Chapter 128

The Supreme Code

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In the cold air, the full moon is shining.

On such a winter night, Beta came to make a regular report to the Lord.

As usual, she reports on the activities of Shadow Garden, after which she reported on the activities of the Mitsugoshi Company.

Normally she only reported on the basic details of Shadow Garden activities. The Mitsugoshi Company is only an accessory of Shadow Garden, so she can’t afford to bother him with it.

However, right now, the Mitsugoshi Company is facing a crisis.

From his atmosphere, he seems to have already guessed the situation.

The air of the Lord who just nods along with “Fumu” or  “Fumu?” seems to have changed.

While listening to Beta’s report, he took out a memo pad from his breast pocket and start taking a memo.


“I see, and then?”


The Lord said a phrase other than “Fumu” while listening to the regular report!

Beta’s words were stuck for a moment due to the astonishment.

“Ex..Excuse my rudeness. Regarding the increasing amount of counterfeit money being circulated—”

While giving her report, she felt happiness after sensing that she had the Lord’s undivided attention.

The Lord has become serious.

The Lord is always busy, and so, he rarely gets involved with their activities. His time and power are always put to use for a greater purpose.

The meaning behind the Lord getting serious is that this incident is that important.

In fact, if the counterfeit bills continue to circulate in this way it is no exaggeration to say that the Mitsugoshi Company will face an existential crisis.

There was also the fact that due to the matter of Delta, the entire Shadow Garden was covered in a heavy atmosphere. But if the Lord is getting serious this crisis will surely be overcome.

Warmness spreads through Beta’s chest.

“Prices have begun to rise due to the amount of circulating bills and the increasing rate is………….”

“There’s a little bit I don’t understand…”


The Lord, just now said he didn’t understand.

Naturally, she can’t take it as it is. Because the Lord understands everything. Then the meaning of what he said is ——– there’s an error in the report. He must be saying that he can’t understand why I would make such a foolish mistake.

Whether the rate of increase was mistaken or the original idea was wrong….. anyway, he has noticed a mistake in her report in a single moment.

“I, I will immediately redo the analysis.”

To make a mistake in front of her serious Lord….Beta’s face was burning bright red with shame.

“I don’t really understand it, but, well I will just write it down as is.”

“Yes. I am very sorry.”

With that, the regular report is over.

However, there’s still a matter that she must report on.

Looking at the Lord who putting away his memo, Beta opened her heavy mouth.

“There is another matter to report on, today.”

“……Let’s hear it.”

Within that silence, Beta understood from his sleepy looking eyes.

He already knew the content of her report. It doesn’t matter how, she thinks it’s obvious that he’d already know. Rather, it would be weird that the Lord wasn’t aware yet.

Even so, she still has to report it.

Her important comrade’s death.

Because it is their duty, the duty of those who let their comrades die.

“We lost contact with Delta after she went in pursuit of John Smith. Judging by the situation, her life is already…………”

Beta’s voice is trembling. Delta was her precious comrade. She can be a handful sometimes, but she was also like a little sister that always made her feel better.

“Delta is……..”

After hearing Beta’s report, he turned his head and was thinking about something for a while.

“No, wait. Delta only just went somewhere far away.”

And the Lord said that.

Feeling the kindness behind his words, Beta was unable to hold her tears.

“Yes….That’s right. I understand. It seems like Delta has only gone somewhere far away…….”

Endless streams of tears flows down Beta’s cheek.

She felt happiness from the clumsy kindness of her Lord.

“Is that so, there’s no problem if you understand.”

He nodded and said so.

“We speculate that John Smith is considerably skilled. If possible, we would like to ask for Shadow-sama’s help…….”

“Sorry, but there’s something that I must do.”

“No, I’m sorry for asking the impossible.”

It cannot be helped. Since the Lord has already made his move in a different direction.

And that move is certain to be necessary for the Mitsugoshi Company and Shadow Garden.

“Then, I will excuse myself for today…….. but before that.”

Finishing her report, Beta must move to her next assignment immediately, but, there’s something that she has to confirm first.

“Umm, Shadow-sama, I am really sorry but that memo……….”


“Yes, regarding that memo, because there is a rule that confidential documents must be disposed of or encrypted immediately…..”

Naturally, he probably already knew that. But it has to be confirmed, just to be sure.

The Lord ceased his movement for a moment, then handed his memo to Beta.

“Try reading it.”

“Th,This is……….!”

Beta was astonished at the memo’s contents.

“Hiragana, Katakana, Kanji, Arabic numbers, Romaji,  a code written using five independently developed languages.”

“Th, This is for Shadow-sama’s own use!?”


The characters there are not just written randomly. Although it is simple, it held regularity, and while it is complex, it is also disordered.

It would certainly be difficult to decipher five complex languages.

Beta looked at her Lord with respect, to him who made this alone by himself.

“U,Umm, If you do not mind, could you teach us this code………”

“Fumu………It’s still too soon”

“I, Is that so…….”

Beta dropped her shoulders.

“But that’s right………..”

Her Lord wrote something in his memo, and tore off a page, then handed it to Beta.

“This is…….?”

“I will teach you if you can understand its meaning.”

What was written there was a mixture of five languages.

“Th, Thank you very much!”

She carefully put it into her cleavage. She must immediately send it to the laboratory for analysis.