Chapter 168 Part 2 - What Were Ideal Powers in Shadows in My Mind? (Part 2)

Chapter 168 – What Were Ideal Powers in Shadows in My Mind? (Part 2)

Translator: Makisima

Proofreader: Nevermind

I thought it’s lucky that the situation in Oriana was still unstable.

The thought came from a passerby who wasn’t involved.

What does powers in the shadows mean for a stranger?

I had to do something to learn about it.

Then I thought about it and kept one posture unchanged.

Because I was thinking so I didn’t find that something was flying toward me and stuck on my face.

“Heh! ?“

With a sound of “bita”, something touched my face.

I shook my head to get if off my face.

“A piece of paper…maybe it was blew by snowstorm.”

There was something written on it.

I used my fingers to describe the words,trying to read the words soaked by snow on the paper.

[Young man!! Fight for your country! Royalists are recruiting new soldiers.

The Job is simple, all you need to do is to kill our enemies. Even though you have no experience, you will be promoted rapidly with the help of your predecessors.

You will get a valuable job and there was someone promoted to captain in only 3 days.

You can get a pay valuing to thousands of money. The dream of becoming a rich man will come true!? Your future and your status is inestimable there!! Join us, hero!!

*Your abilities will be tested, then we will assign you to the troops that will use your abilities to the greatest extent.

I gripped the paper tightly and made a Guts pose.

“This is what I need!!”