Chapter 141


Everything is his

[I still have one final job to do.]

Saying so, John Smith started digging and have Yukime return to the capital once.

The final expression of kindness on Gettan’s face bring back a nostalgic memory.

Yukime took a night’s rest in the capital, she used the real banknotes to exchange it back to gold coins and return to the hideout.

Her wound was healed by John Smith. That ugly scar on her back had disappeared beautifully.

Her physical and mental wound healed, she now truly believe that everything is over. It was supposed to, but the word [Cult] Gettan mentioned still linger in her ears.

What has caused him to change.

Does my revenge really over with this?

What if Gettan was only being used…… and the real enemy is still out there.

Arriving at the hideout, she carry the gold coins and headed to the vault only to be surprised by its contents.

[This is……]

The inside was completely empty.

A woman in black appears without a sound from behind Yukime who is tilting her head.

[You are Yukime of the Yukikitsune Company right……….or should address you as one of the pillar of the Lawless City instead.


When Yukime looked back, she saw a beautiful elf with platinum hair.

[You are?]

Yukime asked, preparing to pull her iron fan out at any time.

[I am Alpha. One of the Shadow Garden. If you reacted like that, he still hasn’t told you right?]


Yukime known that John Smith/Shadow is the head of Shadow Garden.

However, he never talked about Shadow Garden with her before. Come to think of it, it was weird.

[You are his collaborator…..and the one Gettan from the Great Commerce Association loved right…….]

[What do you want to say.]

[First, I was thinking about handing this letter to you. The seal has already been opened, but I thought it was a good idea to hand it to you.]

[This is…….?]

What Alpha took out was an old letter.

[The association will collapse today. Before that happen we have to retrieve what we can. This was found in Gettan’s room, his letter to you……No, you could call it his testament.]


Yukime received the letter and start reading.

The first thing that surprised her was its messy handwritings. Despite his blindness he must written this letter alone without relying on others. From the messy handwritings Yukime could feel his trace and his warmth.

That letter began with the remorse he felt for Yukime and his hometown and how he curse his own weakness.

Then, she found a surprising fact written inside.

[The cult of Diablos….]

That was the identity of the one that changed Gettan.

After reading the letter, Yukime raised his face and looked at the alpha.

[I am also a person of the lawless city. I already have an information that there’s an organization that is lurking in the shadow.]

[That’s the cult of Diablos. And, it is what Shadow Garden has been fighting against. Of course he….Shadow too……….]

[John-han too…….]

[He must have noticed the fact that you have crossed path with the cult in the past. That’s why he show you the way to help you out of your ruin.]

[Ruin? What are you talking about.]

Alpha smiled.

[You see, Mitsugoshi Company was actually a front of Shadow Garden.]

[——–!? Don’t tell me!]

From the beginning, Everything is already placed on his palm.

That day——the moment Yukime talked with Shadow in the Lawless City, he already predicted the ruin of the Great Commerce Association and Yukime’s.

But he showed her the way to avoid it.

He rescued her and pointed at the way for her to face her true enemy.

[Everything John-han did was……]

[Sorry, but we already retrieved all the gold here.]

[….So that’s why Mitsugoshi Company’s credit still hasn’t collapse.]

[Moreover we have acquired the association’s businesses and established ourselves in the absolute possition.]

[Everything was as John-han….. No, Shadow-han predicted right.]

[It fine even if you regarded his as a traitor. He will accept even that, but before that, I want you to think carefully about the path that he have shown you.]

Yukime shook her head.

[I have no intention to do that. Speaking of which, the one who suggest that we lay our hand on Mitsuhoshi Company first is me. Crushing me is but a simple task for Shadow-han right?.]

[That’s true.]

[I was save by Shadow-han. This fact doesn’t change. And I hate the cult of Diablos. My revenge will not be over until the cult of Diablos is completely destroyed.]

Alpha nodded to Yukime’s word that is full of determination.

[We to, are ready to accept you. If it is alright with you, we want you to continue leading your Yukikitsune Company and partner with Mitsugoshi Company to do the thing we couldn’t do in the Lawless City.]

[Understood. You want Mitsugoshi Company to be the front and our Yukikitsune Company in the back…. right?]

[He already prepared for that. The juggernaut of the Lawless City has disappeared, you are now the strongest in the Lawless City.]

[Wha, to think that he read it that far ahead…..So everything is truly on the palm of Shadow-han…..]

[Yes, truly….]

Yukime and Alpha smiled with the same expression on their face.

Both of their face are filled with the admiration from the bottom of their heart.

[We will be in you care.]

[We too will be in your care. But this is terrible, to think that there would be so many people that are important to him……]

[What do you mean exactly?]

[It’s a story from our side. Well, I will entrust the remaining gold coins to you then.]

[Thank you. First, after we have overcome the credit collapse we will send help to your Yukikitsune Company later.]

And they left the hideout while talking about the future.]