Chapter 147

147. Mystery Man

Zack was struggling hard with his throat in my grasp, but my fingers didn’t budge.

Cough… ghrr…”

Finally seeing fear welling up in the man’s eyes, I slightly loosened my grip.

“What do I gotta do…”

“Right… I’m going to need a room, can you get me that?”

“N-not right away. I’ll need a month.”

I looked into his eyes as he spoke. He didn’t seem to be lying.

“I see. Well whatever. Actually, suddenly getting myself a room will make me stand out. I just need a roof over my head is all. I’ll sleep in the hallways I guess.”

“Sure thing. I’ll get you a spot…”

“Also, I’ll need meals, well balanced meals. If you can’t get that, I’m afraid I won’t need you.”

“Y-you won’t need me…?”

“Nope, not at all.”

I tighten my grip momentarily.

“Oh, Ok, ok ok! I can do meals, three meals a day, no problemo!”

“Thanks a bunch. Next… info yeah, I’ll need that. This place looks like it’ll be fun. Lots of intrigue.”

“… I’ll answer anything I know.”

“Then, let’s talk about our relationship. You said you’re with the Doem Camp, yes? I don’t want to pick a side just yet. I’ll be Trash.”

“… Then I suggest you don’t talk to me in public. How am I getting you the food?”

“I’ll have it in this room. I can come in without anyone noticing, so it’s not an issue.”

“… Sure.”

Zack had on an extremely bitter expression.

“Yeah, that’s enough for now. I’ll find you when I need something again.”

“Yeah, you do that.”

I let go of his neck. He sat down and looked up at me while massaging his throat.

“Who the hell are you? How come you’re this strong when we’re not supposed to have mana…”

“Who can say…”

“You’re no student. A spy… no, someone from the underworld…”

“Perhaps, but would I really reveal that?” I said, putting some strength in my gaze.

…Tsk” Zack tsked and looked away.

“Fucking politics… whatever, I ain’t involved, just do whatever you gotta do.”

“That I will, Mr. Zack. That I will.”

“… Yeah, sure.”

I turn my back to the dejected Zack and grab the door handle.

“Ah, right. I don’t think I need to tell you, but do keep this on the hush hush.”

“… I know.”

“Just a friendly warning. You see, I honestly don’t care if I have to kill you and everyone else in your little Doem Camp—” I said, momentarily releasing a strong helping of mana and bloodlust.

“—Wha!? But your mana’s supposed to be…”

“As if this trinket can seal me…” I said finally, opening the door and exiting the room.

“… Fuck me with a sledgehammer. I just had to pick up a freakin’ monster…”

Listening in to Zack’s muttering from the other side, I did another mental fist pump.