jungle. Teng Hui, make some adjustments and communicate more. Don’t rush, develop first.”

Teng Hui, who had been called, was completely listless. He didn’t want to speak at all and didn’t even drink a sip of water.

Panda reached out and tugged at him.”The coach is talking to you.” He said.

Teng Hui’s mind was in a mess.”The new coach. I don’t know who introduced him. It’s the same as not saying anything. Why should I care about him?”

Everyone could hear that sound.

The sound echoed in the small lounge, causing everyone to freeze.

Then, there was a loud bang!

It was the sound of Feng nai throwing a bottle of mineral water into the trash can.

He strolled over to Teng Hui and suddenly laughed. “I’ve spoiled you, haven’t I? You don’t communicate on the field and only know how to vent when you adjust your tactics. Who taught you to play professionally like this?”

“What do you know when you’re liked by so many people!” Suddenly, Teng Hui clenched his hands and shouted the words from the bottom of his heart.

Feng nai looked at him, his eyes darkening.””I’m competing to win, not to be liked by anyone. ”

“Then why did you give all the advertising opportunities to mo Nan?” Teng Hui lowered his voice.”Don’t you think you’re letting us down?”

“An advertising opportunity?” Feng nai glanced sideways.”I’m not going to get it, and I won’t help anyone get it either. They’ll appoint whoever they like to be the spokesperson. This kind of thing shouldn’t concern the contestants.”

Teng Hui clenched his fists.”But the Feng family has already taken over Black Flame. You have the right to speak, don’t you?!”

Upon hearing this, Feng NAI’s hair fell from his forehead, and he smiled completely.””I’m not interested in these things. No matter who you heard or what you said, when you’re on the field, you better play well. If you don’t play well, I’ll cripple you. ”

“You don’t deserve to be the captain!” Teng Hui didn’t understand why his boss couldn’t understand him. He stood up and wanted to leave.

Mo bei turned to the side and placed a single hand on his shoulder. Then, with a forceful tug, she tugged at his collar and pressed him against the wall. Her voice was cold as she said,””Three times. In this match, he saved you three times on the top lane. Just based on this point alone, you have no right to criticize him.”

“What’s wrong? Are you going to stand out again?” Teng Hui sneered. He felt that not being cared for was the only thing he could think of now.

Mo bei met his eyes.”Yes, because I’m too lazy to watch it anymore. It’s something like questioning a teammate over an advertisement.”

Teng Hui trembled.

Mo bei’s voice was faint.”If you think that I’ve taken up your resources, then use your abilities to win back. Don’t lose the competition in front of me.”

“You!” Teng Hui looked at the expressionless face and realized that there was not a single emotion on it. His hand also drooped down.

Mo bei’s eyes were unmoved.”You’ve been in Black Flame for two years, but two years can’t even compare to one or two words of provocation. In order to highlight yourself, your mentality completely collapsed, and you’re blaming it all on others after the competition. Who are you talking to about whether you’re worthy or not?”

“I just want everyone to see me.” “Why didn’t you give me a chance?” Teng Hui took a deep breath.

Mo bei let go of his collar.”So what are we going to do? we’re not going to take the kills that we should take. We’re not going to clear the jungle that we should clear?” Opportunities are something you fight for, not given by others. Didn’t you always say that you like Supreme Alliance? then you should know that every member of Supreme Alliance could remain silent like a shadow when they weren’t needed in a team battle. However, once something happened to someone, another person would immediately step forward to defend the team. Almighty Qin was able to create the heavenly domain and Almighty Z was able to sweep the opponent’s wilderness and escape unscathed because they believed that they had a group of trustworthy teammates behind them. No matter what, this is never a one-man game. ”

Hearing this, Teng Hui’s eyes trembled, and his entire body seemed to be nailed to the ground.

Mo bei stood up straight.”You only see people liking him. You’ve never seen anything wrong with Black Flame. He was the first one to be criticized. The greater the glory, the greater the slander. The only way to make a God fall from his pedestal is to make him lose his teammates. No matter how much pressure you feel, it shouldn’t become a reason for your jealousy to spread. How you fight from now on is your business, but I won’t let him lose this match again.”

In the past, mo bei would not have said so much.

However, she knew very well why her brother had ended up like that.

Lu Yifan wanted to stand up for her, but when he couldn ‘t, he thought that it was her brother who was in his way.

The current Teng Hui felt the same way.

What was the ugliness of human nature?

She was finding all sorts of reasons for her jealousy.

In the end, he would use this to pull down what he thought was an obstacle and then trample on it.

Teng Hui and Lu Yifan were different.

It was because it was different.

Hence, mo bei did not want to see him become Lu Yifan.

Perhaps Teng Hui didn’t know how to cherish it.

However, she had never once thought that it would be great if her brother was in Black Flame.

“Counting down to one minute! Will the two teams please prepare to enter the arena!”

It was the voice of the stage controller.

Outside the door, the noise from the media could be heard.

It was as if they knew that there was an internal conflict in Black Flame and were waiting for them to come out so that they could take some photos of their dark faces, especially of Teng Hui’s dejected face. This way, they could make up a story with even more explosive points.

It had already started on the internet.

For example,”my heart aches for our Big Boss. Almighty K, don’t you know how to understand him?”

If I were Hui da, I would definitely leave the team. k fans have already started attacking Hui da.”

“Tenghui is nothing. With brother chennan here, he can fight against two people at once.”

There were all kinds of rhythmical comments.

He just had to pretend to be a fan and scold Teng Hui.

Then, he would pretend to be a fan of Teng Hui to criticize Feng nai and praise “mo Nan” at the same time.

This was how public opinion was generated.

Wang Jun had always been good at confusing right and wrong.

He knew that everyone loved gossip.

They spread it with ulterior motives and incited as much disharmony as possible.

Now, even if Black Flame knew that Teng Hui’s mentality was not good, he could not bring him off the field to let him calm down.

This was because doing so would only inexplicably prove that team leader Black Flame was suppressing his team members.

Wang Jun had anticipated this, and that was why he kept getting people to send such comments.

However, he had never expected this.

The first person to open the door of the lounge and walk out would be Feng nai.

Just like before, he stuffed a hand into his pocket and walked in front casually.

It was as if any question that came crashing down on him didn’t exist in his ears.

There were three Teng huis, because Feng nai was at the front.

When it came to Teng Hui, there were only two media outlets left: “Is it really like what they say on the internet? Just what kind of team was dark flares? In the past, the side that you showed in your livestreams were all for the sake of gaining fans? In fact, it’s not peaceful internally?”

When he heard these questions, he was stunned.

Teng Hui’s eyes widened as he raised his head.

How could there be such a statement?

He only wanted to prove himself, why would he …

“You don’t look well. Did something happen during your break? did you lose the game and take the blame?”

“I heard that you’re currently spending a lot of money. Is that why you want to transfer?”

An unexpected guess was actually in it.

Teng Hui looked at the microphone that was flying toward him and almost felt breathless.

What boss had faced just now was even more than this.

Yet, he could act as if he had not heard anything.

For some reason, Teng Hui’s mind was filled with the words he had said in the lounge.

“You don’t have the right to say that.”

“Because they believe that they have a group of trustworthy teammates behind them. No matter what, this is never a one-man game.”

“The greater the glory, the greater the slander. The only way to make a God fall from the altar is to make him lose his teammates.”

In an instant, everything was clear.

However, it was already too late.

The boss was right.

Who taught him to play in the professional league like this?

No one pushed the responsibility to him when they lost the game.

However, he only lost because he wanted to stand out too much.

That was fine, but why did he forget the most basic respect for a manager?

Was he jealous?


He had always been jealous of his boss and Mo Nan.

That was why he had even forgotten how well they had treated him.

When did the pressure from his family become an excuse for him to question others?

At the end of the day, he was still unconvinced of mo Nan.

He was not convinced even though his skills were inferior.

Teng Hui, how did you become such a coward?

At this moment, Teng Hui really wanted to slap himself.

However, he also understood that because he had listened to other people’s instigations, the entire team had fallen into a Whirlpool. At this time, no matter what he did, it would become a topic.

He deserved it.

He didn’t cherish his teammates.

He deserved to end up like this.

Panda, han Xi, mo Nan, and especially boss … They must be very disappointed in him.

At this moment.

Suddenly, a figure blocked his way …