Chapter 156 - Sorry, Ya Lost Me.

156. Sorry, Ya Lost Me.

“Cid… Why are you here, of all places…” Said Miss Rose, eyes wide in surprise.

“Uh, I was worried for a friend and travelled here. Then they said I was suspicious and…” I said in mob-like stutters, trying to get across the feeling that I got mistakenly involved.

“S-so, you were that worried for me…?”

“Huh? Uh, I mean…”

I just said ‘a friend’, not her in particular, but, actually, isn’t her misunderstanding sort of convenient for now?

“Yes, that’s right. I was so worried after what happened…”

“Cid…” She looked at me earnestly. “I’m so sorry, because of me you ended up in this sort of place… Still, to think you could tell it was me right away…”

She finished with a slight smile.

“Oh, never mind me. I did this on my own accord so.”

“No, this is wrong! I, I… I can’t… return anymore…”

She shook her head furiously, amber eyes stained in tears.

“Can’t return?”

“…Please, just forget about me.”


“… I’m sorry, I can’t say why. If I do, even you’d become involved…”

“Um, I don’t understand.”

Sorry, ya totally lost me there.

“My feelings are still the same. On the last day we spoke, I said I wanted you to believe in me. And you did. You even came all the way here. And that’s enough for me. I won’t ask for anything more. So… please… I, I don’t want you to get hurt because of me…”

Miss Rose tightly held my hands.

“Cid, you don’t need to worry about me anymore. I’ll make sure you escape from this camp. So please. Just, just forget about me…”

“… Okay.”

I nodded seriously.

Yeah, she’s technically a criminal after all. A mob isn’t someone involved with criminals.

Still, it’s surprising how far she’d go to take the throne.

Very well. I should help out in a way that she succeeds.

“Thank you for understanding. You and I don’t know each other… We’re complete strangers and our paths with never cross again…”

“… Of course.”


She said, still smiling. The tears in her amber eyes rolled down her cheeks.


I was about to also bid farewell when,

“Oi, you the one called Cid?”

Someone roughly grabbed my shoulder and turned me around.

“Yes, that is me…?”

All of a sudden, people from the Doem Camp were surrounding me.

“You’re the brat Marco hired, right?”

“… Marco?”

Do I know a Marco?

“Don’t play dumb!! Yer the one those guys called out!!”

The man grabbed me by the collar and looked mad.

“Eh, please, I don…”

I really don’t know a Marco. People are misunderstanding things a lot today.

I made a stealthy glance at Mr. Zack, and and he just gave me a nod.

What’s that supposed to mean? Why did you nod, man?

“Quiet down.”

Someone put a hand on the angry man’s shoulder.


It was the gray haired handsome man I saw in the cellar. Their leader.

“I am Maximilian. I run things around here. Five men have recently approached you for a task, no?”


Oh. The drug and kidnap the princess mission.

Yeah, they all suddenly got holes in their chests so mission failed I guess.

“Those five were mysteriously killed last night.”


Wait, am I a suspect?

“You will tell us everything.”

Said Maximilian in a tone that won’t take no for an answer.


And so I nodded in assent. And with my shoulder still held, I was about to be taken away.

Which is when,

“Move it.”

One of the Maximilian’s men shoved Miss Rose aside as she was standing blankly in the way.

“Ah…” I voiced worriedly.

“Hm? Do you know him?”

“…No.” I shook my head as she hid away her face. “I don’t know him.”

“Move along.”

I was then pushed to go wherever they would take me.

Behind me, I could feel her gaze on me the whole way.