Chapter 137


Those who lost their eyes

Going back in time a little bit–.

As the sun go down, it began to snow in the royal capital. As the world is being dyed red by the sunset, it is also being painted black by the shadow. The volume of the fallen snow is increasing.

In that capital’s street, if you look at it from a distance there’s a silver Yoko (spirit fox) in the snow.

She exhaled a white breath, she is waiting for something with a sadness in her eyes

After the sun has completely set for a while, A shadow approached her from behind.

[A silver Yoko that has appeared in the capital—– it was you after all, Yukime….!]

As if the piled-up snow has absorbed al the sound in the capital, A voice full of resentment resounded in the extremely quiet capital.

Looking back, Yukime saw a beastman with jet-black fur who lost both of his eyes.

[Gettan…. I am always waiting for this day. But when actually did, I wonder why am I feeling this sadness…..?

[Everything, It was all your doing….! Do you intend to snatch everything away from me !!]


In contrast to Yukime’s flat indifferent face, Gettan’s face was unsightly distorted.

[I almost grasp that power in my hands…….. So that no one will be able to take anything away from me anymore…..! You want to deny that from me!!.]

[It’s already over, please give up already……]

[No—-not yet. If I have the gold you have taken, I can still recover from this!!]



Gettan draw his naginata. The naginata was as long as his height.

[Well, I wonder where it is…..]

[I will force it out of you now.]

Yukime pulled out her iron fan.

[I’m no longer the old me.]

A white snow falls to the ground.

The white moons and countless stars shine in the night sky.

In that beautiful contrast of black and white, an iron fan and a naginata clashed.

The whiteness wraps around them and the blood splashed.

The red blood vividly dyed the white snow canvas.


The one on his knee is Gettan. He stared with hatred at Yukime and noticed something.

[That kind of magic power……it’s the same of back then….!?]

Before he knows, Yukime’s appearance has changed.

She now possessed nine silver tails that are gradually getting thicker and longer, her clear water like eyes was dyed blood red.

Even her dense magic power can be felt even without using his sight.

[This is the true appearance of a Yoko tribe…….the winner has already been decided.]

[So, that’s the legendary power of Yoko…..the power that took both of my eyes that day!!]

[I took both of your eyes…..?]

[Kuku….To think that you didn’t even remember it………even though you are the one who took my eyes! If you have that kind of power. No, If I have that power everything wouldn’t be taken away from me—–!!]

Seeing Gettan’s face filled with hatred, Yukime sadly smile.

[Gettan…..Why did you changed. The old you isn’t this kind of person…..]


[It’s over.]

Yukime pointed her iron fan at Gettan’s neck.

That cold sensation make Gettan’s expression froze.


Yukime was looking down at Gettan while holding her iron fan.

That face made her remember something from the time long ago.

As if the time was stopped, the two didn’t move a single muscle.

Only the snow continues to fall around them.

Then, she lowers her iron fan and return her tails and eyes to normal.

[What are you planning………]

[This is the end of my revenge.]

[The end…. you say.]

[What has caused you to changed, I still don’t understand. However, the fact that you have sinned and the fact that you saved both the village and my life still stand…… Your sin will never overwrite your good deeds nor does it go other way around. I still want to believe in the you who saved me on that day……..]

Yukime turns her back and walk away on the white snow.

[So…..this is goodbye, Gettan…..]

Gettan using both of his crushed eyes and stared at Yukime’s back with hatred.

[Don’t…….fuck with me…….]

His hatred did not reach Yukime.

He swallows a red pill. His wound rapidly heals and—–.


Flower of blood bloomed on the white snow.

[How far do you intend to mock me.]


Yukime who was pierce by a naginata fell down on the snow.