Chapter 100

Chapter 100: War of Monsters

The three people keep each other in check with their eyes alone.

Yukime’s are clear like water, Juggernaut’s are black and shining like those of a bird of prey, and Shadow’s are red and glowing inhumanly.

“Shadow……? Where the fuck have I heard that name before.”

“Rumors of the militant group Shadow Garden from outside. That’s the name of the head of that group.”

“Ahh, that’s right. So this guy is that rumored Shadow.”

“I had thought those rumors mere lies, but this gentleman’s strength does seem to lend credit to those rumors.”

Shadow is being scrutinized by the two, yet shows no sign of being bothered by it.

The moment a gust of wind blows, Shadow’s sword rings out, Yukime’s metal-ribbed fan snaps open, and Juggernaut’s giant sword is poised on his shoulder.

The wordless face off continues for a while longer.

“Are we three having a marriage interview? Or shall we begin a deathmatch?”

It is Juggernaut who first breaks the silence.

“Then I wish to express my desire to join hands with Shadow-han. What say you, Shadow-han?”

(T/N: Yukime speaks in an Osakan accent (as do most female foxy characters in anime, as it’s considered more bewitching), so she uses –han instead of –san.)

Yukime directs amorous eyes towards Shadow.

“I’d stay wary of that shitty vixen if I were you. The moment you let down your guard is the moment she stabs you in the back.”

Juggernaut laughs through his nose.

“How pointless.”

In spite of this atmosphere, Shadow turns his back towards them without hesitation.

“The Red Moon has risen and the Rampage has begun…… I do not have the time to mess around with you people.”

“Hah, someone feels sure of themself.”

“You sound like you know something. ‘Red Moon’…… why do I feel like I’ve heard that somewhere before……”

“The old hag must be forgetting things due to age. Sucks to be you.”

“You be quiet. Just as Shadow-han says, fighting among ourselves now is meaningless. Even I am feeling infuriated about my children being attacked by ghouls. Isn’t it the same for you?”

“Don’t lump me in with you. Outlaw City doesn’t need three towers. I was merely thinking that it’s high time to get rid of at least one of them.”

“So we are agreed to focus on the Queen of Blood for now?”

“Hah, seeya later then, old hag. Next time I see you, you’re dead.”

Juggernaut glares at Yukime and Shadow, then leaves.

Seeing Juggernaut go off, Yukime calls Shadow back.

“Would you wait a moment, kind sir? Shadow-han, I actually know about you. I manage the red-light district in this city, you see.”

Shadow looks at Yukime with a backward glance.

“It seems that several of my girls had been saved by Shadow-han, so we are in your debt. If it pleases you, I would very much like to express my gratitude some day.”

“I don’t need thanks…… I had no intention of saving anyone.”

“But everyone is truly thankful. You are a humble man, it seems. I’ll always be waiting, so feel free to drop by the White Tower whenever you feel like it……”

With that, Yukime gives him a bow.

“Well then, until next we meet.”

Leaving behind a coquettish smile, Yukime heads towards the Red Tower, and Shadow’s figure also melts into the darkness.


The Watchdog is waiting for prey at the Red Tower.

Sitting in front of the Red Tower while hugging his emaciated body, he laughs hideously with his face twitching.

He who was a mass murderer called by the name of the White Demon…… was previously a knight.

Serving as the Grand Commander of a certain knight order in a certain country, he once cut the figure of the model knight protecting his country and his people with his white uniform and shining white hair.

However, his true identity is a mass murderer roaming the streets of the city at night. He has loved cutting people up ever since he was born. Red blood, screams, and faces distorted with despair. Only by stealing other people’s lives did he feel alive himself.

However, a certain day, a colleague discovered his crimes. That instant, he turned into the White Demon.

Within one night, the White Demon massacred his entire knight order, then escaped. Along his escape route, he continued killing people, until he finally arrived at Outlaw City.

There was nothing and no one that he feared. He believed himself to be at the very top of the food chain.

However, that delusion led him to challenge the Red Tower and become shattered. The man feared as the White Devil could not lift even a finger against Crimson. He was single-sidedly toyed with, until he pathetically begged for his life.

Thus he became the Watchdog.

He was robbed of the freedom to kill people.

For the man who lived merely to kill people, that was akin to robbing him of the very reason for his existence.

However, the perfect opportunity for him to kill people has finally come.


The Red Moon rose, and a flood of ghouls and vampires vacated the Red Tower.

There is no longer anyone left who could find fault with what he does. As long as the Red Moon continues, he is free to kill.

And that is why the White Demon is waiting for prey. Not as the Watchdog, but as the White Demon, he is patiently waiting to taste the sheer bliss of killing once again.

It is rumored that the Magic Swordsmen Guild are here to subjugate the Queen of Blood. The White Demon is almost praying for someone to reach the Red Tower.

Then finally.

With violent footsteps, his long-awaited prey has arrived.

Hi…… hihi?”

The White Demon raises his head in great joy, only to see a hulk of a man with swarthy skin.

His entire body is rippling with bulging muscles, and he is carrying a giant nata even longer than his height.

The sharp eyes glaring at the White Demon are filled with overwhelming violence. There is no room for doubt, this man is none other than one of the monarchs of Outlaw City, Juggernaut the Tyrant.

“You’re in my fucking way. Don’t be.”


In a split second, the White Demon averts his gaze and steps aside.

The White Demon now understands that there are existences much more powerful than himself. The monarchs of Outlaw City and their close aides are people that he must never raise his hand against. That is what he has learned after challenging Crimson.

“In my fucking way.”

Tyrant stands before the door, then destroys it with a single swing of his giant nata.


The White Demon cowers to the side and waits for Tyrant to pass, before looking at the tragically destroyed door.

It used to be a sturdy door braced with iron. Even magic swordsmen would not be able to break it easily. The man who was able to break such a door with but a single swing has just entered the Red Tower.

The White Demon shudders with fear at imagining what is going to happen from now on.

That moment, he hears a sound from behind.

Those reserved and gentle footsteps are undoubtedly that of a woman’s. Female flesh is soft and feels great to cut.

A fiendish smile comes over the White Demon’s face as he turns around.

Before his eyes is a woman so bewitchingly beautiful that she seems to not be someone of this world.

She has luscious silver hair and black fox ears. And there are two metal-ribbed fans carried in the obi of her kimono.

That’s still fine.

But behind her back, there are nine tails waving to and fro indolently.


There is no room for doubt. This woman is none other than one of the monarchs of Outlaw City, Yukime the Enchantress.

“Would you kindly make way?”


The White Demon has already stepped aside before being asked to. This is another person that he must never raise his hand against. He shivers in the corner and waits for Enchantress to pass, before looking up at the Red Tower.

Is this tower going to be fine, now that both Tyrant and Enchantress have entered? Is a war of monsters about to go down?

That moment, he hears a sound from behind.

Hearing those kotsukotsu footsteps, the White Demon sneers.

Both Tyrant and Enchantress have come. There is no existence in this city that stands above them.

As expected, before his eyes is an unfamiliar man in a black coat.

He has on a jet-black longcoat, his hood is pulled forward deeply, and his face is hidden behind a mask.

However, this man’s strength cannot be read from his bearing. When someone reaches the level of the White Demon, they would be able to generally read their opponent’s strength even before the fighting starts. However, not a hint of strength can be read from this longcoat man.

But how much can he amount to in comparison to Tyrant and Enchantress?

“…… Hihi!!”

The instant the man in black enters within striking distance, the White Demon slices with his sword.

He’s dead.

The next moment after thinking that, the White Demon finds himself looking up at the night sky.


As he looks around in sheer confusion, he sees the lower half of his body still standing.

His lower body has been separated from his upper body. It crumples to the ground while spurting copious amounts of blood.

With that, the White Demon finally realizes that he has been bisected.

Hi…… Hi……”

Just as he expected the man in black who had bisected him to enter the Red Tower, he instead plants a foot on the wall of the tower, then runs up it perpendicularly.


The White Demon doubts his dimming eyes even while losing blood.

However, that was not the end of it. The man in black suddenly stops halfway up the tower, punches a gigantic hole in the wall, then goes inside from there.

What sheer absurdity.

The White Demon understands that he had raised his hand against a living creature that he should never have raised his hand against.

Hi…… hi……”

The very last instant before his life leaves him, he thinks, “Wait, isn’t that area where the treasure room is?”