Chapter 148

148. Not Enough Calories At All

The Trash in the concentration camp get one meal a day.

All these hobo-like gents would line up in the in the courtyard and await their share. On the menu today, we have hard bread and soup.

As I took my meal, I noticed the surrounding gazes locking on to me.

They’re thinking they’ll pick it off of me, the bumbling newcomer.

They think they’re not making it obvious, but it’s really obvious.

I mean, I have a good meal waiting for me courtesy of Mr. Zack, so I could just make like a mob and get it taken from me, but I’m just a little curious about this too.

Welp, whatever happens.

I make a show of hiding my food by cradling it and quickly make my way away from the crowd.

Basically, I’m saying they can take it, but I’ll put up a fight.

I managed to cross the courtyard without incident and made it to the spot of hallway Mr. Zack reserved for me.

“Alright, here goes nothing…”

I started with the soup.

It was garnished with vegetable scraps and just a few beans. Tasted… slightly salty.

Like, it was bad, but I could eat it.

The bread was also bad, kind of bitter too. The bigger pieces were sort of better.

Tolerable if you dipped it in the soup first.

In summary: Edible, but just bad.

The meal was utterly lacking in protein. The only source of protein would be these tiny beans.

And not enough calories at all. A paltry 500 Cals at most.

I couldn’t imagine this’d be enough to cover a day’s worth of energy.

No wonder they’re all skin and bones… I can understand the desire to steal.

“Ho, newcomer.”

Two men approached as I was eating.

They were both thin and ragged, but their eyes still had a glint to them.

“Do us a solid will ya?”

“W-what do you want?”

I made like a small, scared animal trying to defend itself.

“Nothing much, just hand over the food.”

“Eh, um, but this is the only meal we get today…”

“Shaddap and hand it over!”

So the threats began.

“Hand over the food, and you don’t get hurt. Try anything and you’re still in for pain after we take your food. Get my logic? Now let’s just make it easy for all of us.”

“N-no, I…”

Tsk… fucken retard.”

One of them grabbed my collar and shoved me against the wall.

“He’ll get it after a punch or three.” He said and raised his fist.

“You will stop.” Interrupted the voice of a girl.

“Fuck off, bitc—!?”

“Wait, that’s…”

Standing there in the hallway, was a beautiful girl. She had on prisoner garb like the rest of us, and had pink blond hair. She kind of resembled someone.

“Let him go, now.”

The two men relented to pink blondie staring them down.

Tsk, we’re done here…”

“Uh, yeah…”

My collar was released and the men scurried away.

“T-thanks so much. You are…”

“It’s all right now.” The pink blond beauty smiled reassuringly.

This camp had few female prisoners. Most of them were women prepared for the Doem Camp, but I had a feeling this girl here wasn’t one of those.

“Food is quite scarce for everyone. You’d best eat your fill quickly.”

“Th-, yes…”

“You may speak to me if anything—”

“Lady Clara, this boy was seen speaking to a man of the Doem Camp.”

A tough looking dude came up from behind pink blondie. He looked like he didn’t like me.

“Was he… but he surely didn’t know.”

“Be that as it may, we must tread with caution….”

“… Of course.”

“Um, I, uh, Zack just told me about a bunch of stuff and, so…”

“That is fine. Um… this isn’t exactly the kindest place to be, so stay safe.”

The girl, along with the tough dude, then left. As he passed me, the guy gave me another glare.

I made a show of being scared out of my wits and stayed like that until they were gone.

Then I muttered, “… Major player, right there.”

Mr. Zack should be able to tell me who that is while I eat.

Her name was Clara huh, she really did remind me of… right, her.

She looked a lot like Miss Rose. Maybe she’s related to Oriana royalty?