Chapter 175 - Do Not Kick the Platform

Chapter 175 – Do Not Kick the Platform

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Goldoh, who was a member of the secret team, was searching for Rajta Count’s treasure.

“I haven’t found anything. What about you?”

“Me neither. So the treasure is in the warehouse upstairs?”

Goldoh and Quinton looked at the end of the corridor, lighting up the stairs above with torches.

“Find the treasure quickly! If all of the people outside are killed, we’ll be killed soon!”

Tulpicano reproached them with a worried look.

“Mr. Tulpicano, don’t worry. We still have time.”

Goldoh climbed the stairs while trying to calm Tulpicano down.

Quinton and Tulpicano followed him. They found a door which was similar to that of a warehouse’s.

“What’s wrong with you?”

“Get out of my way.”

“Sorry, go to hell.”

The guard noticing the intruders drew out his sword, but he was knocked unconscious by Goldoh and Quinton quickly.

“What should we do without keys?”

“It doesn’t matter. We can tear the door in two.”

With the golden magic twining his body, Goldoh tore up the iron gate.

“What is it?”

However, there wasn’t any treasure behind the door.

That thing was just like a part of a creature.

“Are these fingers?”

The shrunken black thing was a long claw with sharp nails on its fingertips.

But it was much bigger than a human being’s hand. Maybe it was thicker than Goldoh’s arm.

The claw that looked like a monster’s was fixed on the platform of the spacious warehouse.

“Where is the treasure? I don’t want this disgusting thing.”

Tulpicano kicked down the platform, walking back and forth in the warehouse.

“Where’s my treasure? Where is it?”

“Mr. Tulpicano, you are too loud…”

“Shut up! You only need to use my method to find the treasure. Find out where the treasure is.”

Tulpicano stopped suddenly.

His big belly was impaled on the shrunken claw.

“Mr. Tulpicano!”

“Damn it!”

As Tulpicano’s salves, Goldoh and Quinton took action immediately to protect him no matter what they were willing to do.

However, Tulpicano died after his mouth spurted blood.

Then Goldoh.Kinmekki and Quinton stopped their action, looking down at Tulpicano’s body and the black claw. After impaling Tulpicano’s belly, the black claw began to suck his corpse, as if to drain his blood.

“What is that?”

“I don’t know. But we’d better not step in… let’s retreat!”

Tulpicano was dead. And they did not find the treasure.

There was no need to stay here anymore.

“Sorry, since you saw this, I won’t let you go!”

Just then, they heard a low voice behind them.


“You are — Rajta Count !?”

“Oh? Do you know me?”

Standing behind them was the city owner, Rajta Count.

At first glance, he looked like a common middle-aged aristocrat. But he was firm and erect, no no flab on his body. His sharp gaze was fixed on Quinton and Goldoh.Kinmekki.

“Quinton, be careful.”

“Goldoh.Kinmekki, I know.”

They carefully kept a distance from Rajta Count. But the door was just behind him.

“You have troubled me. If it were not because of you, I just needed to hand it over to the cult.”

“Cult⋯⋯? What the hell is going on? What exactly is this claw?”

“Fu… there is no doubt that this is the treasure you are looking for.”

“Do you even say that this is a treasure?”

“For people who know its value, it is. Well, so much for chat.”

Rajta Count drew his sword at his waist. His sword was for real combat, not the kind used for performance.

“—— you will be the sacrifice offerings for the Order of Diabolos!”

Then, the wind blew.



Blood was spurting from Quinton’ and Goldoh.Kinmekki’s body.

They felt weak at their knees, then kneeling down.

“Oh – you are still alive?”

The two men who had suffered a lightning strike from Rajta Count struggled to react.

Goldoh.Kinmekki sensed the danger and leapt backwards, and Quinton moved his body away with intuition.

That was how they saved their lives.

However, only two of them survived. All other members of the secret team who sneaked in the castle together with them were dead.

“Q… Quinton, are you okay?”

“Alright… Still alive…”

But their wounds were very deep.

Even though they raised swords, it seemed they couldn’t defend against the next attack.

“I belittled you a little… No, it’s my mistake, I’m a little rusty at fighting. Whatever it is, the next round is over.”

As Rajta Count raised his sword again, their faces contorted.

“Damn, we got rid of the slave identity the hard way…”

“I thought it’s a good idea to open a dojo…”

At the moment, outside burst great magical power.


“What is it?!!”

“How powerful it is!”

Through a little window, they looked up at the night sky.

There was a tremendous black rose in the air.

“Is that a rose…?”

“It’s a magical rose, which is constituted by condensed magic power… ”

“Why is the [Black Rose]?! It’s impossible, how could it be?!”

Rajta Count was almost twice as shocked as Goldoh and Quinton.

Rajta Count widened his eyes staring at the [Black Rose], which was unusual in every term.

“Impossible! Why? The key doesn’t still-”

Then the black rose floating in the night sky broke into pieces.

The petals of the broken rose fluttered down and landed beside Goldoh and Quinton.

The petals touched their right hands and carved two black petal-shaped marks.

“What is this…?”

“My wound is healed-“

When they touched the petals, the magic power began to emanate from petals and their serious wounds were healed in an instant.

“Strength is overflowing…”

“What is this power…?”

The black magic power constantly gushed out from Goldoh’s and Quinton’s bodies, like the sun emits heat.

“This… This is the power of the [Black Rose] in the legend!! Such a powerful magic power, I can only kill you two here!!”

The count, driven by anxiety, launched an attack at them.