Chapter 172 - Three Ojisans

Chapter 172: Three Ojisans

Translator: Makisima


Goldoh’s strategy was:

From the beginning we split up into two forces, the first was in charge of diversion whilst the second one had a mission of capturing the Count of Rajta and forcing him to surrender.

The second team consisted of around 10 elites, including Goldoh and Quinton.

The rest of was included in the first team. Our job was to create turmoil and buy time. As long as there was enough time, the second team could win this fight for us… Or at least it was supposed to be so.

We’ve got a map of the city thanks to enemy’s negligence, so the battle should end fast. There are only about 100 enemy soldiers so the battle shouldn’t get very heated. They told us so repeatedly to assure us so it should be the truth.

If we win this battle, it looks like we will become heroes.

It was said that Count Rajta had stolen some secret weapon after betraying the royalists. If the weapon fell into the hands of Doem Faction, the entire Royalists faction would be in trouble. The secret team’s task was also to protect that secret weapon.

The moment we complete the mission and regained the secret weapon is the moment when we become heroes for the Royalists. That’s why Goldoh gave our troop a new name after some discussion.

[Vow of Black Rose]

This became the official name of our troop. Black standing for night attack, and the symbol of Oriana, rose. From tomorrow onwards we will become legends known as Vow of Black Rose. It seemed to like that.

Although we were not really clear about that part, we thought the name was cool enough for us.

Therefore our fatigue was washed away. Everyone felt refreshed and full of energy.

Our eyes were full of determination. Both the distraction and the secret team approached the city.

The sounds of our footsteps on the snow echoed through the silent night.

The three Ojisans looked very serious. Noticing that I was looking at them, they laughed fearlessly.

Our troops morale was sky high. Because of it, it felt like our victory was sure. Even though our combat power was zero

Whilst we were approaching the Rajta Count’s castle, I used my magic power to secretly scout it out. To my surprise, our situation was terrible. There are over 500 enemies in the castle.

It’s bad news – enemy number was more than 500.

Goldoh said there was only around 100 enemy soldiers.

There might be trouble.

We were definitely going to lose.

What would a mob character do in this situation?

I looked at the three ojisans. Should I stare at the castle resolutely just like they did?

No, I shouldn’t.

That was what a mob character should do. However, I had to consider what to do as a power in the shadows.

Considering the whole situation from the perspective of a power in the shadows, every side of the conflict could be called characters in a story, but mob characters were like audience.

In other words, my theory was that my existence as a power in the shadows would be more definite in the eyes of mobs, so I decided to play a mob character to the end.

Original translation from wangmamaread.

Whether it was true remained uncertain, but the existence of powers in the shadows would be increasingly clear from now on.

Considering this, I would play as a mob character to challenge the battle.

I would receive the answer while fighting against the enemy.

Hidden in the darkness, we walked towards the city for a while.

It was a small castle. If there were only 100 enemies we would win and bask in glory thanks to attacking them by surprise.

That is to say, we had little to no chance to win.

In this situation what would a mob character do? What would a power in the shadows do?

As for mob characters like us, the battle had begun since Traitor opened the city gate.


It could be claimed that the raid launched by Vow of Black Rose was successful.

We rushed into the city, like an avalanche, and suppressed the completely enemy soldiers.

We killed the soldiers around the city gate and then headed towards the center of the city.

“Enemy, enemy attack!!”

Relying on our numerical superiority, the enemy soldiers in twos or threes was easily crushed.

“Ha-ha!! Fortunately, I quit my job! I’m so strong!!”

“Ora! Ora! Ora! More comfortable than farming!!”

“Whoop! I’m so powerful! My wife is waiting for me at the pawnshop!”

Because of the 3 ojisans, unconsciously I came closer to the front line

During the so-called battle between armies, once one party had an advantage, the other party would be overwhelmed. It was very difficult to resist one army and shake its morale with individual strength, excluding some magic-swordsmen.

Thanks to the successful surprise attack, our morale boomed, which made our new rookies fight with full strength, as they lacked professional training and fought based on morale.

Seeing our momentum made me believe for just a short moment, that we could succeed.

But that thought only flashed for a short while.

I felt that the enemy’s front had finally gathered up.

“Maybe, maybe we should be more cautious…”

Feeling the might of the enemy’s in front of us, I tried to advise them, but…


“Ora! Ora! Ora!”


Nobody listened to me.

This way, our troops flooded into the central square of the city, where they were surrounded by an enemy troop with a completely new perspective.

“This is your end, vermin!”

Now, the tables have turned on us, the enemy was superior in all aspects. Enemy number and their proficiency was far above us.

Even if our momentum was strong, momentum is always going to finally die out sometime, and this should be the moment.

“Ha-ha! We are the Vow of Black Rose!”

“Ora! Ora! Ora! Make way for heros!!”

“Whoop! Assault!!!”

“Eh? Really!”

The three ojisans had rushed out, followed by others That’s how the true fight started.