Chapter 157 - Action Spy

157. Action Spy

Like that, I was brought into the cellar.

I was seated down on a chair with the underling’s iron grip still on my shoulder. Around me were faces of the Doem Camp. In front of me stood Maximilian.

“Now…” The bossman looked down at me with cold eyes. “Those five I mentioned. We found them this morning with their chests pierced through. You don’t happen to know anything about that, do you?”

I could see traces of the blood from yesterday on the floor.

“I, I don’t know anything, sir… please believe me!”

“Then tell me, what were you doing last night? Were you not supposed to drug the princess and bring her here?”

Ah, looks like he knows about that.

“Yes, I was indeed told to do just that. But I… I just couldn’t…”

“So the nerves got you.” Maximilian said, his gaze turning sharper. “And then, a coward like you had the audacity to carefreely stroll around in the camp. One would imagine you would go into hiding… no?”


H-he’s right!

Me acting like I had this morning isn’t something a mob like me should’ve been doing.

You’re brilliant, Maximilian.

“N-no, that wasn’t! I really was scared and…”

“You certainly looked fine to me. Until my men and I arrived, you looked not the least bit scared. Now, you will speak what you know.”

Maximilian drew his knife. The sharp blade glinted in the flame of the sole lamp.

Right. So I’ve failed.

Too bad. Let’s kill them now.

I was about to go Shadow-mode and unleash slime hell on them when— I sensed her coming.

Not a moment later, the lamp went dark.

“Someone’s there!!”

She had arrived.

Wearing a pitch black slime bodysuit, with her slime sword, she launched a fierce attack towards Maximilian.

“Damn you…!”

Maximilian also reacted fast to the sudden assault.

He quickly turned and avoided the blade coming for his neck, then jumped back to take distance.

It wasn’t a perfect dodge however, as blood gushed from his shoulder.

“Bastard! You must be… OWL. And you’re a woman.”

She didn’t answer.

Some of the other men were already down on the floor near her. She’s gotten more skilled.

“Hmph, seems you’ve made it easier for me.”

Maximilian took out a sword from a crate.

He fell into a loose stance and observed his opponent. Yup, he’s somewhat skilled too.

“… Surround her.”

The remaining men also found swords and did as their boss had commanded.

If they’d been holding guns instead of blades, it would’ve been like some spy movie action scene.

So exciting.

I gulped in anticipation.

And Maximilian made the first move.

He quickly closed the distance and thrust his sword.

The point didn’t reach her, as she had swiftly evaded with a half step and cut down a man who came from behind her.

As she did, Maximilian made his next move.

The man’s swordplay was sharp and precise.

No risky, flamboyant movements. A logical sword. I didn’t think I’d see this sort of sword in Oriana of all places.

The kingdom of Oriana had a culture of looking down on magiswordsmanship. The magiswords in of this country were either people of the lowest caste, or foreign mercenaries.

So what martial art does the high class practice you ask? It’s called blade dancing.

Yes, that’s right, I said dancing.

They take a sword, and they dance with it.

Imagine figure skating while holding a sword, that’s basically what it amounts to. Being the Country of Art, in Oriana, they hold blade dancing duels and victory goes to the most beautiful dance.

It goes without saying that blade dancing is total weaksauce in a real fight.

But for the people here, it seems that beauty is strength.

I mean, I can see how it could make sense, but beauty is in the eye of the beholder as they say.


Basically, this is why I was surprised with Maximilian’s swordplay. It made sense. At the very least, it made sense not in the Oriana kingdom way. One could claim it’s the start of a new era for the nation.

He was using such a sword to assail OWL.

Swords sparks lit up moments of the dark cellar, and he was landing glancing strikes on the girl’s body suit.

Maximilian was using numbers to his advantage to give her no space to maneuver.

“Give up while you can. You will not win.”

Huh, things aren’t looking too good for her. He’s a handsome guy after all.

As I was thinking that, she made her attack.

Maximilian easily dodged, as he had much more space to work with. He was taking full advantage of the stage.

He was far enough that the slash wouldn’t reach.

Yet, suddenly— her sword extended.


If Maximilian hadn’t craned his neck to dodge, his face would’ve had a hole in it.

The slime sword only grazed him, and blood flowed from his cheek.

Maximilian had barely dodged, but that position broke his balance and he had to step further back.

Taking advantage of the inattention, the girl swept away the men around her, cut down the cellar door and ran out.

“After her! Now!!” Maximilian roared, and his remaining man chased after her.

“Boss, what do we do with the kid?”

One of them said, noticing me.

“OWL takes priority. We won’t need him anymore if we can capture her. Do not let her get away!”

Saying that, Maximilian also ran out.

Suddenly, I was the only person in the whole cellar.

“…What to do…”

Things were getting rather busy upstairs.