Chapter 130

Goodbye, John Smith

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The Alliance mobilized a large number of people to find the source of the counterfeit bills.

Even so, it will take them quite a while to find the source of the counterfeit bills that are circulating in the market.

It’s still not publicly known yet that there are counterfeit bills circulating. However, some smart people have started to notice it.

People having doubts in the notes are beginning to appear.

There’s not much time left.

The collapse is already approaching.

“Stop! Search that carriage.”

Late at night, several men stopped a carriage that’s about to leave the capital.

They were Garter’s private army and they’d been instructed to stop suspicious carriages and inspect them

Of course, they’ve not received legal permission to do so and they have no law enforcement authority. However, for those who conduct business, the orders of the Alliance cannot be ignored and as such, all merchant carriages are forced to comply.

This carriage also stops as ordered.

Mercenaries of the Garter Company roughly handled the carriage.



Hearing a low voice from somewhere, a mercenary stopped his hands and started looking around.

“You will surely regret it……….”


The mercenary snorted and laughed at the advice he received, and then opened the package on top of the carriage.

While his eyes widened at seeing the large amount of gold coins inside, his neck was cut through.


“I‘d warned you, that you’d regret it.”

The mercenary who had his head cut off let out a fountain of blood and crumbled to the ground.

“B,Bastard! Who are you!!”

The remaining mercenaries drew their swords.

“The name is John Smith. You can regret hearing it in the next world.”

“What did you sa—————!?”

Several thin strings gushed out in the moonlight.

However, no one noticed its glimmer.

Without knowing, without noticing, every single one of their heads went flying.

As the blood started raining down, the carriage laden with cold coins started moving again.

The carriage slowly increased its speed and left the scene, leaving behind the countless bodies whose necks have been cut and John Smith himself.

He moves his fingers as if playing a piano, while manipulating countless strings extending from his fingers.

And, spoke to an empty space.

“I know you are there…”

At the same time, the steel strings tore into the darkness.

Something moved in the darkness.

A woman wearing a black body suit appeared from the place where there should be no presence. Her body suit is like a beautiful dress, her face is hidden behind a mask, but her blue eyes are staring at him through the gap.

“Nice to meet you, John Smith.”

With a beautiful voice like a bell, she bowed and greeted him. Her platinum hair shone in the moonlight.

“And, Goodbye.”

And then, a jet-black sword cut down John Smith.