Chapter 738 - Fired 1

Chapter 738: Fired 1

The consequences of the female teacher’s words were more frightening than the consequences of saying everything. Under such a cold gaze, the students present couldn’t help but lower their heads in silence, each with their own thoughts. The female teacher’s line of sight swept across the group of people with different expressions and sneered. “Very good! Since you don’t want to admit it, we’ll just wait for the results! I also hope that su youzhi’s matter has nothing to do with any of you!” However, no one present was a fool. Li Linluo whispered,””Before su jinzhi came for the interview, he still looked like he had victory in his grasp. He didn’t seem to be feeling any discomfort, but after he entered the interview room …” “Do you mean that someone in our house is trying to harm him?” The girl beside him asked hurriedly. “I’m not sure, but I’ve watched a few Palace drama films with my mom. I think today’s incident is too coincidental.” It was far more than a coincidence! Ten minutes later, su jinzhi finally calmed down. He looked as if he had just been soaked in water, and his expression was unsightly. The doctor in front of him was also livid. He called the female teacher and said,””Sinister! It’s really sinister!” “I’ve been in office for so many years, and this is the first time I’ve seen someone drug a Qing university student!” “… Yes, it’s been confirmed. It’s a common drug in entertainment venues that will cause both men and women to have a rush of blood! The effect of this medicine was controlled within about ten minutes! It’s too vile to lay hands on a classmate. We must report this to the principal and deal with it seriously!” The female tutor seemed to have said something, and Doctor Lee’s face froze. The voice from the loudspeaker was not loud, and only a vague sound could be heard. Even though he couldn’t hear the details, su jinzhi managed to piece together a rough idea from the bits and pieces of information he had. The new principal had to be quick with his actions. The new principal would inevitably be dissatisfied with the major scandal that the finance department had caused when he came. The female teacher had to be severely punished, but she couldn’t make a big deal out of it. But why? He had made such a big fool of himself, so he wasn’t going to break his teeth and swallow it down! The teenager was so angry that his blood was boiling. Holding his breath, he rushed back, pushed the door open, and said to the female teacher,””Teacher, I just heard the results of the school doctor’s examination. I was framed, you have to give me an explanation!” Su jinzhi’s voice was raised by a notch due to his anger, and even his face looked a little ferocious. The group of students in the waiting room jumped in shock as they looked at the young man with bloodshot eyes in front of them. Well, the victim had personally come forward to seek justice, so this matter definitely couldn’t be left unsettled! The female teacher was also very dissatisfied with su jinzhi’s decision to come here regardless of his physical condition.”Doctor li has already told me about it. Why aren’t you resting? what are you doing?” The teenager first bowed in Huo Mian’s direction, then looked at the female teacher. He suppressed his anger and said,””Mentor, this matter concerns my personal innocence and honor. I have to personally see you handle it before I can be at ease!” “Of course, if you think this matter is difficult to handle, I can also choose to call the police!” Although the nature of this matter was bad, it wasn’t to the point where the police had to take action! The school had just started. If such a bad thing were to spread, it would definitely cause a response in society! How would the parents, students, and even the whole society look at Qing University’s finance department? The female teacher immediately changed her attitude,”there’s no need to call the police!…” How about this, su youzhi, try to recall who you’ve been in contact with and what you’ve eaten since you entered this place!” The effects of the medicine hadn’t completely worn off, so su jinzhi still had a slight headache. However, his thoughts were still clear. He quickly went through the formalities in his mind, then pointed to the paper cups in the last row.”Ever since I came in, I only drank this cup of water. I want to take this cup of water to be tested and get the surveillance video of this place! Search the students “bodies!” Being drugged was not a glorious thing, and it violated the young man’s pride of being rich enough to be sold by catties. The female teacher was afraid that su jinzhi would call the police on impulse, so she quickly said,””If you want to get the surveillance room’s video, you’ll need to call the higher – ups for instructions. Wait here, I’ll call the director right now!” Su jinzhi gritted his teeth and nodded. The female teacher arranged a seat for him and asked him to sit down first. He then looked at the Restless students in the room.”Everyone, keep quiet! All of you, stay here and don’t move! We’ll leave after the investigation is over!” “During this period, you are not allowed to use your mobile phones to spread any information about today’s incident on the internet! Do you know that?” After warning the students, the female teacher went outside the office to call Yu Min. Poor Yu Min. She had just driven to the finance department. After such a big incident, he had no choice but to drive to the surveillance building again to discuss with the director about making a copy of the surveillance video. He was also angry in his heart and instructed the female teacher,””Just do as he said, you male and female teachers will split into two groups and search the students for the drug. Today’s matter must be dealt with properly! We can’t tolerate such a filthy thing happening to a prestigious University!” “Yes.” The female teacher acted upon hearing the news. The Dean’s thunderous anger made her know that she had to take drastic measures! Yu Min drove away. She was upset and didn’t bother to send another message to Fu Zhi. She only said that she had been delayed by other things and would be back later. In the interview room, the teachers were already searching the students. There were a group of boys and a group of girls. Every student who came up to be searched had their names read out in the order of the roster. After confirming that there were no problems, they would check the back of their names. After searching for a while, they did not find any illegal drugs on any of the students! Su jinzhi’s expression turned extremely ugly.”This is impossible!” I only got into trouble after I entered this place. If I’m not one of the students here who’s my competitor, who else could harm me?” “Student su, don’t be anxious. You saw it yourself, we searched every student here! Why don’t we wait for the surveillance footage?” The female teacher adopted a pacifying policy. “But there are more than just the students on the register who came for the interview.” At this moment, a female voice suddenly rang out, The voice appeared so suddenly that everyone subconsciously looked over. Li Linluo bit her lip and said,”I remember seeing a girl when I came here this morning. It was Fu Zhi. She also came for the interview and even went to the director’s office!” That’s right! Li Linluo’s reminder made everyone react. “The students in the room are fine, but who knows if the students outside have any other thoughts!” At that moment, some students said meaningfully. At this moment, Lu chuwan, who was originally nervous, suddenly had the courage to say loudly,””Teacher, to be fair, shouldn’t we also search Fu Zhi’s body?” …… At the same time, in the director’s office. Fu Zhi and ye Jiu were both following large – scale domestic animation dramas. It didn’t take long for her to watch more than ten episodes of the anime, which was being played at three times the normal speed. Fu Zhi’s eyes hurt a little and she was about to push the phone away. “Dong Dong Dong Dong Dong” Someone knocked on the door. “Enter.” Fu Zhi moved her phone away and sat on the sofa, her eyes shifting to the door. The office door was pushed open, and a few people stood outside. There were both men and women, and they were all teachers from the finance department of Qing University. A few police officers followed behind him. They came menacingly and looked like they were not to be trifled with. Fu Zhi tutted and raised her eyebrows.”What’s the matter?” His tone was cold, and it made people’s hearts go numb. Everyone was silent for a moment. Until the female teacher in the lead said,”you’re fu Zhi, right? there was a small incident during our interview today. We need you to cooperate with us to search you.” Ye Jiu was speechless. “A body search?” When ye Jiu heard this, she stopped watching her cartoon and frowned in disbelief.”Whose body are you guys going to search?” When the female teacher saw ye Jiu’s expression, she only felt that this student’s attitude was strange. She even seemed to be gloating over his misfortune. Her face immediately darkened.”Student su jinzhi has been killed. This is a bad situation.” The Dean asked me to investigate it. It’s an emergency, so I hope student Fu Zhi can cooperate!” Fu Zhi glanced at the female teacher in front of her until she felt a chill down her spine. She stood up and spread her arms.”Search.” She did not make things difficult for her future colleague. In fact, even if it was difficult, Fu Zhi had nothing to search. There were milk slices and a pile of lollipops in his pocket, but there was nothing they were looking for. …”I’m sorry, I’m being presumptuous.” I didn’t expect you to be so childish. The female teacher immediately took a step back. “Did student Fu Zhi bring her purse or school bag when she came?” she asked. “No,” Fu Zhi replied. The female teacher nodded and felt that it was about time. Just as she was about to leave, she suddenly saw a white medicine bottle on the sofa. “Wait, What is this?!” The male instructor who also saw the medicine bottle next to her had a sharp look in his eyes. He stared at Fu Zhi as he walked to the sofa and picked up the medicine bottle. There was only half a bottle of pills left in the small bottle of pills. It was obvious that someone had already used it! Densely packed instructions were attached to the bottle. With just one look, the male teacher was sure that there was something good inside! “Take it to doctor li!” The man didn’t think about it and gave the medicine bottle to the security guard for testing. In the huge office, other than the security guards who left in a hurry, all the instructors stayed behind. The test results came out in less than three minutes. With all the evidence present, the instructors ‘scrutinizing eyes immediately locked on Fu Zhi. They asked,””Student Fu, why would such a thing appear in your office? You have to give us an explanation!” Before Fu Zhi could speak, an old voice suddenly rang out, “Who is it? Who hurt my grandson?” The female teacher turned around and saw su jinzhi’s grandmother. The fifty – year – old professor had rushed over after learning that someone had tampered with his grandson’s interview process. What a pity for the elders of the world! The female teacher quickly went up to welcome her.”Mrs. Jin, what brings you here?” “I’ve heard everything. Did she drug my grandson?” The old lady pointed her finger at Fu Zhi. A group of students had gathered outside the door to watch the fun. Lu chuwan happened to be surprised and said,””What? It was Fu Zhi who harmed su jinzhi?” One sentence, thrown into the crowd, instantly set off a thousand layers of stormy waves! The female teacher’s silence was equivalent to a disguised admission. This made grandma SU’s face turn green. What a National top scorer! You actually did such a despicable thing for my grandson’s place in the finance department!” “You only drugged my grandson today. Are you going to kill him tomorrow?” “Qing University actually accepted a student with such a vicious mind like you. It’s really disgusting and shameless!” Grandma SU’s eyes were bloodshot and her hands were trembling in anger. She walked to Fu Zhi and slapped her without thinking. However, before she could touch Fu Zhi, her wrist was grabbed by the young man beside her. Grandma su tried to pull her hand away but failed. She glanced at him. However, ye Jiu’s tone was even colder than hers. He grinned, but the smile didn’t reach his eyes.”A professor from Qing University?” “You’re making a big fuss here after you’ve figured out the matter! This is your character?” “What does it have to do with you that I’m teaching my student a lesson?” “I advise you to mind your own business!” Grandma su sneered. If you’re going to send someone to Qing University, please leave our school immediately. If you’re a student of Qing University, you should learn to respect your teacher! Otherwise, you’ll be kicked out of Qing University today! Qing University doesn’t need students like you who don’t know manners!” Ye Jiu stood in front of Fu Zhi. In grandma SU’s eyes, this was enough to prove that the two of them had a very good relationship. How dare he bully her grandson in Qingda and embarrass her grandson? of course, grandma su couldn’t just let this go! Ye Jiu shook off her wrist. Grandma su looked at the female teacher and said,”there are witnesses and physical evidence. You have to give me an explanation for today’s incident!” Lu chuwan, who was outside the house, said kindly,””Although the information was found in Fu Zhi’s place, could there be any misunderstanding?” “Misunderstanding?!” Grandma su stared at Fu Zhi and said word by word, as if she was gritting her teeth and swallowing blood,”could it be that someone deliberately framed her? Or did the medicine grow legs and run to her on its own?” “Yup! Everyone was together today, and under everyone’s watchful eyes, there was no chance to poison anyone! Only Fu Zhi is not with us …” “You can’t say that. Didn’t you say that Fu Zhi got in through the back door? she had no reason to harm su youzhi!” “Maybe he’s jealous that she got into the finance department in broad daylight … You guys know how to compare geniuses!” “It can’t be,” Lu chuwan said softly.”That’s too scary. Fu Zhi, I really didn’t expect you to become like this!” “Tsk.” Fu Zhi put down her legs that were on the coffee table and called her name coldly.”Lu chuwan.” The three words were short and clear, with a tone that made people shudder. Everyone subconsciously held their breath and waited for her next sentence. Fu Zhi bent down to pour a glass of water and took a sip. It was a nonchalant action. After a long while, they heard her voice with contempt and ridicule.”It’s been a year. Tell me, why haven’t you improved at all?” “Stupid and bad, you don’t have the ability but you still want to do that kind of thing.” “Must you spend the rest of your life in prison so that your blockhead will remember?” One year in jail … Fu Zhi’s words contained too much information. Lu chuwan’s eyes widened in horror and she trembled like a sieve. She didn’t expect Fu Zhi to bring up her imprisonment … “Enough!” Grandma su didn’t want to listen to their nonsense.”Fu Zhi, stop changing the topic. Let me tell you, you’re the top scorer in the country. Other people are supporting you, but I’m not! The mistake you’ve made today is a criminal case. If I call the police, you’ll spend the rest of your life in jail!” Grandma SU’s temper was notorious in the school. All the Graduate students under her were afraid of her. However, the old lady wouldn’t pick a fight. If you want to blame someone, blame Fu Zhi for what she did today! He had used that kind of Dirty Medicine to harm someone else’s grandson, but the other party did not return the favor. He was just kind! If they put themselves in their shoes and their relatives were hurt like this, they would not let the perpetrator off easily. His eyes moved to Fu Zhi. What sea demon? what President Gu? did they really think that they could hide the truth from the world once they were in the ivory tower? Ye Jiu laughed and turned her phone around. She looked at the righteous – looking old lady su.”You said that Fu Zhi wanted to harm your grandson. There must be a motive, right?” What’s her motive?” “Snatching a spot in the finance department!” Grandma su said firmly. As soon as he said that, everyone noticed that the smile in ye Jiu’s eyes deepened. “Don’t talk nonsense,” At that moment, Fu Zhi put down her cup and instructed ye Jiu,”call the police.” Everyone’s expression changed when they heard this. The female teacher looked at Fu Zhi.”Student, what are you doing?!” “Although the impact of this matter is bad, as long as you apologize with a good attitude, you can settle it privately. Today is the start of the school season for Qing University. It’s fine if you cause trouble, but if such a scandal is exposed, it will damage the school’s reputation. As professors of the finance department, we will never agree to call the police!” It could be said that other than Lu chuwan, who had a bad premonition and was on tenterhooks, everyone else looked at Fu Zhi as if she was an idiot. He had never seen himself courting death. After calling the police, this matter would definitely be on the hot search. It didn’t matter how the netizens scolded her, Qing University would definitely fire her under the pressure. All her years of hard work would be in vain, and she would be back to square one! Ye Jiu looked at the female tutor and Mrs. Su. She wanted to keep a low profile, but her abilities didn’t allow her to.”Fighting for a spot?” As instructors, you don’t agree?” After she asked, she pointed at Fu Zhi and said,”Tell me, how did Fu Zhi, the finance professor hired by Qing University, get so jealous of su youzhi that she didn’t hurt her colleagues and teachers, waiting for a promotion and a raise, but hurt her outstanding student who was about to belong to her?” A group of idiots who were toyed around by Lu chuwan, who had brain damage! Ye Jiu’s words were like a deep water bomb that exploded in everyone’s minds. They were shocked and looked at Fu Zhi in horror. Everyone was dumbfounded. “Are you kidding me? how can Fu Zhi be a teacher? Isn’t she a candidate from this batch?”