The Strongest Hokage

The Gura Gura no Mi is known as the strongest fruit in the world of one piece.In Naruto world, the blood limit would grant the strongest power for those ninjas. But what if the Gura Gura no Mi is found in the world of Naruto And after it is eaten it will be like a blood limit power.Well, the MC just took that Fruit.This story begins before the second Ninja war by two years.

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Chapter 301: The Mist Village

Chapter 302: Gai’s Challenge!

Chapter 303: The Legendary Seven Shinobi Swordsmen of The Mis

Chapter 304: kubikiribōchō

Chapter 305: Two swords

Chapter 306: Divine

Chapter 307: The Shortest Rampage

Chapter 308: Hunted

Chapter 309: Conclusion

Chapter 310: The Heart Of The Strong

Chapter 311: Perfect Sage Mode

Chapter 312: Space Punch

Chapter 313: Two Answers

Chapter 314: The Situation In The Shinobi World

Chapter 315: Research Results

Chapter 316: Rock Camp

Chapter 317: I’m Gonna Catch Them

Chapter 318: Easy Repression

Chapter 319: Onoki’s Sorrow

Chapter 320: Orochimaru and Anko

Chapter 321: Enhancing Vitality

Chapter 322: Chakra And Soul

Chapter 323: The Raikage and The Kiiroi Senko

Chapter 324: Speed

Chapter 325: The Fall!

Chapter 326: The White Cloud

Chapter 327: Smack

Chapter 328: Someone Is Missing

Chapter 329: The Collision Of Eras

Chapter 330: Battle In The Rain

Chapter 331: Gedo Mazo

Chapter 332: One Sword Two Halves

Chapter 333: Final Strength

Chapter 334: Clash of Swords

Chapter 335: The Complete Susanoo

Chapter 336: I’ll Kill You Firs

Chapter 337: The Undercurrent Surges

Chapter 338: The Research of The Soul Art Technique

Chapter 339: Completed

Chapter 340: The End Of The Third Shinobi World War

Chapter 341: Guidance

Chapter 342: Seeking Death

Chapter 343: Danzo’s Winning Card

Chapter 344: Defeating The Kotoamatsukami

Chapter 345: The Reverse Four Symbols Sealing

Chapter 346: The Death Of Danzo

Chapter 347: Meatballs

Chapter 348: The situation in the Rain Village

Chapter 349: Five Kages Peace Talk

Chapter 350: Land Of Iron

Chapter 351: The Start of the Peace Talk

Chapter 352: Higher Or Lower

Chapter 353: Pressing

Chapter 354: Respec

Chapter 355: The Queen Of Roran

Chapter 356: Princess Sara

Chapter 357: I’m Gonna Stop the Sand Storm

Chapter 358: Landforming

Chapter 359: Enhanced Perfect Sage Mode

Chapter 360: The Absorption Of Ryumyaku’s Energy

Chapter 361: Stunned!

Chapter 362: Distortion

Chapter 363: Resurgence

Chapter 364: The Fourth Hokage

Chapter 365: Konoha’s Crisis

Chapter 366: Unknown Purpose

Chapter 367: Black Zetsu

Chapter 368: Kamui

Chapter 369: The End Of a Hero

Chapter 370: Gai’s Training

Chapter 371: Uchiha Itachi

Chapter 372: Tsunade and Konan

Chapter 373: Land Of Water

Chapter 374: Haku

Chapter 375: Encountering the Mist Shinobis

Chapter 376: Naito’s Ice Release

Chapter 377: The Rebellion of The Kaguya Clan

Chapter 378: Orochimaru

Chapter 379: Kimimaro Vs. Mei

Chapter 380: The Abyss

Chapter 381: Departure

Chapter 382: The Base Of The Akatsuki

Chapter 383: The Strength of the God

Chapter 384: Qualitative Gap

Chapter 385: Cutting Gedo Mazo

Chapter 386: Ultra Shinra Tensei

Chapter 387: The Death Of Nagato

Chapter 388: Transformation

Chapter 389: Robbery

Chapter 390: Wave

Chapter 391: Hyuga Hinata

Chapter 392: Hyuga Hiashi

Chapter 393: Persecution

Chapter 394: I Heard You Wanna Kill The Murderer

Chapter 395: Itachi Vs. kimimaro

Chapter 396: Hamura’s Descendants

Chapter 397: The Sixth Path

Chapter 398: The Sage Of the Six Path

Chapter 399: Haguromo, Naito, And Hamura

Chapter 400: Six Path’s Mode